The Popular French Game

We must remember that Europe has always been a "multi-culti" human stew of blacks and browns. Alien rapefugees have always been welcome. Don't forget the rich cultural interfaces with moose-limbs, like at Vienna or Tours. In light of this, you should be very excited to see your ancient homelands transformed and destroyed by the semitic nation-wrecker and the brown hordes they've deployed against you. The indigenous population must be replaced and killed; it's the only way you're going to survive. The jew will be at the center of this process and may be resented, but since you have no history, culture or future you'll just keep taking it. "Immigration" makes a country strong. It's also your punishment for being "racist" and trying to uplift the genetic inferiors. You should be safely dead by the time everything is burning rubble. Keep playing your little sport ball games, keep sleeping.

At least seven people have been injured, four seriously, in Paris after a man attacked people with a knife and an iron bar at two separate locations. The attacker is believed to be an Afghan national.

Another "widow and orphan" fleeing "war" goes wild with a fully automatic knife (time for a ban, like in the United Kaliphate) and a military-grade assault bar. Bringing this creature in was the right thing to do, our obligation to the g*ds of nihilism, materialism and cowardice. A violent and moronic animal from a distant desert will easily adjust to a sophisticated White nation. The morlock will respect your culture and when the Eloi vanish we won't ask any questions. Time to get your head caved in with the iron rod of jihad. Does having my brain matter splatted across a street prove I'm not a "xenophobe" or even, forbid it allah, an "islamophobe?"

In an initial incident, the attacker wounded three people in front of a cinema in the 19th arrondissement late on Sunday evening.

Free-range French walk out of the kosher soma dispenser and are attacked by an enemygrant. The jewish fiction is over; here's the reality. Moe-ham-head wants to show its gratitude for all your sacrifices and weakness by carving you up.

A group of men playing petanque tried to stop him by throwing a heavy iron ball used in the popular French game, according to Le Parisien. 

Yeah. Just throw the Liberia ball at the attacking negro, you'll be fine. No need to be armed, just fling a croissant at the sand monster, or maybe a petanque ball. La Resistance, the last pathetic stand against national suicide.

We need common sense laws against high capacity stacks of metal balls.

“He had an iron bar in his hand which he threw at the men chasing him, then he took out a knife,” a security guard at the cinema recalled after the initial attack.

Yes, that sounds like fairly typical behavior from monsters who worship a giant rock. Don't worry, once they realize they can get away with anything they're sure to start behaving themselves.

“They started throwing petanque balls at him. Around four or five balls hit him in the head, but they weren't able to stop him,” Youssef Najah told AFP.

I was surprised, too. You'd think hitting moe-jambon-cervelle would end the attacks on the kuffir. I've got balls of fail.

After running away from the scene of the first attack, the assailant continued on Rue Henri Nogueres, where he wounded two English tourists, who sustained head and chest injuries.

Not content to merely prey on its local benefactors, the moon cultist was able to make guests from Great Britainistan feel right at home.

The aggressor, who was also injured, was finally arrested by the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) of the police. The suspect is believed to be “an Afghan” national, local media report.

You're doing a heckuva a job, anti-crime brigade.

While authorities have yet to establish the motive behind the attack, an investigation has been launched into the violent spree. A source close to the probe told Le Parisien that, so far, there was no basis on which to call the incident a terrorist attack.

Motive unknown, an isolated incident, wrong place and time, unlikely to ever happen again. It certainly wasn't so-called "terrorism." Let's put you down for another million next year.

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  1. Knives and clubs are useful to the holy rock stars, but the real festivities begin when their imams begin passing out the tons of AK's, RPG's, grenades and other fun stuff that you have to know was smuggled into Europistan.

    At least the French have some metal balls to throw at them. Good thing because they don't have any other balls at all.

    1. "...the real festivities begin when their imams begin passing out the tons of AK's, RPG's, grenades and other fun stuff..."

      Bought, paid for, and furnished by the Osambo regime.


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