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Concerned by Foreign Invasion

We need a lot more may-hee-can invasion, to say nothing of la-teen-oh detritus from points further south. If you're a poorly-formed humanoid from a Latin American shithole that makes may-hee-co look like Switzerland, we definitely want you in our dying country. It's an economic necessity, bankrupting states and leaving third world ruin. They're natural conservatives, sure to support the Loser Party and whatever the hell it stands for these days. They'll provide lots of cheap burritos and strident and ugly garbage culture. All those things you heard about the talmud and its promises of endless brown slaves for g*d's chosen are lies. You're the one getting the deal of a lifetime here, shkotzim. It's also your punishment for being "racist."

Border Patrol agents are apprehending an increasing number of migrant groups that include more than 100 people on the northern side of the U.S.-Mexico border, and recorded two more incidents this week.

For every co…

Another Day in Chiraq

We should begin to observe discernible improvements in typical negro behavior any day now. You just haven't groveled enough, haven't wasted enough time receiving a kosher lobotomy in front of the talmudvision, haven't spent enough, haven't shed enough blood in "isolated incidents." This obviously failed race of dangerous inferiors are just overcooked Whites who are also very cool and soulful, not like stiff and boring Whitey who rarely, if ever, guns down "babies" in senseless park altercations. Yes, g*d just left them in the oven for too long, otherwise they're just like you, only better.

Prosecutors paused the video on the TV screen: Sherquell Magee's left arm was stretched out and he was pointing a gun as another juvenile ran and 11-year-old David Anderson stood by picnic tables in an East Chicago park gazebo May 5. 

Welcome to the Chiraq all against all where creatures ripped from a nightmare, dark monsters incapable of even approximating…

The Wheelchair of Peace

Please watch the following amazing video.

A disabled man has claimed he suffered a 'diabetic crash' before he allegedly rammed two elderly women with his mobility scooter.

Welcome to the United Kaliphate, where brown aliens engage in the blood sugar jihad (jihad means a peaceful struggle against evil) and plow into elderly legacy British. From driving trucks down undocumented roads to heroically battling muh insulin deficiency in a wheelchair, the moon cultist adds rich vibrancy to the fraying fabric of our doomed nation.

Aaron Ali, 40, is accused of reversing over Doris Collins, 88, and Joan Benjafield, 90, while they were out shopping in Welling, Kent. 

They're here for economic necessity, doing the jobs you won't. Jobs like draining the system and attacking the most vulnerable available targets with a mobility scooter you paid for.

Ali is also accused of ambushing 72-year-old Michael Gibson in another random attack in nearby Woolwich High Street on January 2.


Obvious to Anyone Who's Listening

President Trump would have us believe that white Americans are endangered by immigrant drug dealers and gangsters, and the liberal politicians who abet them with so-called sanctuary cities.

At a recent rally in Ohio, Trump used lurid language to claim that gang members "slice and dice" beautiful girls like "animals."

It's obvious to anyone who's listening that when Trump talks about this terrifying other he's really talking about non-white people, not just any old foreigner; and indeed, Trump supporters in surveys conflate their fears of immigrants and dark-skinned people.

These fears, however, are not founded in reality. White people should be more afraid of other whites than they are of people of color.

 The jew author of this drivel. "Hello, my fellow Whites!"
I examined Centers for Disease Control statistics on murder, gun killings and illegal-drug overdoses among white Americans. My analysis shows that the white Americans who are most at risk …

Vile Hate-Motivated Crime

We live in a world full of hate. No, not the systematic jewish plans for our destruction utilizing brown nightmare animals as biological weapons, that's not it at all. The real problem is Whites being reluctant to die, voting for slightly right-of-center kosher figureheads, having expressions other than pure bliss and joy in the presence of the dark inferiors and, of course, engaging in shocking hate crimes. We may be lacking actual evidence for that last one, but trust me, evil White "racists" are hard at work vandalizing the political signage of The Light of the World and correctly drawing
"nazzee" symbols in an act of aggression against the thralls of the traveling merchant. No, really! It's happening, just ask the disgusting fraud news outlets.

A swastika was painted on the home of a supporter of Democratic New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer.

I could write a lengthy essay explaining why this story perfectly conforms to all the elements of the phony hate cri…

It Wasn't a Monster

We need to give up all of our rights to make the world better. Freedom of speech needs to go, obviously. We can't have "racists" offending the dark locust swarm with "hate speech," or, g*d forbid, using this freedom to organize against their planned kosher genocide. Freedom of assembly falls into the same category: marches by "not-sees" must be met with criminal violence. Religion? Are you kidding? What part of "convert or die" from the moon cultist sand monster didn't you understand? Also, don't forget to give up your guns (and knives!) so you're completely defenseless. If you do this, mentally defective negro perverts will stop shooting up their affirmative action work sites, honest injun.

Authorities in Harford County were still trying to determine late Thursday why Snochia Moseley opened fire at the Rite Aid warehouse where she had taken a temporary job, killing three employees and fatally wounding herself. 

It really is a rid…

The Postal Mule of the World

She ruined birthdays, weddings and holidays for thousands of Wisconsin residents.

It ruins neighborhoods, shopping centers, streets, restaurants, public transportation and anything else it comes into contact with. It's the "African-American" burden we are forced to carry around because of a combination of weakness, delusion and apathy. While these vaguely humanoid creatures cause massive damage, the White response has been groveling appeasement and endless financial sacrifices. Our reward for this is getting blamed over and over for the genetically preordained failure of the tar monster. It's time to wake up and send them back to Africa.

