Chiraq: That's How We Roll

It takes a special kind of reality denial to look at the negro animal and think to yourself "That's fully human." The "African-American" is so obviously divergent from and inferior to other people groups that pretending we're somehow going to turn them into cut-rate Whites, after decades of spending and bleeding, goes beyond mere stupidity, weakness and cowardice. This is the pathological modern White tendency toward comfort, "justice" and conflict-avoidance that our jewish enemy preyed upon. At some point we made a deal with the semitic devil: we'll pretend this worthless dark dog shit is our "equal," in exchange for a few decades of prosperity before the darkness closes in from all sides. Now, kosher satan is here to collect. Fortunately, the new generation of Whites is not so feckless. The disastrous jewish century, the age of lies, is over. We're going to reclaim our lands.

At least 39 people were shot over the weekend across Chicago. 

We need a lot more "gun control" and a lot fewer rights. Maybe appointing a negro police chief who literally doesn't know its left paw from its right would help? How about just ignoring the endless tribal warfare and pretending everything is fine? Say, is that la-teen-oh and negro steroid cricket on the talmudvision? You're getting sleepy, sleepy...

The latest victim is a 56-year-old Andre Charleston. He was shot multiple times after getting into an argument with his shooter near 130th and Calumet.

"My good man, the universe will end with a big crunch, probably followed by another big bang in an endless cycle."

"That is mere philosophy, sir. All credible scientific data suggests a heat death."

At the corner of 55th and South Wells, Georgia Hilderbrand and her dance team were out raising money for the Bud Billiken parade Sunday morning. 

 Cough up dem shekels foe datt bud billy-can raid, mudda fudda.

Just hours earlier, three men were shot right across the street at a Mobile station. One of them didn't make it.

Pumping gas gone wrong. Those dangerous "men" and their goofy antics. One got flushed.

"You have to worry but still have to go on with your life as well. You don't know what's to be expected ever I stay prayerful and that's how we roll," Hilderbrand said. 

Dis how we do it, beeech. Time to get that prayer on, dawg. Dear Jew-sus Crast or whatever, I know I'm a gentile dog, but you did promise I'd get whatever crumbs fall off the plate so, if it isn't too much trouble, could you please rain down cleansing fire on the Chicongo all against all? Amen.

A group of men were gathered around a park bench in East Garfield Park around 9:30 p.m. Saturday when four men came up on foot and started shooting, according to police. Seven victims ranging in age from 22 to 47 were struck, some hit in the face and chest, others in the legs. A 30-year-old man shot in the head later died.

The rich tapestry of negro life. Perching on a park bench like the crows from "Dumbo." Uh oh, here comes the walk-up shooters! Tar creatures of all ages get bagged, including one to the "dome" of the world's oldest teenager.

Police say the found 48 shell casings on the scene of the shooting, and say all the victims were "documented gang members," except the oldest.

LOL. I'm an undocumented gang member. I crawled across the open border of MS-13 and demanded that I be admitted to their latrino rape and murder fraternity because no human is illegal and I'm a better may-hee-can criminal than they are. My limbless torso was later found in the Rio Grande.

Police say they have some good leads in the mass shooting thanks to surveillance footage.

We've pretty sure those brown blobs are the killers. It's just a matter of time, now. No arrests were made.

"Nothing like that is unusual in Chicago today," Hilderbrand said. "Everything is the norm now as far as the senseless gun violence."

Yeah. No shit, Sherlock.

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