Rape Gone Wrong

A 14-year-old boy has been charge with murder and rape in connection with the death of an 83-year-old woman, Baltimore police announced Friday.

A sickening and horrific crime committed by a "boy" (dat races) in the Bodymore all against all. The latest amazing contribution of the "African-American" to our national toilet bowl. Now to get this nightmare into the memory hole and release the animal involved. It is, after all, a baby. Maybe a picture would be helpful?

This dangerous inferior is fully physically mature and as intelligent (Muh dikk and muh deadly violence against the elderly) as it's going to get. We'll make excuses, we'll pretend this is the beginning of a redemption story. The tar creature will turn its life around and go to college. Look at that boy run, what an electrifying "scholar-athlete," can you believe that just a few years ago Barkevious got in some minor trouble? This thing is credit to its race, the HUMAN RACE.

Maryland law requires the boy, Tyrone Harvin, be charged as an adult, police spokesman T.J. Smith said at a news conference. There is a process that would allow Harvin to be treated as a juvenile as his case progresses, Smith said.

The "racist" justice system springs into action. Muh disproportionate and insanely harsh punishments for the exact same crimes because a "person of color" (i.e. brown) was involved. Thank the desert g*d of the hebrews for the kosher "process." This is a good boy, on the way to Grandma's reproductive organs before bludgeoning her into the promised land. We don't want to seriously punish this savage genetic alien, especially when it's just entering its criminal prime. Who knows what mayhem this tar beast will commit, it would be wrong to put it down.

Neal was beaten to death, Smith said, calling the age difference between the suspect and victim "really something unheard of."

Yeah. This is totally unprecedented. I'm guessing your familiarity with the American negro mostly comes from the talmudvision.

Smith said that authorities speculated the suspect may be young during their investigation, “but I don’t think any of us were thinking a 14-year-old could be capable of something like this.” Harvin had recently turned 14, according to online court records.

We all know that "teen" groids are beings of pure goodness and light. Honestly, how delusional and detached from basic racial reality do you have to be to believe this?

Harvin may have part of a group of neighbors who helped care for Neal, Smith said. Harvin lived on the same street as the victim.

The content of their character.

Smith said that police used physical evidence to link Harvin to the crime.  

Physical evidence, the most "racist" thing in the entire world.

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 At least it wasn't a White woman, for once.


  1. "At least it wasn't a White woman, for once."

    I agree, M.H. Yes, it's still sickening and horrible, but at least it wasn't one of OUR grandmothers. I hope somebody gives the little savage nasty fucker the exact same treatment in prison.

  2. It's neither sickening or horrible. It's typical nigger behavior.

    1. I beg to differ: yes, it is in fact sickening and horrible... plus, yes, typical nigger behavior.


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