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Hey Rabbi, What Are You Doing?

Today, the carcass of Juan McCohen was paraded around, the final honor for an Israel-first anti-White globalist scumbag who is presently being tortured for all eternity. In a sane world the White veterans who were maimed fighting in the zionist wars this disgusting criminal championed would dump out the corrupted remains, tear them to pieces and drop whatever is left into Iran to fulfill this monster's dream of messing with a country on the other side of the world that never said I have "White privilege" or campaigned for an open border in my ancestral homeland. Burn in hell, McInsane. No time to dwell on useful White idiots who are no longer useful, though. We've got an amazing story about the Light of the World.

Seven Monsey and Kiryas Joel residents - including a rabbi - were arrested Wednesday in connection with an alleged $14 million dollar rip-off of a federal school technology funding program, federal prosecutors said. The FBI arrested the seven for allegedly s…

Good Morning

Please watch the following amazing video.

As it turns out, the real life negro is a little different than the doctors and lawyers seen on the talmudvision. Yes, it's yet another waffle house brawl between representatives of a failed branch of humanity that needs to be removed. Highlights include a reference to "wurlstarr," animal noises that are, I think, supposed to be words but are completely indecipherable, the last White in Memphis keeping his head down and pretending everything is fine, "Don't you ever hoe me!" and an inescapable realization that we're all equal other than "skin color" and other minor cosmetic issues.

A fight video from a Memphis Waffle House has gone viral. Memphis Police told FOX13 the fight happened Sunday morning around 7 a.m. 

Speaking of a virus, observe the dark creatures running wild in said video. Good thing we brought this over in jewish chains out of "economic necessity" and then fought a disastrous br…

Processed for Removal

Diversity is a mighty strength. We should have open borders. The United States shouldn't exist. Besides, imagine the benefits of an "immigration" policy that's also punishing you for the past. Think about the food. They're just slightly darker Whites with much better food. Good burritos are more important than my safety, my job and my future. I also like chalupas. Only an "undocumented" invader can produce these complex dishes; it's like a may-hee-can Manhattan project. I sure love feeding my stomach and genitals. What were we talking about, again? That's right, the good little hardworking and decent "undocumented" amigos. They're natural conservatives. We'll get them to vote for Republican values like sodomy, job loss and international banking. They definitely shouldn't be sent back. That's "hate" and wrong. You're a "racist."

Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 150 undocumented immigran…

Germany is a Nation of Immigrants

There is a belief among pro-Whites, one which has thankfully become increasingly rare following the 2016 election, that after enough jewish outrages our people will spontaneously rise up and reclaim our lands. It will be a magical reversal that requires no effort, planning or hardship, you just have to believe with all your heart. Back in reality, unless we organize and resist the planned kosher demolition, the future is South Africa. Our enemies want us violently dead and we're not going to ghost dance our way out of this when there's thirty seconds until midnight. In Germany, we are seeing the first signs of life from a demoralized and weakened populace. As the magical mulatto would say, much more needs to be done, but at least there are some members of the indigenous population reluctant to climb into the semitic mass grave of foreign invasion and spiritual rot. This is deeply problematic, so here's a careerist scumbag politician to explain why moe-ham-head is as German…

A Man of Business

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of [the Jacksonville Liberia Ball vidiot game shooting]. This is a horrible tragedy, an attack on the diversity that is our greatest strength. If we learn any lessons from this we dishonor their memory. We must continue as if nothing happened. [Chosenites zapping groids and debased Whites playing with joysticks] is a part of life in the city and something we have to get used to. My biggest fear is a backlash from "racists" against the many innocent [jews]. I trust you all have your candles lit. Let's have a song. "Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle."

News4Jax is learning more about the gunman suspected of carrying out Sunday's mass shooting targeting a Madden NFL 19 tournament at the Jacksonville Landing. 

We're still hoping to use this pathetic incident as an excuse to attack your inherent rights, but the more we learn about the sick jew freak behind this the harder that's going to get.

Jacksonville Sheriff …

The Moral, Social and Economic Imperative

We'll be fine as long we have muh constitution. This scrap of yellowed Enlightenment toilet paper is sure to protect us once we become a hated minority in our own homeland. It's not like it could be hastily rewritten by alien opportunists who want us to die painful and humiliating deaths as soon as possible. No, these sacred rights are carved into the Tablets of Sinai, which is why you never, ever, hear about efforts to limit our freedom of speech or disarm us. The divine finger has written it in lightning, you can be sure some Hawaiian court won't simply overrule the booming voice of g*d. Yes, everything is fine. Civic nationalism all the way! Our future is assured.

The owner of the first South African farm lined up to have his land seized without payment or fair compensation blasted the government yesterday saying: 'Whichever way they dress it up it is theft'. 

How can it be theft when the communist negro government simply changed the laws? Everything is totally a…

No Obvious Problems

Europe has always been an islamic bazaar populated by brown aliens from the worst available countries. Ask any jew, they'll tell you. You shouldn't be upset about the continuing invasion of your ancient homelands. We were always multi-culti and the enemygrants are going to save your pension, work unpleasant jobs and help win the vital people race. Immigration is also your punishment, too. All of this is highly logical and not merely semitic legerdemain to distract you from the coming demographic reckoning. Say is that football on the talmudvision? Watch that and don't pay attention to the explosion of sand monster knife crime in your rapidly dying country.

