Chinese Opportunists Offend Ghost Slaves

Today's incredible story contains what someone with no internal monologue and limited, if any, personal agency might call "intersectionality." It involves trouble in the embarrassed homeland of former President Soetoro, when looters arrived from distant and exotic Cathay to strip natural resources and earn a quick Yuan by exploiting the indigenous tar monster. Unfortunately, this incredible humanitarian cooperation between the Chinese ant farm and the negro locust swarm hasn't gone as smoothly as you might think. It turns out the Yellow Man might be no better than "racist" Whites when it comes to their dealings with 70 I.Q. evolutionary throwbacks. Pretty surprising, I know.

Before last year, Richard Ochieng’, 26, could not recall experiencing racism firsthand. 

It's really strange how living in a completely homogeneous society totally eliminates the terrible evil of made-up semitic nonsense. It's almost like we'd be happier in our own discrete countries, instead of being forced together in an ugly and strident jewish globalist bazaar. I guess you're not supposed to notice this reality, but since this is a Jew York Times article written by and for NPCs, I'm sure no one did. Can we just get to the stimulus-response outrage?

Not while growing up as an orphan in his village near Lake Victoria where everybody was, like him, black. 

We're getting dangerously close to thought crime here. 

Not until his job search led him to Ruiru, a fast-growing settlement at the edge of the capital, Nairobi, where Mr. Ochieng’ found work at a Chinese motorcycle company that had just expanded to Kenya. 

The mighty forces of "economic necessity" and the "right thing to do" drove a creature from the left side of an ascent of man poster to seek employment building ricers as part of the slant-eyed burden.

But then his new boss, a Chinese man his own age, started calling him a monkey. 

Working as a slave for the Middle Kingdom conquerors, sure. Being called names? No.

It happened when the two were on a sales trip and spotted a troop of baboons on the roadside, he said. “Your brothers,” he said his boss exclaimed, urging Mr. Ochieng’ to share some bananas with the primates.

LOL. You look like baboon, foreign devil slave.

Me Chinee, me pray tlick.

And it happened again, he said, with his boss referring to all Kenyans as primates.

When you have working, albeit barely open, eyes and haven't been conditioned your entire life to believe obvious kosher lies about equality.

Humiliated and outraged, Mr. Ochieng’ decided to record one of his boss’s rants, catching him declaring that Kenyans were “like a monkey people.”

You can get offended, but you can't really say it's a lie. They have foreign DNA. We're not equal.

After his cellphone video circulated widely last month, the Kenyan authorities swiftly deported the boss back to China.

That awkward feeling when Kenya has better control over who is allowed to stay in their country than most White nations.

Kenya may have been a British colony, where white supremacy reigned and black people were forced to wear identification documents around their necks.

Seems logical. I'd never be able to tell you were an African negro without an identification document.

Today, many younger Kenyans say that racism is a phenomenon they largely know indirectly, through history lessons and foreign news. But episodes involving discriminatory behavior by the region’s growing Chinese work force have unsettled many Kenyans, particularly at a time when their government seeks closer ties with China.

There's probably a very simple lesson to learn from this mess, but you're not going to find it here in this willfully ignorant NYT article, that's for sure.

Take up the Yellow Man's burden.


  1. I'm calling it right here, Heretic: in 50-100 years time the Chinese will be ploughing them under all across the Sahara to "make the desert bloom".


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