A U.S. postal worker admitted she stole more than 6,000 greeting cards filled with cash and checks while delivering mail in Wauwatosa. Ebony Lavonne Smith, 20, pleaded guilty last week to theft or receipt of stolen mail, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

For reasons unknown it proved impossible to get a picture of Miss Smith, a…

The Lighter Side of Jewish Pathology: The Terrible Ordeal

The jew is g*d's chosen, unlike you and everyone you care about, and as such is your moral superior destined to rule over whatever descendants you might end up having. They are the Light of the World, unfairly persecuted by people they refer to by various barnyard slurs. You can find them at the center of efforts to destroy your homelands and you might even resent them for this, but remember, the complete annihilation of your country must happen, it's really a good thing and it's also your punishment for being "racist." With all this in mind, it's shocking, absolutely shocking, to discover a scumbag jewess stealing cosmetics, just like a proud black woman who don't need no man, and being subjected to anudda shoah from the cattle as a result.

A Florida prosecutor who oversees cases against sexual predators is facing a shoplifting charge after surveillance video caught her swiping $43 worth of cosmetics from a grocery store, police said. 

A jew alien embedde…

Rape Gone Wrong

A 14-year-old boy has been charge with murder and rape in connection with the death of an 83-year-old woman, Baltimore police announced Friday.

A sickening and horrific crime committed by a "boy" (dat races) in the Bodymore all against all. The latest amazing contribution of the "African-American" to our national toilet bowl. Now to get this nightmare into the memory hole and release the animal involved. It is, after all, a baby. Maybe a picture would be helpful?

This dangerous inferior is fully physically mature and as intelligent (Muh dikk and muh deadly violence against the elderly) as it's going to get. We'll make excuses, we'll pretend this is the beginning of a redemption story. The tar creature will turn its life around and go to college. Look at that boy run, what an electrifying "scholar-athlete," can you believe that just a few years ago Barkevious got in some minor trouble? This thing is credit to its race, the HUMAN RACE.

Maryland l…

Multiple People Looting

Please watch the following amazing video. For a more complete version, featuring proud black women who don't need no man and the most ingenious negro disguise ever, see the link below.

The best part of "diversity," better than even the food or the cheap labor for jewish plutocrats, is definitely the high levels of trust and community that arises among the worst brown parasites. The disaster brought our shit-colored nigga bodies (Ah!) together, in furtherance of looting. What the racial inferior is already doing to our dying country, via punitive taxation for endless failed programs and hand-outs, is now simply more blatant. Gibs dem re-puh-muh-rations, mudda fudda. It's raining and windy. It's time to steal.

Our brave fraud news reporterette heads behind the Family Dollar, an upscale business concern for the most discerning of consumerist bar codes, to confront the marauding tar monsters. Inquires about the illegality of their actions are ignored, while I was mor…

Unique Value

Increasing the amount of brown humanoids is absolutely critical to our future as a nation. The dusky alien peasant carries a value of "diversity" that can't be measured or demonstrated in any way, but trust me, it's in there somewhere. You don't find it in stiff and boring Whitey, obviously, what with our dull and bland behaviors like building and sustaining civilization. The solution is massive mud world invasion and if already obscenely wealthy jewish plutocrats become slightly more wealthy in the process, that's just a bonus to go with all the "enrichment." Think of the amazing food. Think of the sweatshop Liberia Ball loafers.

In a statement this week, Nike CEO Mark Parker announced the corporation’s opposition to a statewide measure that would repeal Oregon’s sanctuary state law that has protected criminal illegal aliens for three decades.

I know, pretty surprising. We all know the semitic "one percent" is firmly on the side of the Rep…

Inclusive Excellence

Welcome back to the communist indoctrination center, formerly known as "college," gentiles! Just a friendly reminder that your pound of flesh student loan debt can not be removed by bankruptcy or even by a direct act of the g*d we jews honestly think we can trick, so don't even try it. Also, be sure to be on guard for Thought Crime and Face Crime. Almost everything you say, do or believe is deeply "racist" and evil, which is why we're working to completely destroy you by a combination of spiritual cancer within and foreign invasion without. Even when you're trying your best to be nice to the biological weapon we're using to exterminate you and everyone you care about, you still fail miserably because you're White and need to die. The good news is we now have another exciting kosher program (your tuition usury will cover the cost, don't worry) to help you win that victory over yourself before you climb into the grave we dug for you.

A new seri…

Small Town Negro Horror

Since the middle of the disastrous jewish century the defining characteristics of most Whites was a mixture of cowardice and awkwardly forced delusion. We swallowed the kosher lies, knowing full well we were getting a "bargain of a lifetime" from the wandering merchant, while fleeing from the same "diversity" we couldn't stop praising and making excuses for. Now, in Current Year, there's nowhere left to run and no amount of sanctimonious parroting of semitic deceits is going to purchase even the smallest mercies from an evil system hellbent on our destruction. Weakness and half-believed illusions didn't work out. Who could have predicted this? There is no space to retreat, no time to waste on pretending everything is fine, only a stark choice between survival or destruction. Our unmarked mass graves aren't going to advertise our lack of "racism."

A woman and two men were charged after the mayor of a small North Carolina town and his wife we…

Credible Fear

The United States is for everyone. It has always been a "multicultural" swamp of "diverse" brown aliens. Most of the founding fathers were moose-limb or black and who would dare downplay the massive contributions of those other "African-Americans," brought here in jewish chains out of "economic necessity." Don't forget the Bering Strait pedestrians, huddled in crude tents, building nothing and waging savage war against each other. This is the true face of our nation: an ugly brown mess. In light of this indisputable fact, it's really nice to hear that Bangladeshis are pouring over our open southern border. See, it's not just la-teen-oh garbage, you "racist." We're getting the very worst from everywhere, just like that jewish poem which should be the sole factor in deciding immigration policy.

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents continue to lead the nation in the apprehension of Bangladeshi nationals who illegally cross th…