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Welcome back to the communist indoctrination center, formerly known as "college," gentiles! Just a friendly reminder that your pound of flesh student loan debt can not be removed by bankruptcy or even by a direct act of the g*d we jews honestly think we can trick, so don't even try it. Also, be sure to be on guard for Thought Crime and Face Crime. Almost everything you say, do or believe is deeply "racist" and evil, which is why we're working to completely destroy you by a combination of spiritual cancer within and foreign invasion without. Even when you're trying your best to be nice to the biological weapon we're using to exterminate you and everyone you care about, you still fail miserably because you're White and need to die. The good news is we now have another exciting kosher program (your tuition usury will cover the cost, don't worry) to help you win that victory over yourself before you climb into the grave we dug for you.

A new series of posters on the University of Utah campus highlight commonly used microaggressions. The posters show faces behind small sentences that say things such as, “Where are you really from?” “You’re pretty for a dark-skin girl,” and “What are you?”

LOL. Seriously, what the hell are you? These are questions that we need to ask as a mud flood drowns our country. We expect you to share your land with alien creatures straight from a nightmare and you better not harm the tissue-paper feelings of the dark opportunist. Everyone knows this mystery mud monster of indeterminate origin is just as American as you are, probably more so. You must be endlessly differential and accommodating to the poisonous snakes we're dumping into your house without ever asking you.

Microaggressions are subtle—often unintentional—statements or actions that reveal unconscious biases toward members of marginalized communities.

Yes, "unconscious bias" is real, just ask jewish psychologist Sigmund Fraud. Your good faith efforts to make the best of the rapid decline and fall of a nation built by your ancestors at the hands of foreign looters is still a "microaggression." You haven't died yet, that's "racist." Get in that hole.

While anyone may experience prejudice or stereotyping, the term “microaggressions” is used specifically in connection to those in historically marginalized groups, which include gender, race, ethnicity, veteran status, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, national origin and citizenship status or any of these intersecting identities. 

The best part about paying Shlomo for a four year lobotomy is all the amazing and useful knowledge you'll have when you leave and become an unemployable human derelict. Now you understand that "veterans," the brown horde, people who are any age, buggery enthusiasts, illegal aliens and all the other slime are suffering from being "marginalized" and you better make up for that with endless worthless groveling that earns absolutely no goodwill from an enemy that wants you to die in pain.

Damm gurl, u lookin less sim-ee-an denn moss aw dem nikka beeches.

Even though these comments are not always intended to be rude or insulting, the impact of microaggressions is harmful because they perpetuate stereotypes in both casual and systemic ways.

The road to hell with good intentions, right? You must now strive for an even lower level of personal abasement in the face of the systematic destruction of your heritage.

At a personal level, they communicate that a person doesn’t belong. For example, when someone tells a person of color that they speak English well, it implies that the person doesn’t look like English is their first language. The impact of this statement labels the person of color as an outsider, which can be alienating.

These are "people of color." That color is brown, every single time. Look at all the "diversity!" They really don't belong. The "African-American" has been here for centuries and is no closer to being a functional member of a civilized nation now than they were when they stumbled off the jew-owned slave ship in kosher chains (Bargain of a lifetime, goyim!). Our country isn't invisible lines on a map or a proposition that any alien marauder can share in as long as they say the magic words. It was built by Whites, for Whites. We either restore it as a White nation or become Brazil and, eventually, South Africa. You and your excellent English have to leave.

“It feels much more welcoming when people start by assuming that we belong here,” said Belinda Otukolo Saltiban, director of the U’s Office for Inclusive Excellence.

"You need to be much more delusional about the planned demolition of everything that matters," explained Buffy Ooga-Boogolo Attaturk, clown world sinecure holder in the U's Ministry of Truth and Love.

These efforts are part of the University of Utah’s priority to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone who comes to campus.

Everyone except normal healthy Whites. Learn a trade, White man.

Also, in 2017, the Presidential Anti-Racism Task Force was created after a series of events on campus highlighted the need for a more proactive approach to address racism, bias and discrimination. The SafeU campaign launched in 2017 and grew out of the Presidential Task Force on Campus Safety, which identified bias as one of several areas to address to promote a safer campus.

This Stalinist madness might seem excessive, but remember, moe-ham-head's delicate feelings got hurt once when it got asked what particular "war" it was fleeing. 

Higher education plays an important role in exploring new ideas, expanding boundaries and in the possibility of being transformed during one’s educational journey, McNeil explained.  


“A crucial contributing factor to a more inclusive campus culture starts with self-awareness,” McNeil said. “Many of us, including myself, have made unintentional microaggressive remarks that have hurt other people. It is important, however, to listen to feedback and be willing to make adjustments. Sometimes a small change can have a huge impact on others.”

Install a kommissar in your head. Try to alter your behavior as much as possible. Develop the "American Look." Maybe have the "racism" removed from your brain with magnets. The future is bright. We have always been at war with microaggressions.

 Don't forget to buy your textbooks, cattle.


  1. Heh heh heh... Note the not-so-subtle attempt at subliminal suggestion: “You’re pretty for a dark-skin girl,” surprinted on an image of an ugly black monster. Only a legally blind fool would utter such nonsense. Ironically, the example comments are apparently intended to be polite, even friendly. What if "students" adhered strictly to a policy of unvarnished truth? "You are uncommonly hideous for a munt," or "In which part of Africa does that pidgin English dialect you're speaking originate?" Would that be considered "macro-aggression?"

    American colleges and universities are the laughing-stock of the world.

    1. Everything you said is correct....each day in this fuckpiled hemisphere gets creepier than the one before it.

    2. Everything you said is correct....each day in this fuckpiled hemisphere gets creepier than the one before it.

  2. Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, nailed it several decades ago. He warned us that the commies/libtard/lefties had to completely take over all levels of schooling to destroy us.

    They succeeded brilliantly.


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