Multiple People Looting

Please watch the following amazing video. For a more complete version, featuring proud black women who don't need no man and the most ingenious negro disguise ever, see the link below.

The best part of "diversity," better than even the food or the cheap labor for jewish plutocrats, is definitely the high levels of trust and community that arises among the worst brown parasites. The disaster brought our shit-colored nigga bodies (Ah!) together, in furtherance of looting. What the racial inferior is already doing to our dying country, via punitive taxation for endless failed programs and hand-outs, is now simply more blatant. Gibs dem re-puh-muh-rations, mudda fudda. It's raining and windy. It's time to steal.

Our brave fraud news reporterette heads behind the Family Dollar, an upscale business concern for the most discerning of consumerist bar codes, to confront the marauding tar monsters. Inquires about the illegality of their actions are ignored, while I was more concerned that she was about to commit suicide by negro. Fortunately, the primitive brain of the evolutionary dead-end can only hold one poorly-formed thought at a time and right now the thought is "muh free shit" instead of "time for a rape gone wrong." Or, as one Philosopher King in the Jewtube comments so eloquently put it:

White always running up and getting into something they ain’t got no business in just let them be. If they would have whoop ur ass and took that camera then u wood be ready to press charges.

We let these creatures vote. We promote them to positions they're completely unqualified for. We lie about their imagined virtue and ignore their obvious vices.We're forced to pay and grovel and pretend we can't see the most obvious truths. The "African-American" is a failed race with no place in a civilized nation. They need to be removed.

A reporter in North Carolina confronted multiple people looting at a local dollar store in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Florence. 

The mighty strength of our international globalist bazaar. The content of their character.

"When we came over the hill on Greenfield Street, you could just see people everywhere,"  Donovan said.

Misshapen humanoids lope around, picking at the ruins, a preview of the future cannibal state following the collapse of our government. When the EBT card doesn't work, when the disastrous experiment in battling genetic reality fails, this is what will remain. "People" all over the place. A "hodgepodge" of "folks." All against all.

I dawn wanna bee awn duh newz, dawg.

Donovan and a cameraman walked around the store and saw several people carrying out various items.  

This was the moment where it looked like an "isolated incident" might occur, but luckily the plundering takes precedence over attacking their delusional White benefactors.

Now police are working to identify those involved in the looting. 

We should have no problem figuring out which identical-looking brown blobs were involved.

 It will be easy to pick this particular coal monster out from all the other ones.

"We take looting very seriously and we are going to aggressively pursue any kind of looting that goes on," said Assistant Police Chief Mitch Cunningham. "We are going to take a strong stand."

Wow. What a hero.

A curfew is also in place for the area surrounding the store. 

Your country is not dying, that's for sure. Say, is that Liberia Ball on the talmudvision?

We hold these truths to be self-evident...


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