Kvelling Over the News

What is the end game of a cuckservative life, the final crowning achievement of decades of cowardice, graft, weakness and "I'll be safely dead by the time things get really bad?" Until today I assumed it was a tombstone with the epitaph "He wasn't racist" placed over whatever could be scraped together and buried after the True Conservative is torn to pieces by the brown monsters it unleashed because doing the jew's bidding was easier than any honest work. While such a horrific death and flattering memorial probably still represents the ultimate apotheosis for the Israel First, free markets, open borders, "we're all equal" useful idiot brigade there is actually an even higher glory to aspire to. Namely, finding out you may have a tiny amount of jew ancestry, at last allowing the cuck to become an honorary chosenite and maybe even be allowed in the synagogue on non-holy days for a few minutes. This sure would be a nice break from the usual Republican routine of being outside the demon house on their knees with an ear pressed to the door, waiting for their masters to finish their plotting and resume working the strings.

House Speaker Paul Ryan nearly plotzed recently when he found out that he has Jewish roots, but said he’s kvelling over the news.

Oy gevalt, the shkotzim dumkopf gets the best news of his entire pathetic suck-ass life. You're g*d's sort of, almost chosen. Maybe this means you can snatch a crumb off the semitic plate, for once, instead of having to wait like the dog you are for it to fall off and roll across the filthy, slime-encrusted floor of our nation's capital. Now there's no more lingering guilt over killing your homeland, just like the "I'm 0.5% injun, so it doesn't matter if American turns into Brazil" White delusional.

"Guess what, I'm a jew, too!"
"Shut the fuck up, you unclean meat."

The conservative Wisconsin Republican made the discovery through the PBS show “Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.”

It turns out you were descended from a long line of European peasants who all worked miserable jobs and died young. White privilege.

Gates’ show traced Ryan’s heritage back to his 10th great-grandfather who was born in Germany in 1531. Tests show Ryan is 3 percent Ashkenazi Jewish, according to the college professor.

I don't think this will be enough to get you a seat on the board of Goldman Sachs, but for this worthless worm of a man it's probably the closest thing to pride in himself and his people he will ever feel. We already know he's perfectly happy with White genocide, but now you only have to hate 97% of yourself, which must be a relief.

Be sure to vote for the Loser Party, they'll fight for you.

You could have knocked him over with a feather and then he was very proud of it," Gates said. "We don't know who that Jewish person was, but we know it was on his mother's German line, which makes sense.  

A cuckservative is the product of actual cuckolding. Back when there was something called "The Holy Roman Empire" a mamzer was born from a jewish grifter's pump and run that would, eventually, bring the Last True Conservative into our world. This was g*d's plan.

So somebody who was a Christian German slept with a Jewish German person and that's where that came from.

Yeah. That would be the mechanics of it. Thanks for the explanation.

Yid lid for the three percent.


  1. "A mamzer born from a Jewish grifters pump and run" - this phrase should appear on this scumbag's birth certificate . When we take power it will.

    1. Right on...this senetor jack-in-? the-box faggot is a shekel collector...and a widget of bigger pigs....his ugly fuckface is now in the kike dictionary...next to the word : coward.
      This country is a real fucking horror show.


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