An Undetermined Next Chapter

Pugnacious and ever confident, Rahm Emanuel never has been one to back away from a political fight. But on Tuesday, he did just that, abruptly dropping a bid for a third term as Chicago’s mayor to instead write an undetermined “next chapter” of his life.

The day Chiraq lost the Light of the World, embodied by an unbelievably corrupt skeletal jew who presided over the city's final collapse into the Midwestern Mogadishu we have today. From sticking its kosher claw up the back of Barry Soetoro and operating the magic mulatto like a puppet, to living the talmudic dream of ruling over countless moronic brown slaves, this is already the best life ever led by any chosenite. Who knows what the amazing next chapter will be? Using public speaking fees to launder bribery money? Acting as the wire-puller for another mystery meat alien pimp? Making all the ill-gotten shekels into a giant pile and worshiping the g*d almighty of the tribe of israel? Only time will tell, I guess.

In an interview, the mayor described his personal and professional lives as two planes preparing to land on separate runways, making the timing right to step away from public life.

Two planes preparing to land in separate buildings. Your "freedoms" are under attack, shtkotzim! Go blast the rag-heads for our semitic hate country.

“I’ve decided not to seek re-election,” said Emanuel, who took office as Chicago’s first Jewish mayor in 2011. “This has been the job of a lifetime, but it is not a job for a lifetime.”

Having all those dusky thralls wasn't as much fun as my "holy" book promised it would be, especially when they kept engaging in endless tribal warfare and blaming me for their predictable, genetically preordained, failures. Then you get the walrus-looking gentile careerist and the magic southpaw schwoogie, oy vey.

Trust me.

Sources close to Emanuel said the family considerations were key, but so, too, was the reality that he would spend the next eight months in a bruising campaign that would feature him getting attacked from all sides.

So persecuted, attacked from all sides! The innocent and humble religious jew, always the victim of unreasonable and irrational hate from the unclean meat. 

Emanuel will step aside next May after two tumultuous terms in office that have included the largest round of school closings in the city’s history, a teachers strike, the corruption conviction of his onetime schools chief, rampant gun violence that has surged in recent years, a sex abuse scandal at Chicago Public Schools, record tax increases to shore up the city’s pensions and the Laquan McDonald police shooting that led to a federal investigation of the Police Department and sagging support among African-American voters.

I know it sounds bad, but on the other hand my whole family went up a chimney.

Even as he decided to walk away from the job, Emanuel displayed his typical bravado. He noted several times in the interview that he was “6-for-6” in winning campaigns and insisted he could have made it 7-for-7.

I got to rule over burning ruins! I'm quite successful, thank you for asking.

Many of the 12 challengers already in the race, including former police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, onetime Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas and former Police Board President Lori Lightfoot, rushed to call news conferences in an effort to wedge their candidacies into the coverage of Emanuel’s decision.

The bloated careerist walrus as mayor? It doesn't seem quite so ridiculous, now that g*d's chosen is gone, but don't rule out a vibrant field of various crooked and debased sinecure holders.

The carpetbagger and the walrus.

 Vallas demonstrates the rat claw.

E.T. to run for mayor of negro war zone.

Behind the scenes, many other potential candidates were making phone calls to big-dollar donors and political operatives to gauge support for a run, various political sources confirmed. That list includes: Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza, former White House chief of staff Bill Daley, Chicago Treasurer Kurt Summers, city Clerk Anna Valencia, 2011 mayoral candidate and lobbyist Gery Chico, Lakeview Ald. Tom Tunney and Michael Sacks, Emanuel’s close friend, confidant and top campaign donor who is the wealthy CEO of the investment firm GCM Grosvenor.

With this many top-quality choices there's no way you can lose.

If you're bored with your talmudic semi-human property I'll take 'em.

Wise la-teen-ah to control all against all?

Vote for this kosher sodomite, gentiles.

The mayoral election is Feb. 26. If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote — a strong likelihood with such a large field — then a runoff election between the top two finishers would be held April 2.

Be sure to vote, it's going to make a big difference in a city annexed by Africa.

Eve Ewing, a poet, sociologist and a Chicago Twitter celebrity of sorts who goes by “Wikipedia Brown,” summed up the exuberance among those who long advocated against Emanuel’s policies and dubbed him “Mayor 1 Percent” for his close association with the city’s business interests and for the millionaires who have filled his campaign coffers.

LOL. What do you think Wikipedia Brown? Please turn to the back of the book for the amazing solution to The Case of Skeletal Jew and the Chicongo Zoo.

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  1. Rahm Emanuel should be honored with something along the lines of a “Mayor of the Decade” award for his achievements. No Aryan, or even nominally white, mayor could have (or been allowed to have) accomplished what Mr. Emanuel did in just two terms. His strategy was brilliant: hit the ground running firing the white, law-and-order police chief, replace him with an incompetent munt yes-man, order the PD to stand-down, and let the black community have its head. Result: decimation of the African population by unfettered TNB. Not to mention a bull market for rank-and-file Enemy tribal entrepreneurs selling the munts illicit firearms out of the trunks of their vehicles in back alleys. From an Aryan point of view it is an all-win situation.

    The Emanuel mayoral régime should be erected as a model for all big-city mayors throughout the land.

  2. Emanuel is moving on to his next assignment, which was promised to him after he wrecked Chitcongo. He'll be the head commissar of the new (Brand New!) 'Murikan NKVD.

    Oh what fun he'll have in his dream job. Maybe all you future gulag members will remember his face as you are shot in the back of your head kneeling before a long (Very Long!) trench, freshly dug.

    I wish I will be able to hear you all tell me one last time how "Don't worry, everything always works out" again.


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