A man armed with "several knives" killed his mother and sister and seriously injured another woman in a town near Paris on Thursday, officials said.

Those crazy "Frenchmen" and the horrible crimes they seem to commit with clockwork regularity ever since a policy of inviting the entire mud world was ins…

A Routine Evening Run

No human being is illegal. Borders are wrong. The United States is for everyone. We're all immigrants. We stole this land from "Native Americans." Illegal immigration is a great thing, it's helping you. Illegal immigration is also your punishment for the sins of the past. Diversity is a mighty strength. Think of the music, the food, the rich cultural exchanges. We're all equal. These are natural conservatives. They'll vote for small government, free trade and individual rights. It's important that already wealthy bastards become slightly more wealthy. At least you still have muh constitution. Think of the nightmare of high burrito prices. You'll get one for a little less, isn't that great? These invaders are more American than you are. They're hardworking and decent. Any objection to this demographic assault on Legacy America is "racist." I hate White people.

The disappearance of a well-liked college student from America’s heartland h…

Aspiring Rapper with Great Personality

There are many compelling arguments made by the traveling merchant for including the negro in your formerly united and happy nation. It's an economic necessity. You worship the shekel above all else, right? Besides, there isn't a single White person who is willing to work in agriculture and they're not going to become a permanent burden when mechanization becomes more efficient than primitive brown paws. By the time that happens, accompanied by a disastrous brother war whose memory must be misrepresented and ultimately erased, you'll convert them into good little citizens. They'll share your faith, become natural conservatives and probably begin to resemble an inferior version of a White person. Slavery is an act of love. It's the right thing to do. I would never lie to you, I'm a jew.

Family members have identified a 21-year-old man who was shot and killed by Austin police early Friday as Aquantis Givens, a rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who was perform…

The Chiraq Peace Rally

Six people were killed in shootings across Chicago over the weekend, police said. Since 5 p.m. Friday, a total of 59 people were shot, leaving six killed and 53 wounded.

Welcome to the Chicago all against all, where primitive and dangerous humanoids wage relentless tribal warfare amid crumbling ruins, while an unbelievably corrupt jew mayor and its magical and moronic (Dis muh raht won, baws?) token promotions watch helplessly. This is the ultimate price of failure, the end of White America, the content of their character. All that remains is an endless night of idiocy, violence and well-isolated kosher profiteers. Here the semitic demon can rule over the smoldering wreckage. Here the "African-American" can demonstrate why deportation is the only humane solution to the problem of having evolutionary dead-ends living in our midst.

The family of 16-year-old Raysuan Turner said he has been missing since Friday. He was found dead in the field along with 17-year-old Darnelle Flowe…

Tough Talk as Sweden Burns

There is no such thing as evil. All humans are equally valuable (Whites are bad, jews are g*d's chosen) and therefore it makes sense to win the "people race" by bringing in whatever biological detritus is available. The Great Religion of Islam is sure to enrich your dying country and if the "women and children" fleeing "war" end up lighting cars on fire you can always bring them back into line with a stern lecture on why burning down the West in the name of a death cult is actually a bad thing. Don't make us reprimand you again, moe-ham-head. We really hate to do it, but this scathing rebuke is sure to correct your predictable failure and transform the sand monster into a good little consumerist bar code.

The prime minister of Sweden has vented his anger on national radio after a spate of car fire attacks carried out by youths across the country.

Our cuck nation is being conquered and put to the torch by the moon cultists. What are we supposed to u…

The Complexities of Fellow Humans

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? At some point, no amount of semitic materialist diversion is going to be sufficient to silence the most important of questions. We're also unlikely to be happy with the answer the dying modern world has to offer: You are here to work a terrible job to fund your dispossession by brown invaders. The reason you were given conscious awareness and a rational mind is so you can prop up and then be replaced by hostile inferiors. Also, be sure not to have children. This desolate kosher solution to the growing existential malaise in so many Whites must fail, even when promoted endlessly by our media, educational system and criminal government. Chase materialism, stimulate your stomach and genitals, medicate yourself with narcotics, die. We were made for something far greater. Unsuccessful attempts to seek this higher meaning seem to be dominating the news cycle lately, from stealing planes and doing sick barrel rolls to today's story of com…

Muh Democracy: Somali Alien Wins Racial Headcount

Our nation is a proposition, an amazing idea, an experiment in philosophy that can be shared in by anything that's vaguely humanoid. It certainly was never intended to be a homeland for people of a specific racial background, even though the word "White" appears in the first Naturalization Act. No, we can transform even the most pathetic foreign sewage into good little Americans using our magic soil and our voodoo elections. This is why you shouldn't be worried about becoming a hated minority in your own ancestral lands. You'll always have muh constitution, after all, and that worthless rag is sure to protect you against a massive subhuman brown horde that wants you violently dead. I mean, look at how strong our speech rights are in this Current Year and realize it's only going to get better when mudslime jew puppets are ruling over you.

Somali-American legislator Ilhan Omar neared another first Tuesday by winning the Democratic primary in a congressional race…