One of Baltimore’s Latest Fatalities

We have benefited greatly from the presence of the "African-American," the economic necessity and "right thing to do" of the distant past that still remains with us as a permanently dysfunctional burden. Yes, we got a real bargain from the generous jew merchant with this one. I'm so glad all that cotton got picked two hundred years ago, it was totally worth it. Now, we should start seeing some discernible improvement in this worthless failed race any day now, if you only believe hard enough, sink deep enough into suicidal delusional and keep letting our criminal government "run your pockets" to fund all the amazing "diversity" provided by genetic aliens. They'll get better tomorrow. Today a "good boy" and "aspiring rapper" got zapped in the Bodymore all against all and it's really important we acknowledge this tremendous loss.

A rising Baltimore rapper whose lyrics often reflected the pain and trauma he’d seen in the city was fatally shot Sunday in west Baltimore’s Allendale neighborhood.

Will "rising" replace "aspiring" as the go-to adjective for marble-mouth inferiors who are sure to obtain massive success as (c)rappers in the vile semitic sewer our popular culture has become? This particular groid had lots of pain and trauma in its primitive 70 I.Q. mind and was eager to babble semi-coherently about it. A brown fossil with no internal monologue or future time orientation, the Bard of Bodymore, its grade school level poetry was too beautiful for this ugly world.

Nick Breed, whose real name was Dominic Gantt, was found with gunshot wounds in the 500 block of Normandy Ave. around 7:30 p.m. Sunday, police said. The 24-year-old was taken to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center and was pronounced dead soon after arriving, officials said.

An animal straight from a nightmare is made good by its fellow tar creatures. I'm all busted up about this.

Yo, hee-ah bee duh rawt.

Baltimore Police have not identified a motive, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

LOL, time to get Sherlock Holmes on this one. Motive unknown, isolated and random incident, no arrests, unlikely to ever happen again, room to destroy...

Gantt, whose music videos garnered thousands of views online, collaborated with some of the city’s biggest names, including YBS Skola and Young Moose.

Before you dismiss this as just another case of a contemptible negro monster who will not be missed getting what it deserved, I should point out it collaborated with "Young Moose" on some high-quality Northern Canadian Wildlife banga musik.

More like young Homo erectus.

On his Instagram account, he posted photos with Chino, the well-known dirt-bike rider, and YoungBoy Never Broke Again, the Louisiana rapper who headlined at MECU Pavilion last month.

The death of a negro "entertainer" has a dignity all its own. Did I mention it knew a famous dirt-bike riding evolutionary dead-end, to say nothing of YoungSimian No Moe Flatt Pockatt.

 Wow, that looks like fun! Weeeee!!!!

He is one of Baltimore’s latest fatalities in a recent surge of gun violence. In the past 30 days, the city has recorded more than 40 homicides. 

On the other hand, we've had no "racism" incidents since we gave up completely on policing the violent mossheads, so you have to remember that. Also, it's autonomous guns doing the "drilling" and you should probably start giving up your rights in memory of the amazing rhyming anthropological curiosity.

While Gantt was growing up in Edmondson Village, music became his way of expressing himself, Palmer said.

Making grinding noises while muttering about receiving oral sex and shooting other living fossils was this creature's way of interfacing the world, his friend explained, after we translated it into White person English.

Online court records reveal a checkered past: gun and drug charges, even accusations of assault and first- and second-degree murder. Days before he was killed, he was charged with harassment.

I know, I was surprised, too. Good boy, turning the life around, about to become a millionaire urban poet or microbiologist, probably never killed other nikkas, spreading the gospel...

But Frink said Gantt had recently become involved with a church and was finding his faith in God — an experience he was determined to work into his music, she said.

No, really.

Gantt was a street rapper whose calm delivery made his vivid details of street life that much more jarring.

The "sedated by drugs until it isn't that dangerous" delivery would have been a big hit with young Whites, explains producer Murray Shekelberg.

“When my mother had me she had dope in her veins,” Breed, who released the mixtape “Most Wanted in February,” once rapped.

When America let these things pour in off the jewish slave ships we had something wrong with our mind and soul.

 Rest in power.


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