The Moral, Social and Economic Imperative

We'll be fine as long we have muh constitution. This scrap of yellowed Enlightenment toilet paper is sure to protect us once we become a hated minority in our own homeland. It's not like it could be hastily rewritten by alien opportunists who want us to die painful and humiliating deaths as soon as possible. No, these sacred rights are carved into the Tablets of Sinai, which is why you never, ever, hear about efforts to limit our freedom of speech or disarm us. The divine finger has written it in lightning, you can be sure some Hawaiian court won't simply overrule the booming voice of g*d. Yes, everything is fine. Civic nationalism all the way! Our future is assured.

The owner of the first South African farm lined up to have his land seized without payment or fair compensation blasted the government yesterday saying: 'Whichever way they dress it up it is theft'. 

How can it be theft when the communist negro government simply changed the laws? Everything is totally above board, here. Let's get this flaming tire around your neck.

Johan Steenkamp who co-owns a £10million hunting farm in Limpopo province, has been ordered to hand over his land, following a ten-year battle to stop the government buying it for a tenth of its value. 

Honestly, this is practically the deal of a lifetime compared to the bargain you're going to get in the future. The next offer will be made by a horde of savages pouring on to your property and delivered with the edge of a machete. Get out, South Africa is lost. This is the windblown future of all White nations if we fail, if we drown beneath the kosher mudslide. Now the descent into savage all against all and ultimately "we dyin' hee-ah, come back wite debil" accelerates at a pace faster than even the most pessimistic forecasts. In five years, we'll have another Zimbabwe.

Mr Steenkamp says Prime Minister Cyril Ramaphosa's plans of redistribution of white-owned land to South Africa's black poor is just a cover so that the government can get their hands on valuable coal deposits found under his farm land.  

Yeah, it's all about grabbing that coal with coal-colored hands. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the "color of your skin" or the size of your nostrils. Ten seconds until midnight and still refusing to address racial realities. "You want my fossil fuels, don't you?" speculates the landowner as a dark mob chants "Kill the Whites."

The 67-year-old farmer has said he is ready to defend his property by force if the government tries to take his land, saying; 'If it comes to a fight so be it, I am not going to leave the country and I am not going to leave my farm.'

Good luck. You'll need it.

 You black fellas just want coal, right?

Mr. Ramaphosa is trying to accelerate land reform to 'undo a grave historical injustice' against the black majority during colonialism and the apartheid era that ended in 1994.

As long as a single White person is still alive, the "injustice" hasn't been corrected. Then they'll curse us in our graves.

However, Mr Ramaphosa now has announced plans to change the constitution to allow the ANC to take lands from white farmers without compensating them. 

If we can find child murder, the sodomite agenda and rights for "undocumented immigrants" in there, somehow, I'm sure we can voodoo something up about stealing your lands (and killing you). It's okay, we're not breaking any laws, it's all there in your founding documents.

He said:'I am not going to leave the country and I am not going to leave my farm. I am going nowhere. I will defend my farm and if it comes to a fight so be it.

The last Imperial Japanese soldier defends a Pacific rock island in 1960. "I'm going nowhere, I die for the Emperor!" 

'I will do whatever it takes to defend my farm. I don't want confrontation but the Constitution says that I have the right to defend my property and my family and that is what I will be doing if anyone comes for my farm.

Actually, we changed that part of the holy loose-leaf, too. You now have the right to bleed out at the hands of living fossils.

'I will not be initiating force but my gates will be locked and I will have security here. If there is any force it will not be initiated by me.

Unfortunately, I let in the "one good one" who will "accidentally" leave the gate open and/or carve me to pieces while I'm sleeping.

The news of the plans saw US President Donald Trump order an investigation into 'farm seizures and expropriations' as well as falsely claiming that there was a 'large scale killing of white farmers' in South Africa.

Everything is fine, President Trump. Whites are not being murdered, that's just a story made up by "racists." Can't you be like every other world leader and either ignore or support this pathetic outrage?

'This is no land grab. Nor is it an assault on the private ownership of property. Land reform in South Africa is a moral, social and economic imperative'.  

It's the right thing to do.

Mr Steenkamp says the Akkerland Boerdery is valued at 200 million rand (£10.7m) but they were only offered 20 million rand (£1.07m) – a tenth of what he claims is the true value.

In a few years all the Whites will be dead or fled, 20 million rand will be worth three cents, there will be massive starvation and we'll be hearing about how there's a moral, social and economic imperative to flood Europe with South African "refugees."

Muh constitution isn't the only worthless paper.


  1. This situation is indeed terrible. And the gall of such assholes as the ADL, the jewsmedia and all the other anti-White trash, the nerve to call what's going down over there "False, just White supremacist conspiracy theories"! These pieces of filth, every single one of them, deserve a bullet or an entire magazine right between the eyes. Or to swing on a rope along with all of the "Western leaders" who're letting all of this go down without a peep.

  2. Obama visits SA to "make a speech" July 17. ANC announces plan to amend their constitution to steal land Aug 1. Hmmmm.

  3. Wait til they come for yours in the name of reparations.


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