We Awakened the Sleeping Golem

A shocking and highly credible incident recently occurred in Indiana when "not-see" symbols were crudely spray-painted on the refuse shed of a synagogue. Yes, instead of attacking the actual satan house the evil "racists" kindly selected a minor side building for their "hate." This was very considerate. Even more shocking, the symbols of nawrtzee evil were actually correctly made, for the most part. That triple digit jewish I.Q. doe. Certainly there are no elements in this 100% legitimate hate crime that suggest "Hey rabbi, watcha doin?!?" Now we must come together as a community to denounce "anti-semitism" and remove the rights of the hated shkotzim who forced us to do late night painting so we could use it as a cudgel against healthy White America, I mean attacked our sacred crap shack.

More than 1,000 community leaders, faith leaders and residents filled the Congregation Shaarey Tefilla Monday evening in a massive show of support to the synagogue after anti-Semitic graffiti was discovered on the property over the weekend.

More than a thousand. While you work your awful job, scrape to pay bills, try to find time to spend with loved ones and do your best to stay out of "random incidents" caused by our mighty strength of diversity, there's an entire massive demonic legion of worthless scumbags promoting and profiting from rot. Hands that have never done any manual labor slapped together as Boss Jew shrieked in hebrew against the gentiles (this is a semitic slur for you and everyone you care about). We're fighting against an enemy within that has numbers, organization and endless shekels. All we have is the truth.

“‘Those who love God hate evil,’” Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow said, addressing the crowd. "…There is no better way than to fight evil with arms linked as a community.”

I guess now isn't a good time to mention that my "holy" book teaches Jesus Christ is cooking in shit in hell or that I'm going to have hundreds of brown slaves. Instead, here's some limp platitudes about "evil" as I fill my pockets and prepare a massive offensive against the cattle who must be destroyed so my tribe can spend eternity not working and being served by faceless and mindless coal thralls.

The graffiti, which depicted Nazi flags and iron crosses, was spray-painted on the walls of a brick shed on the property. There also appeared to be burn marks in the grass in front of one of the flags and on the wall.

This is an attack on all of us, on the great jewish religion that teaches the same universal truths that we get in our dying cucktian church. Sure, they call us names and want us violently dead, but I think there was something in the talmud about being good to everyone your own tribe, which is almost like the gutless drivel we preach.

Miraculous correctly made swastika appeared.

The vandalism is believed to have occurred late Friday or early Saturday and was discovered Saturday morning. Carmel police and federal authorities are investigating.

This is our toughest case, Encyclopedia Brown. It must have been Indiana nah-zees, that's for sure. Wait, you don't think that's the answer? Please turn to the back of the book for the amazing solution to The Case of the Hebrew Hakenkreuz

In a written statement Monday, Carmel Mayor James Brainard asked residents to fly American flags in a show of solidarity with the congregation. 

Muh civic nationalism. Be sure to show your support for the poisonous mushroom and their latest cynical hoax. Where's your Merry-Cann flag, mudda fudda? Ain't you supporting g*d's chosen and the latest attempt to silence you?

"This is now an opportunity to teach those who may not understand the ramifications felt by real people in the face of intolerance."

These are real demons in human form who have been deeply wounded by their own deceptions. Aren't you all busted up?

In response to the incident, the Anti-Defamation League announced Monday it is offering a $2,500 reward in exchange for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those involved. 

Wow, check out the deep pockets on the global financiers. You could buy a thousand tacos if you turn in the Aryan malefactors who don't actually exist. Two thousand to catch the not-sees? Who ever heard of paying $1500 to get justice? Our thousand dollar offer is extremely generous.  Five hundred, goyim, what a steal for you...

“All they (those responsible) have done is awakened the sleeping giant of love and acceptance and mutual respect," Sendrow said. "This gathering is who we are."

You awoke the golem of moronic "Israel First" White geldings. We're going to use this army of idiotic sheep led by kosher wolves to get those speech crime laws.  

The more than 20 groups represented at Monday’s gathering emphatically condemned the graffiti still cordoned off with yellow police tape just outside the synagogue. 

Again, these are entire groups dedicated to poisoning the well of our dying nation. We're not going to have any shortage of work to do, that's for sure.

They also called upon Indiana lawmakers — some of whom were represented in the audience — to act.

Huh. How about that. The humble and powerless religious jew has "lawmakers" on speed dial to serve their every whim. I sure didn't expect this.

Indiana is among five states in the country without a hate crime law on the books. Gov. Eric Holcomb on Monday called on lawmakers to pass such a law during the next legislative session.

My coincidence detector exploded while reading an article about a phony hate crime in Indiana. Hopefully it can be repaired before I take a look at who owns major media outlets.

Tears flooded Corey Freedman’s eyes as he reflected on the size of the crowd.

We really tricked the damn cattle this time. 

Freedman’s in-laws, Francis and Aron Zoldan, are Holocaust survivors. His father-in-law, now 91, was held for a time at Auschwitz, among other camps.

You knew this was coming. Did the holohoax bag a single yid? It sure doesn't seem like it. 

“To know what they went through … it’s amazing in the fact that they made it through,” he said. “Horrifying to hear what they went through.”

The theater, the tennis courts, the swimming pool, this is a nightmare of evil, the banal inhumanity of man toward man that's better because of being chosen by g*d. There might have even been honest labor. Just horrifying.

“The diversity that we have in the world,” he said, “provides us so much opportunity to really enjoy each other."

Burning cars, riots, "isolated incidents," rape apes, a permanent dangerous underclass we have to pay for, the satanic jew promoting it...we're just "enjoying each other" here in this rapidly collapsing globalist bazaar.


  1. "In a written statement Monday, Carmel Mayor James Brainard asked residents to fly American flags in a show of solidarity with the congregation."

    Notice, if one wishes to show solidarity with the Enemy, one must fly the barber pole flag. Heh heh.

  2. Now, our idiot governor is calling for "hate crimes" laws. Goodbye equal protection under the law, hello... "some animals are more equal than others"

    1. Get the video cards gather the evidence and prosecute these criminal jews. Their sole goal is to erode our right to free expression


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