These Elderly Heroes

Being White is a sin and the only acceptable atonement is your death. Remove all the kosher obfuscations and distractions and this is what remains: the core guiding principle of a cancerous, dying West for the last several decades. You must be replaced by enemygrants in your own homeland, you must allow the negro animal to run wild, you must worship whatever money falls off the kosher table to you, the dogs. You must live for your stomach and your genitals. Die for the jew. Our holy book says we're the best and deserve brown slaves, what more proof do you need?

After all, you're carrying inherent evil not found in any other race (the endless savage all against all among non-Whites is caused by your "racism," so it doesn't count). People that look like you enslaved the Homo erectus the jew generously sold at reasonable prices as a "economic necessity." You stopped worthless Bering Strait wanderers from killing each other and you. You're full of beauty and intelligence and nobility and the inferiors are jealous. And, if you're still not convinced, consider muh holohoax. The six million precious jews, the ultimate crime, the debt you can never repay, gentiles. But we'll let you keep trying. Go get your wallet, it's time for more shoah business in a country that will be a kaliphate in a few more years.

The organization that handles claims on behalf of Jews who suffered under the Nazis says Germany has agreed to pay another 75 million euros ($88 million) to fund social welfare services for Holocaust survivors.

Another successful shakedown by the soviet war propaganda mafia. Nice country you've got here, sure would be a shame if it was flooded with sand creatures, spiritually poisoned by semitic nihilism and then endlessly flogged with a kosher scourge for events that, strictly speaking, never happened. Cough up the shekels, you dirty unclean cattle, you made the chosen do honest work once and must be endlessly punished. Muh geld. These be thy g*ds, Israel.

The New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany said Tuesday that brings total funding next year to 480 million euros to help survivors as they grow older and more frail.

Yes, shkotzim, there's a criminal syndicate based in jew york whose sole purpose is extorting muh pieces of silver from a rapidly collapsing nation that was ravaged during the disastrous jewish century and never recovered. Let's put you down for 480 million, you dirty goyim. It's not like you have other expenses, like the millions of moon cultists we're bringing in to complete your total destruction.

Claims Conference negotiator Greg Schneider says "these elderly heroes deserve the recognition that increased payments and much-needed services will provide." 

They'll stay attached to the intestinal lining until they finally die. Wow, what a bunch of heroes.

Germany also agreed to increase pensions paid to 55,000 Holocaust survivors in Central and Eastern Europe, and expand eligibility for child survivors.

Did the "holocaust" even kill a single demonic yid? It's a serious question.

The Claims Conference carries out continuous negotiations to make more people eligible for compensation. Since 1952, Germany has paid more than $70 billion.

Hey, maybe we can find even more "survivors" to defraud the goyim. While you work a miserable job, try to raise a family and try to pay all those bills, the termites in the basement endlessly chew away at the foundations.

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  1. The claim is being made that trauma from the holocaust is transmitted epigentically so even when the last direct “survivor” dies, there will an endless supply of new claimants.

  2. Epigenetic victim status....only these rat-people could devise such a truth-inverting they'll inculcate this theorem into the dark Shit-Creature experience....course they'll have to dumbfuck down the language a twee...


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