Rolling Mass Land Distribution

At least we still have muh constitution. This scrap of yellowed toilet paper, which apparently contains secret codes worthy of a Dan Brown novel that legally enshrined sodomite rights, infanticide, open borders and the rapidly collapsing rule of law, is sure to protect us when we become a hated minority in our own homeland. It's very unlikely that a sea of brown dullards and their jewish masters will suddenly decide the sacred bog roll actually says it's fine to take away our property and then murder us to correct "historical wrongs." No, that is definitely not happening. The sober language of long-dead and now completely vilified "racist" founders will keep us safe. Watch your Liberia Ball, go back to sleep.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has promised to speed up the controversial land reform proposed by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) earlier this year.

In a few years all Whites will be gone in South Africa. This will be followed, as sure as the Sun will rise in the east, by hyperinflation, starvation, civil war, anarchy, "we dyin' hee-ah," and our jew-occupied government insisting our tax dollars get poured into the reeking privy created by 70 I.Q. evolutionary dead-ends. We must help the bloodthirsty animals who drove out and murdered their White benefactors, it's the right thing to do.

“We are making history and celebrating the return of your land today. We are righting the historic injustice and returning the land to its rightful owners,” the president said at the handover of 4‚586 hectares of land to the community of KwaMkhwanazi at Empangeni in northeastern KwaZulu-Natal.

We will ignore the fact that this territory was uninhabited before being built up by White settlers and instead focus on "fixing" everything. This is a good policy unlikely to end in total disaster. Also, I'm sure this will never happen in any White nation once the indigenous population has been displaced by dark foreign invaders, so feel free to relax and sink into delusional bliss.

Schwoogie puppet gets its marching orders.

Ramaphosa admitted that his government has been too slow in the process of restitution and redistribution of farmlands, stressing that land is a key pillar for economic emancipation and freedom.

There are still some White farmers without burning tires around their necks or deep machete wounds. We better speed up the process. This outrageous attack on the most basic rights is the latest brilliant African School Economics plan that is sure to create prosperity for the genetic alien who will remain, wandering through rubble and alternating between cursing the dead Whites and begging for their return.

“We are commencing a rolling mass land distribution program in our country. We will be returning land in a massive way. This Mkhwanazi land is the first‚” the president said. “Today we are making history‚ celebrating the return of the land to our people in this area.”

Your own government would never turn on you. As long as you parrot the correct "anti-racist" drivel you'll be fine. No one is actually planning to hurt you. Muh kosher democracy is the best form of government.

The land reform has become a hot issue both domestically and internationally since the South African government announced plans to change the constitution, allowing the expropriation of land without compensation.

Whoops, we just took away your right to free speech and gun ownership. Isn't this "living document" amazing? Now we're going to take your land, then your life. Don't worry, it's perfectly legal, we edited the national lavvy paper until it was.

The new law would allow for land to be taken from white farmers and redistributed to the landless black majority.

The wisdom, nobility and heroic restraint of mob rule.

The step also raised deep concerns about the decline in food production and international investments in the economy. However, the government says the land reform is absolutely lawful and will not threaten stability of South Africa.

"Everything is fine," declares criminal government.

Tank yew foe dee crumms awf dee koe-shar played.


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