A Group of "Teen" Thieves

Deadly explosive devices are being mailed to cultural marxists and jew communists. Well, "mailed," might be a misnomer, since there's no cancelled postage and "deadly" might also be a mild overstatement because no one has even been hurt. We probably shouldn't dwell on the fact that the actual bombs look more like Ahmed's cool clock (Mail it to me without paying postage after I'm out of office, little buddy!) than an actual I.E.D. Still, we should all be outraged by this and completely distracted from the kosher attacks coming against America from all sides. Be sure to vote for the blue stream of urine. Obvious lies are being told to us and we're expected to reverently bow our heads and express regret that jew "philanthropist" George Soros, or more accurately his useful idiots, somehow produced a harmless bundle of garbage covered in stamps but clearly just placed there, almost certainly by the same people who "found" it. How stupid is the average "citizen?" As our country darkens, that answer will get more and more depressing. Here's a story about negro criminality.

Four teens are wanted by the NYPD for at least seven robberies of restaurants and bars in Midtown Manhattan and Hell's Kitchen since last month.

Those crazy "teens" and their youthful hi-jinks, so wacky and full of life, unlike stiff and boring Whitey. We would like you to mentally picture harmless goofiness pulled from Archie Comics and not fully physically mature and very dangerous racial inferiors preying on a dying city. This semitic trick still works, right?

Video of three of incidents was released by police. A knife was used in two other robberies.

Don't worry, we have grainy footage of brown aliens. Also, we need more knife control, just like in the United Kaliphate.

On Sept. 29 just before 2 a.m., the suspects distract a male employee at Thalia on West 54th Street while one of them removed a cashbox from behind the counter. The group fled on foot.

Compared to the usual "robbery gone wrong," this is like some kind of nigger Manhattan Project. Eighty points of I.Q. and we used every single one of them. This is followed by the Jesse Owens act. Look at that simian run! Time to give these animals academic (I could tell you were smart by your highly sophisticated criminality, well, at least compared to other groids) and athletic scholarships to play Liberia Ball, get worshiped by gelded Whites and turn the life around.

  Living fossils stole from New York restaurants.

On Oct. 17 at about 6:38 p.m., the suspects entered Ageha on 9th Avenue when the group distracted an employee while one of them grabbed the 37-year-old female victim's cell phone from behind the counter.

All of that spending and appeasement is clearly paying off. Look at the brilliant beast, stealing a phone after the chimp out. We hold these truths to be self-evident...

When she tried to get her phone back, one of the suspects bent her fingers back and shoved her away.

The content of their character.

On Oct. 21, 2018, at about 8:20 p.m., the suspects entered Swing 46 Jazz on West 46th Street  and asked customers for money.

The kids today don't know about the jazz. They got the rap music that gives them the brain damage.

When the employees asked them to leave, the thieves distracted them while one of them reached behind the counter and took the 48-year-old female victim's cell phone. 

I think we're missing the real story, namely the "racist" employees kicking out innocent muds who were probably there for a "business meeting" or some such.

Cops describe the teens as black or dark-skinned Hispanics between 14 and 18 years old.

"Whatever these things are, they sure as hell ain't White." Thank you, "cops."

Full Story.


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