Germany is a Nation of Immigrants

There is a belief among pro-Whites, one which has thankfully become increasingly rare following the 2016 election, that after enough jewish outrages our people will spontaneously rise up and reclaim our lands. It will be a magical reversal that requires no effort, planning or hardship, you just have to believe with all your heart. Back in reality, unless we organize and resist the planned kosher demolition, the future is South Africa. Our enemies want us violently dead and we're not going to ghost dance our way out of this when there's thirty seconds until midnight. In Germany, we are seeing the first signs of life from a demoralized and weakened populace. As the magical mulatto would say, much more needs to be done, but at least there are some members of the indigenous population reluctant to climb into the semitic mass grave of foreign invasion and spiritual rot. This is deeply problematic, so here's a careerist scumbag politician to explain why moe-ham-head is as German as you are, maybe a lot more.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has declared Germany “is a nation of immigrants and will remain so”, asserting: “There are no half or whole Germans, no biological or ‘new’ Germans”. 

Your ancient homeland with thousands of years of unbroken genetic history isn't real, claims a venal and bloated human version of a pig from "Animal Farm." Despite centuries of tradition, culture, religion and blood, you're actually a "nation of immigrants" and always have been. Moe-ham-head here has as much of a claim to your ancestral soil as you do, probably a lot more of one, since he's a "woman and/or child" fleeing from "war" and it's our job to house the desert garbage and you don't want to be called names, do you?

Speaking at Berlin’s Bellevue Palace, where a small group of people with Turkish heritage had been invited to share their views on immigration, integration, and xenophobia in Europe, the German president strongly denounced “exclusion of and discrimination against people with foreign roots”.

Delusion and weakness, insanity and death. How do you feel about "xenophobia," invading Ottoman columns? What a surprise, they want to loot your prosperous and homogeneous land. Well, there you have it, a foreign enemy has shared its views on the national death the jew has prepared, you better fall into line goyim.

I'm willing to destroy my own country for shekels and sanctimony

“A permanent suspicion of immigrants, no matter how long they have lived in Germany, is not only harmful for the individuals involved but it is a cause of shame for our country,” said President Steinmeier — who serves as a largely symbolic head of state, while Chancellor Angela Merkel is head of government.

Please don't realize that the enemygrant is an opportunistic criminal here to live off your generosity and prey upon your women and children. It's a real shame you noticed the moon cult is raping and killing, hang your head. Moe-schinken-kopf has miracled himself into a brown, rock-worshiping Teuton and who are you to say otherwise? Get in that hole.

“Racism and discrimination violate human dignity and damage our democracy,” he continued, claiming: “Immigration has taken place because we have repeatedly asked people to come — a situation which will continue to be true in the future.”

Highlighting #MeTwo, a movement “against everyday racism” sparked by Mesut Özil’s resignation from international football citing “racism and disrespect”, Steinmeier said the lived experiences of Turkish migrants “belong to Germany”.

Before you get all hopped-up on your ridiculous "I don't want to be a hated minority in my own country," have you considered the negro ball? Some filthy alien turk dirtball quit because of your "racism," now how will we defeat the Africans from El-France? Did you even consider the loss of "pace" on the national team when you started refusing to die? I bet you didn't. We're not going to get those thrilling 0-0 ties if you keep acting up, you "extremist." Get your head back in the noose.

“Without them, without their families who joined them later, without their children and grandchildren, our country’s economic prosperity, indeed today’s society, would be inconceivable,” he claimed.

Muh economic necessity. Think of all the money "pumped" into the gee dee pee, shkotzim. This will help already ridiculously wealthy jew plutocrats become slightly more wealthy. Any sacrifice, even the ultimate one, is worth it in pursuit of such a noble outcome. Not having your throat slit with a scimitar to enrich the wandering merchant: it's inconceivable! I don't think this word means what you think it means.

“No one should have to deny their roots,” he stressed, adding he wished “for a Germany in which we can win together and lose together” in a nod to Özil — an ethnic Turk whose resignation came after he was criticised for his performance in the World Cup, and for being photographed with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in May.

Win as a team, lose as a team, right cattle? Funny how the realest of real Germans maintains loyalty to its false demonic religion and inferior ethnic background, even as some elected criminal explains why similar behaviors would be wrong if you were the one doing them. The point is, those sports balls aren't going to kick themselves and letting everything burn is a small price to pay for some poor performances in losing efforts followed by bowing down to our moose-limb conquerors.

As well as sparking a national debate over identity, the 29-year-old footballer’s stunt caught the eye of globalist international media outlets, which took the opportunity to lambast a Germany in which “some … are trying to return to a monolithic understanding of German identity and culture once believed to be a thing of the past”. 

LOL. Globalist and international media, sure sounds familiar. Big jew springs into action. Your country needs to destroyed, you unclean meat. You're not going to be a monolithic society like you were for centuries. Jews are going to be at the center of this process.

“There are no Germans who are ‘on probation’ and having to earn their rights in society again and again because their [citizenship] could be revoked on the basis of alleged misconduct,” the president said, insisting that there are “no half or whole, no biological or ‘new’ Germans; there are no first- or second-class citizens, no right or wrong neighbours”.

Once you break the plane of our open border with any part of your dusky body you immediately become fully German. You can do all the "misconduct" you want; we're not going to kick you out or even punish you. Germany is for everyone. This is definitely a sustainable policy, don't worry.

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Deutschland erwache.


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