An Absolute Disaster Waiting to Happen

Immigration is your punishment for being "racist," or for having distant ancestors who were, but it's also an amazing strength. For whatever reason, Whites are reluctant to work horrible jobs for slave wages and we need to ensure that already wealthy jewish bastards become slightly more wealthy. Clearly, this is a "civil rights" issue all about human dignity and value, if you just ignore the chosenites literally worshiping the shekel almighty while scheming to create an entire nation of faceless brown slaves, as promised by their talmud. Yes, the foreign invader is full of value and adds exciting spice to our national toilet bowl and even the trash can near it. Only the most hate-filled and evil bigot would oppose this slow motion disaster.

A man who was speeding on Milwaukee's south side before crashing into an oncoming car in February was sentenced Friday to 12 years in prison for what the judge called "an extremely aggravated" fatal hit-and-run.

The "racist" KKKort gives a much more severe sentence than a White would get for the same crime, business as usual in our not-see hate country that can't even figure out how to secure its borders or stop sawed-off foreign fuckwads from driving on undocumented roads with lethal results.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Joseph Wall said the situation, on fresh snow, "was an absolute disaster waiting to happen."

Let's blame the snow for this la-teen-oh malfunction. It's white, for one thing, and we all know this is the color of ungood.

Juan Mata-Chavez and three passengers in the Ram pickup truck he was driving the morning of Feb. 4 — Super Bowl Sunday — ran away after the crash on West Lincoln Avenue between South 14th and South 15th streets.

Eyyyy, mee watcheee Lieeebeeeria bawl, eye theeeeennnkkkk. I'm not sure why we need to know there was Rwanda Rugby that evening or what it has to do with anything, but on the other hand we got the Speedy Gonzalez act from alien looters. Look at that greaser run! Maybe it should replace Barkevious on "my" team?

It voted for Scott Walker.

One of the passengers pointed a gun at people who started rushing to the scene from a nearby business, and Mata-Chavez called his sister to have her report to police that she'd been carjacked of her Ram.

Natural conservatives, here for a better life. Who cares if we turn into Brazil North, there's geld to be made. Strong family values, honest and hardworking, these dangerous inferiors are better Americans than you. Illegal immigration is an act of love. It was waving a gun. We'll get these things voting for the Elephant Party. 

Killed was Monica Hernandez, 43, who was driving home from church with her 13-year-old son, who escaped the crash without serious physical injuries.

At least the victims weren't White, for a change.

Police quickly discounted the false report of a carjacking, and one of the other passengers in the Ram identified Mata-Chavez after learning Hernandez had been killed.

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to outsmart our 90 I.Q. "five-oh," Juan.

Wall noted that Mata-Chavez, while he had no criminal record, had been ticketed for going 80 mph in a 55 mph zone just 91 days after his license had been revoked for a first-offense drunken driving in 2016.

No criminal record. Driving without a license. Drunk driving arrest. There are logical problems with this paragraph.

The Ram's black box showed it was going 68 mph three seconds before the crash, which Mata-Chavez says happened after he tried to avoid a pedestrian jaywalking across Lincoln.

The rich enrichment of our "diverse" multi-culti. It was just trying to avoid Drijon walking down the center of the street. The brown sewage, it adds so much to our dying nation.

Defense attorney Julius Andiusis told Wall his client was remorseful and referred to his solid work history and more than two dozen letters of support. An interpreter read a letter the defendant wrote apologizing and asking for forgiveness.

He's a real dedicated work unit and a supporter of conservative values like illegal immigration, hauling ass in your burrito wagon and fleeing the scene of a fatal collision. If this doesn't convince you, a sincere apology delivered via an interpreter definitely will. Clown world.

Wall said Mata-Chavez's earlier tickets and sanctions regarding driving "apparently fell on deaf ears," and that a significant message was needed for him and other dangerous drivers who put the public at risk.

It's almost like the may-hee-can is fundamentally different and inferior and not merely a White person dipped in barbecue sauce and cut off at the knees.

Full Story.

No right to be in my country.


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