Foreign Invader Falls

There's no hurry to get that wall built. After all, we have a lot more pressing issues like that animal Assad and his Donkey Kong nerve gas barrels. We're not doing that any more? I'm sorry, I meant that damn animal Rouhani and his nuclear program. It's very clear that whatever, if anything, is happening in distant Persia is a clear and present danger to my daily life as a wage slave in a rapidly dying country. Once every nation the jew disapproves of has been transformed into a healthy democracy destroyed, then we can start worrying about minor problems like a wide-open southern border and an invasion of worthless, criminal aliens from the Latin American shithole. Besides, a lot of them are great people and muh civic nationalism clearly teaches that we can alchemize anyone into a good little citizen and consumerist bar code. They have to go back and then they can return right away through that big open door. This is very logical and makes a lot of sense.

At least the pathetic walls we currently have, a mess that is neither big nor beautiful, occasionally serves the intended purpose. The natural conservative here for a better life as an act of love plummets to the unforgiving ground, its sawed-off and shit-colored body broken by the uncaring earth that knows nothing of "economic necessity" or "dreamers." Instead of "separating families" of the alien opportunists, it's time to separate Pablo's femurs.

A man attempting to enter the United States illegally has fallen from a new 30-foot high wall in California, breaking both his legs.

Ay caramba! An individual member of the locust swarm is all busted up by the glacial progress of securing our homeland from the worst semi-human criminal sludge. Gravity and sheer surfaces are clearly "racist" against the wise la-teen-oh. "Ey, I'm uppp onn deee raaaccceeessss drump wall, eye theeeennnnnkkkk. Now to geeeently land on deee oddeeer sideee." They're not sending us their best.

Border Patrol surveillance video shows the man lying motionless on the ground after tossing his body over the bollard-style barrier Sunday night in downtown Calexico, east of San Diego. 

How they were able to figure out it was a may-hee-can invader and not two hundred pounds of cow shit is truly a miracle of modern technology. Looks like the cuckservative "invisible fence" is working really well.

Paramedics determined that the man broke his legs and may have injured his back. He was taken to a hospital in Palm Springs.

Here's your next cover of Slime magazine: Juan's failed acrobatic stunt with evil old Trump standing over the brown ruins, glowering away. This man is a "racist" monster. He's making the mud world invasion and accompanying White displacement and genocide slightly harder. Vote for your own demographic destruction, it's the right thing to do.

The Border Patrol didn't identify the man.

It's another completely interchangeable mystery meat enemy. I don't think giving this worthless animal a name and letting it play human dress-up would do much to change that.

Spokesman Carlos Pitones says the U.S. government typically pays medical expenses for people who are injured crossing the border illegally and they are deported after recovery. 

Don't worry, you'll get the bill for this nonsense. We'll fix that frozen snake, make it good as new. By the time you're done funding burrito boy's recovery, this foreign fuckwad will be healthy enough to take another shot at the border crossing, probably succeeding this time, and then bringing drugs, crime and rape to your neighborhood.

The government is replacing a 2-mile stretch of barrier made from recycled metal scraps and landing mat with the new bollard-style wall.

We're slowly replacing a "barrier" made out of Graham crackers, wet paper, our hopes and dreams and dry carrots with one maybe made of some sort of stone.

Full Story.

 We'll get them to vote for Paul Ryan.


  1. Damn! Bet that hurt! He's probably 6 inches shorter now and for a Taco Bender that means he's the size of a Pre-K kid now.


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