His Welcoming City

We need a lot more "refugees," illegal aliens and negro garbage in Idaho. If you want a nice, non-controversial statement to make around the water cooler while you chase kosher materialism and pretend to ignore the encroaching rot, here it is. Every last healthy White American must be hunted down and forced to interact with foreign sewage and the good old "economic necessity" obsolete cotton pickers. It's the right thing to do. When the predictable disasters occur, it's a fine time to double down on the sanctimony and delusion. We're all equal and full of special value and there's a people race to win and I can't believe a criminal morlock hacked up some enemygrant spawn.

A brutal attack at a Boise apartment complex Saturday night started at a 3-year-old girl's birthday party and ended in the stabbing of nine people, six of whom were children.

Incredibly, the moon cult invaders are the victims in this particular example of a high capacity fully automatic military assault knife crime. What are the odds?

Police said a man who had just been forced out of an apartment stabbed all nine with a knife. Authorities said he is Timmy Kinner, 30, of Los Angeles, who has an extensive record involving violent crimes, weapons and drugs in other states. He was arrested and is now in the Ada County Jail.

Wow, sounds like a real bad apple. Probably a "racist" White male who was indoctrinated into hating the "religion of peace" by Russian internet propaganda. Do we have a picture? In the actual article you'd have to scroll all the way to the bottom, through paragraph after paragraph of affected outrage and weepy sentimentality for an alien virus, but I'm a little more straightforward than the fake news, so here it is.

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

"These are victims who in their past homes have fled violence from Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia," Police Chief Bill Bones said Sunday. 

It's time to go to Iraq (and Syria!) and kick some terrorist ass! Yee-haw! We're gonna put a boot up your "islam-o-fascist" ass for Uncle Sam and our good buddies in Israel! Join the American Golem, die for international banking. Whites return from this illegal and immoral kosher aggression with missing limbs, faces burned off, minds shattered, some in coffins. Our big reward for this insane sacrifice? Sand monster aliens in the remaining White majority areas, of course. 

Wylie Street Station Apartments offers low-income family rentals under a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development program that limits rent payments to 30 percent of a renter's income. It is run by Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp., a Boise nonprofit that specializes in low-income housing.

 We specialize in using "low income housing" to attack the shkotzim.

Kinner returned Saturday night to "exact vengeance," first targeting children, then the adults who interceded to protect them. He was attacking any target available, Bones said.

One dirtball tar monster with a crude weapon tears up the moon cult invasion army. How did we manage to lose the war in Iraq? We should have sent our worst nigger trash for some of that "mission accomplished." Barkevious is here to win hearts and minds for our jewish "friends."

"This is an attack against those who are most vulnerable, our children," Bones said. "It's untenable, unconscionable and is pure evil in my mind."

Bones said there is no specific evidence that the stabbings were a hate crime, though police were still investigating. He said Kinner has not been cooperative with detectives.

Negro behavior should start improving any day now. Not cooperative? Are you sure? I saw on the talmudvision that they're cool, hip, intelligent and heroic, so you must be mistaken. 

His criminal history is lengthy. In 2008, Kinner was indicted in Tennessee for illegal possession of a semi-automatic handgun and distributing 12 grams or more marijuana, according to court records. In that case, he pleaded guilty to the weapons charge and was sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison and 500 hours of drug rehabilitation.

This worthless animal should have been sent back to Africa. The brown rot it targeted should have been sent back to their respective shithole countries. White Nationalism would have saved the lives of precious children and kept families together.

In that case, a judge revoked his supervised release multiple times because he committed new crimes.

The content of their character. I'm afraid the KKKort must revoke your release, moss-head. Again. You know, because of the crimes and all.

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter also spoke at the news conference. He said Boise has been recognized as a city that is successful in integrating refugees and immigrants, and this attack does not represent his welcoming city.

Don't worry, our bloated cuck mayor is here to assure us that in "his city" the steadily devouring rot will continue to spread because this pathetic fat fuck doesn't want to lose muh careerism. This is someone who would push his own mother off a bridge for one more day feeding at the semitic trough. 

A negro did WHAT???

"This a chance to reaffirm what we stand for and who we are and those commitments are deep and long-lasting as we move forward," Bieter said.

This is our chance to keep jamming our head into the sand.

Megan Schwab, community engagement specialist for the International Rescue Committee in Boise, spoke at the news conference.

You know what would make this better? Hearing some cliches from a jewess working behind the scenes to destroy my homeland.

"We are shocked and saddened by this senseless attack on members of the Boise refugee community," she said. "The IRC is working with local community members to provide counseling and support to refugees and other members of this community who are shaken by this tragic incident."

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of [the Boise negro chimping]. This is a horrible tragedy, an attack on the diversity that is our greatest strength. If we learn any lessons from this we dishonor their memory. We must continue as if nothing happened. [Foreign invaders getting slashed by tar creatures] is a part of life in the city and something we have to get used to. My biggest fear is a backlash from "racists" against the many innocent [groids]. I trust you all have your candles lit. Let's have a song. "Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle."

Esto perpetua.


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