Negro Hero Athlete Arrested

Get ready for another exciting year of College Liberia Ball, White cuckolds! Watch the amazing "four star" negro "scholar athlete" collide with other nigga bodies (Ah!) and then mill around with its mouth hanging open from the grueling three seconds of continuous movement while kosher advertisements flash across the screen. Salivate on your ball gag when Blue wins slightly more often than it loses. Worship criminal genetic aliens who would gladly kill you and everyone you care about if given the opportunity. Yes, this is the purity of "amateur" athletics, where plantation master psycho coaches steeped in corruption guide creatures straight from a nightmare toward the "big game" that you care about because you're a weak gelded fool. These are good boys who have turned their lives around, they're actually in college and a true credit to their race, namely the human race.

LSU suspended linebacker Tyler Taylor on Wednesday after learning he'd been arrested in Georgia for allegedly serving as the getaway driver in the January burglary of a pawnshop.

A "look at that boy run" super orc gets arrested for its role in the negro version of Ocean's Eleven. That electrifying southern speed, driving the "hooptie" through the bad streets after another predictable expression of the content of their character. Put this groid's name on your back, wear that Chinese jersey, cheer for the evolutionary dead-end. I can't wait to watch muh SEC (Systematically Excluding Caucasians) Rwanda Rugby.

According to a Cumming (Georgia) Police Department incident report, three men and a juvenile broke into the pawnshop by shattering the front door with a rock and hammer around 2:45 a.m. on Jan. 8. Police allege they fled the scene in a truck that Taylor was driving.

Stone age animals utilize elements from this distant dark age to get at the "gats." Barkevious swings a crude club at the rapidly eroding remains of White civilization. Throw that rock, Lajewjuan! Look at that arm, we should make this simian a quarterback, pay it money, enroll it in fake classes, offer it snow hoes and turn a blind eye to the genetically preordained pathology.

According to the incident report, eight shotguns, three rifles and a semi-automatic rifle were stolen. Police have recovered some of the guns, according to records.

Congoloids steal fully-automatic military quality artillery pieces. More of those "illegal guns" we keep hearing about, usually in places like Chiraq. Next time we see that street sweeper it'll be blasting some tar monster who was sitting in a car. It's fairly obvious that the solution to this cycle of negro failure and idiocy is to make it harder for decent Whites to legally purchase firearms.

 Before you get all judgemental you should know it made another negro hurry, once.

After a months-long investigation, Taylor, 19, was arrested on May 31 and charged with felony conspiracy to commit a crime, felony party to a crime (second-degree burglary, theft by taking and second-degree criminal damage to property) and felony theft by receiving stolen property.

The 90 I.Q. law enforcement eventually solves this unbelievably complicated case, the sort of thing Arthur Conan Doyle might write about. Can you solve the mystery of the Moss-Headed League?

After learning of Taylor's arrest on Wednesday, LSU officials suspended him indefinitely for violation of team rules.

Team Rule #134295235.45: No reenacting scenes from the NASCAR Truck Series after using primitive implements to break into a hockshop.

The police incident report contained Taylor's cellphone records, which indicated his phone "pinged at the pawn shop on the morning of the burglary." The report said another person arrested for the burglary told a police officer that Taylor was involved. Police also have surveillance video of the burglary.

It's obvious this tar monster is completely innocent and the mountain of evidence against it is merely "racism" directed at an upstanding sportsman and future oceanographer.

Jordan Moore, one of the men charged in the Jan. 8 burglary, denied participating in the heist. But police searched his cellphone and found photos of the stolen guns and "video of him talking about how law enforcement will never be able to catch them."

Wile E. Negro, super genius. Even the sub-average intellect Blue Lives are going to figure this one out.

Taylor, who played in 13 games and started five as a true freshman in 2017, participated in spring practice after his arrest in May and was on the field for the Tigers' first few practices of preseason camp. He had 32 tackles and 1½ sacks in 2017 and was battling for a starting job this season.

Wow. What a hero. 

Last week, LSU coach Ed Orgeron announced that Ed Ingram, who started 12 games at right guard as a freshman in 2017, is suspended indefinitely because of an unspecified violation of team rules.

 This thing, whatever the hell it is, also got suspended.

The amazing "diversity" of College Sudan Soccer.


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