The Real Superhero

A Holocaust survivor turned out to be the real superhero at the Comic-Con convention in Southern California.

Meet your newest hero, shkotzim! It's the amazing Holohoax Jewess, the chosenite with the magical carpet bag and direct line to g*d. Able to be gassed six times and survive, the owner of the world's only ballpoint pen in the early 1940s, capable of going without water thanks to a miracle mouth-pebble, possessing super vision that can identify the ethnicity of victims based on the color of crematoria smoke, more powerful than a deportation train locomotive, able to leap over and destroy your traditional institutions in a single marxist bound! Look, hiding in the back of the globalist bank! It's an infiltrator! It's a nation-wrecker! It's Super Jew!!!

Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax, 90, who survived three Nazi concentration camps, was the main draw of a panel on “Art During the Holocaust” at the popular convention last week in San Diego. 

LOL. Meet Goldmanova Sachs, who survived no less than three death camps. I guess you were at the funny book convention to hear unbelievable stories of fictional heroism and this certainly delivers. Did I mention you're inherently evil and need to be destroyed, shkotzim?

Sax, of Chula Vista, California, told an overflow crowd about how she was forced to stand naked in front of Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele six times in order to help him decide whether she should be sent to the gas chambers, the San Diego Times reported.

Not sure if we should gas this one, even though our goal is the complete destruction of European jewry. Better make this upright rat stand naked in front of me. Again. The sixth time is the charm, as we say. You know what, I'm still leaning toward "no." As the living personification of evil, this sort of bizarre, sexualized mercy that seems more in line with the scummiest jew pornography than something that would happen in reality is pretty typical behavior.

She also survived internment in Theresienstadt and Oederan.

Wow. What a hero.

Her daughter, Sandra Scheller, displayed slides showing how comics were used as propaganda against Jews. Scheller is the author of her mother’s memoir, “Try to Remember, Never Forget.”

Try to remember my outrageous lies, never forget to attack the hated gentiles.

“We were shocked and surprised by the propaganda and the way Jewish persons were portrayed,” she said. “I remember being scared, wondering how could this be? It was something we could not run away from.”

We couldn't believe the unclean cattle who deserve to be killed and replaced with brown slaves serving us forever would somehow develop hostility toward us. Honestly, how could this be?

Meanwhile, according to another panelist, many Jews were among those creating cartoons and comics in the United States showing the defeat of the Nazis.

This is, of course, good. Unlike when the same medium was being used by the gentiles to advance their interests. You need to die in an insane brother war that will enrich us and allow communism to overrun Europe. I hope this makes sense to you, goyim.

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