Cuck Island: An Assistant Locked the Doors

In much the same way as your wise and caring government protects you from obvious external threats, you can count on the friendly policeman to rush to your rescue when the sand monster, negro, or la-teen-oh scumbag behaves in a fashion that any statistical model would predict. Safely ensconced within the mighty fortress constructed by leadership that always places your interests first and hometown heroes wearing little stars, it's sensible to make yourself as defenseless as possible. Turn in your guns, turn in those dangerous knifes, dump the tool box in the bin. In the unlikely event that a widow fleeing war goes crazy, you can be sure the blue lives that matter will come running.

It was revealed during an inquest yesterday that Met Police Deputy Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey stayed locked in his car during the Westminster attack.

Stare at the interior of your car and suck on this ball-gag. Don't try to "direct" during the religion of peace slaughter. The heroes of Albion, the selfless and vigilant champions of our dead nation. Never have so many bloodthirsty moose-limb invaders owed so much to so few cucks, cowards and criminals in positions of authority.

Sir Craig said his first instinct was to help, but an assistant locked the vehicle doors because they are too ill-equipped to confront the terrorist, Khalid Masood.

There's no way several ostensibly male Britons could possibly defeat a lone moon cultist armed with a fully automatic extra capacity military grade kitchen knife. We would have needed the most modern and advanced technologies to stop the Dark Age massacre unfolding right under our nose. Besides, Jeeves went and locked the door and it's not like I can overrule him or even quickly unlock it again. I'm only the Deputy Commissioner, after all.

 Cowardly careerist failed to stop the jihad.

The top Met officer, who disclosed he had seen PC Keith Palmer suffer “two determined stab wounds”, said no one in his car had any protective gear or a radio.

We'll use a radio to stop moe-ham-head. What is this, a Spielberg film?

He said: “I was in shirtsleeves, with no radio, I didn’t know if the attack was ongoing.

Honest injun, I thought the sand monster was done killing the kuffir. The explanations for my pathetic dereliction of duty keep changing, which is how you know I'm telling the truth.

“Clearly the way that the male came in and the purposeful way he came, he was clearly a threat.”

Clearly, this invasion column of fighting age mahound cultists is a threat to our nation, but on the other hand a jew said it was a good idea and I love catching the crumbs that fall off the semitic plate.

Sir Craig, who retires in December, added: “The attacker had one of those looks where, if they get you in that look, they would be after you.

Faced with aggressive masculinity from a foreign conqueror I immediately wilted. I mean, he had a real scary look and I was fairly certain my ancient homeland wouldn't completely collapse into an islamic all against all until after I was safely dead.

“He seemed absolutely focused on getting further down and attacking anyone who was in his way.”

Yeah. No shit.

 One of those looks.


  1. “The attacker had one of those looks where, if they get you in that look, they would be after you."

    Like a defenseless child describing a big, scary monster... maybe the killer-clown in IT or something. Pitiful. Disgusting.


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