The Mere Presence of a Weapon

Yesterday's subject was the tragic death of an armed 37-year-old "teen" at the hands of "racist" police in the Chiraq all against all. In final analysis, I might have been too hasty in my judgment of the dead tar monster. Because I'm fair and balanced and full of inoffensive moderate opinions, today I'm going to offer some of my formidable internet platform to a faceless cultural marxist who is an expert on the "intersections" of race. No, we're not going to be tracing DNA ancestry, this just means it's a communist who also participates in the modern kosher victim racket. I can't wait to hear what this "marginalized" voice of color has to say about the failed Michael Brown audition in the Chicongo zoo.

The recent fatal shooting of a black man by a Chicago police officer has sparked an intense community reaction, prompting the police department to swiftly release body camera footage in an effort to defuse tensions.

This "community" reaction probably expressed itself by talking loudly and almost going over the allotted time at local government meetings. Actually, it was open chimping in the streets by worthless "African-American" genetic aliens, but you can be forgiven if the bloodless language of a lower tier racial con artist gave you the wrong impression.

On Saturday, Harith “Snoop” Augustus, a 37-year-old barber in the city’s South Shore neighborhood, was shot by police as he ran into a street.

LOL. It's almost impossible to attach solemn and outraged gravitas to something as ridiculous and vile as the American evolutionary dead-end. On Saturday, Barkevious "Garfield" Theodosius, a 37-year-old career criminal, was made good during the Jesse Owens act.

A spokesperson for the police department said Augustus was “exhibiting characteristics of an armed person” and had been approached by police when the interaction escalated and the shooting occurred.

Characteristics like having a visible fully-automatic military quality handheld artillery piece in dat waist line, but I think we all know what was really going on here. That's right. "Racism."

G*d's wayward semi-human children.

During a Sunday news conference, police superintendent Eddie Johnson noted that Augustus did not have a concealed carry permit, although news reports have noted that he was licensed to own a firearm.

There might have been one aspect of this animal's final moments that wasn't in blatant defiance of the eroding rule of law in a dying land. Truly this was the greatest shit monster to ever live.

“We’re not trying to hide anything. We’re not trying to fluff anything,” Johnson said Sunday. “This video speaks for itself.”

The 80 I.Q. magic negro fluffer. Get the jew ready, boy. Your other right hand, schwoogie.

The quick release of the video was a response to a night of chaotic protests on Saturday, as protesters disputed officers’ initial claims that Augustus was armed.

The well-informed and dignified negro useful idiot. "It bee a sann witch, mudda fudda."

He a good boy, he didn't do [anything].

Things grew tense, with some protesters throwing bottles and rocks at officers as police fought back with batons.

I am here to protest random and senseless acts of violence against g*d's innocent children. *Throws bottles and rocks into crowd*

On Sunday, a department spokesperson said the video was released to counter “inaccurate” information.

The information actually was inaccurate, jerk-off. Leave the quotes to someone who knows what they're doing, enemy within.

The shooting of Harith Augustus comes at a volatile time for the Chicago Police Department, which has been under years of intense scrutiny for its strained relationship with black neighborhoods, fueled by repeated incidents of both lethal and nonlethal police violence including several high-profile police shootings of black men and women. 

My tribe of wandering salesmen has worked tirelessly to agitate the negro mob to violence and we were kind of hoping the entire city would burn this time, but stupid old reality had to step in and wreck everything. Again.

And while the videos released on Sunday show that Augustus was armed at the time of the shooting, the mere presence of a weapon isn’t likely to quell critics who argue that the department’s problems go much deeper than this incident. 

He was clearly preaching the word of Christ, turning his life around, a good boy, on the way to Grandma's, a great Liberia Ball player and rapper who was about to go to college. I don't think minor details like "the child-demon pulled a gun" should influence the destructive and moronic outrage of living fossils who need to be deported.

“These things happen at a split second and officers have to make decisions quickly,” Johnson said on Sunday when defending the officers. “They don’t have the luxury of looking at video later.” 

"Dey ain gotts dee lux-or-ee aw datt vid-yo dat vind-dee-kates dem pletely." Remember when the jew told us body cameras would reveal all the "racism" from the "five oh?" Somehow it didn't happen, but you can watch a criminal jungle creature become more aerodynamic from the relative safety of your own home.

Hours after the shooting, the South Shore neighborhood where it occurred was rocked by protests, with community members chanting, “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” at officers. Four arrests were made Saturday, and at least one person faces charges.

These anthropology curiosities are compatible with a civilized White nation, that's for sure. They should start improving any day now. Go get your wallet, much more needs to be done.

Midwest Mogadishu.


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      But, no matter, just throw bottles at cops and screech about "racism" anyway. Where's the same level of outrage when a truly unarmed White person gets plugged by the cops?? Nowhere, that's where. Because 1) no one except White people care, and 2) Whites aren't borderline-retarded, senseless animals who riot at the drop of a dime. But we see and take note, you'd better believe it. Constant "community" complaints of "racist White cops" are utter bullshit. 99% of the Negroes plugged by cops (often by NON-White cops) are thugs who brought it on themselves. If anyone is being unjustly killed by the cops, it's usually some White homeless man, some White woman in an alley, some White kid who flashed his lights at a cop, or some poor schmuck crawling on his knees down a hotel hallway begging not to be killed. You privileged People Of (brown) Color assholes are ridiculous!


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