One of its Best Players

We need a lot more "African-Americans" in Wyoming. This is so obviously true I shouldn't even have to explain it and you should get in trouble for asking, but I guess this is your lucky day. First, consider the amazing "diversity" of an inferior race with almost completely uniform appearance and behavior. Here's negro #14952987981, it likes rap music and using narcotics. We need more of this and a lot fewer Whites. I haven't even mentioned how fast these creatures can run. Just wait until we turn Barkevious loose on the Liberia Ball field, you're going to be amazed. It's electricity on wheels. Imagine the "tugs," the mediocre play in a nothing conference, the times it will make another super orc "hurry." The occasional "false imprisonment" incident or whatever else is a small, small price to pay.

Wyoming is taking on Colorado State in Fort Collins on Friday evening, and will be doing it without one of its best players.

A tragedy worthy of Sophocles. The noble savage, brought low by circumstance and the cruel "racist" forces around it. Now our Rwanda Rugby squad has to play almighty Colorado State without one of the most astounding evolutionary dead-ends you'll ever encounter. Forgive me if I must scream at the uncaring sky about this staggering injustice.

Defensive tackle Youhanna Ghaifan was issued a summons for a Class 2 misdemeanor of false imprisonment and a Class 3 misdemeanor of harassment by Fort Collins, Colorado police on Friday morning at the team hotel.

Before we go all crazy wondering if this monster was imprisoning snow hoes during a rape gone wrong, please remember that we have a game against "Green" that we really want to win. Youhanna here is a good boy, turning its life around, actually going to college, a future oceanographer or sex monster.

Homo erectus knocked over other living fossils.

"Youhanna was charged with two misdemeanors. We take these allegations seriously," coach Craig Bohl said in a statement. 

"Now I have to pretend to care about the appalling behavior of my Zulu mercenaries," explained the White careerist plantation master. "I really don't want my pathetic gravy train of prepping criminal bulls for a goofy child's game to end. One has to make certain sacrifices for a 3-6 record and a last place spot in our unimportant conference. I'm a complete and total disgrace."

Castrated cuck coach worships negroes for shekels.

"I spoke with Youhanna and informed him that he was being suspended indefinitely, and we had a staff member take him back to Laramie." 

I can imagine the conversation.

"Hey champ, I heard you got in a little trouble."
"I dunn rape deees snow hoes. Bedda bee datt tumm. Fukk yew, mudda fudda, I keel yo milk azz."
"We'll have a staff member take you back to a homogeneous White city where you shouldn't be."

A spokesman for the Fort Collins police department told The Coloradoan that a call was received about a report of harassment at 9:46 a.m. MT. The school continues to investigate the incident.  

This must be another one of those "racist" incidents where bigots called the police on totally innocent simians. Can't we just let this animal play Eritrea Eggball and start vilifying "Harassment Harriet?"

"We are working with the University administration to make sure we follow all policies and procedures as they relate to this issue," said athletic director Tom Burman.

It's not time for operation save-ass just yet, but it might be soon and I'm ready. 

Ghaifan was one of the stars along the Cowboys defensive line. The 6-foot-4, 282-pound junior has 34 tackles, eight for loss and two sacks in 2018. He had 69 tackles, 15.5 for loss and seven sacks last year. 

Wow. Fifteen and a half tackles for "loss." What a hero.

The Cowboys and Rams will tee it up at 10 p.m. ET on Friday night.

Be sure to have your ball gag in, keep looking at the wall and do not under any circumstances try to "direct."

The Wyoming negro lottery returns a loser.


  1. He seems nice. I'll bet he goes on to be an astrophysics professor at Yale. Actually, he should stay with sportsball as there's more money in it and lots of willing middle class White women eager to fornicated with a simian.

    BTW, Jonathon Rotten (Great name!), I watched Gorillas In The Mist years ago and this creature makes the Silverbacks look good. I bet he's gotten more White female ass then a rest area toilet seat.


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