Symbols of Hate and the New Holohoax

We are fighting a war against "hate," the insidious and pervasive evil that manifests itself in highly suspicious incidents, dubious vandalism and, of course, opposing the destructive jewish agenda in any way. In order to win this war we must give up our rights, just like how we won wars against other nebulous concepts like "terror." Yes, an abstract idea can be defeated, but you're going to have to give up some minor things, like your freedom of speech, so the jew can rule over burning ruins. The ultimate victory in the heroic struggle against unapproved non-kosher opinions begins with the victory over yourself, you unclean meat. If you're still not convinced, did you know someone, possibly of the rabbinical persuasion, drew a crude swastika? You better want to climb into the mass national grave that was dug with a semitic spade now, or we're going to have to show you those precious 11 dead some more. A lot more.

Two swastikas were spray-painted in the Wagner Memorial Park neighborhood over the weekend, including one on the base of the park gazebo, police said.

Screw your optics, man. Time to scrawl incorrectly formed fascist symbols on the ground. This is proof of the inherent wickedness of every White gentile. The planned demographic annihilation of your people is clearly justified.

According to timelines provided by police, the swastikas were likely painted sometime overnight on Friday and were discovered as the nation was hearing news reports about the shooting deaths of 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa., Saturday morning.

Wow. What a bizarre coincidence.

Rabbi Beth Davidson said the congregation was already stunned by the news of the Pittsburgh attack. Two Adath Yeshurun families lost relatives at the Tree of Life synagogue; one of the victims had visited Adath Yeshurun for a Bat Mitzvah several years ago, she said.

Now that we finally have a new holohoax to wail about, you can expect every chosenite to have an immediate relative who was lost in this horrible event. Assuming they're not claiming to be "survivors" themselves, of course. "Oy vey, that shkotzim boomer was firing the fully-automatic machine gun. I crawled for a mile under nonagenarian kosher bodies (Ah!) spurting color-coded blood fountains to survive.

The park is about two blocks from Temple Adath Yeshurun, a reform Jewish temple in Manchester.    

The tiny minority that has us completely surrounded.

I have never seen such completely plausible "hate."

A swastika covered the base of the Wagner Memorial Park monument and the letters "F" and "P" and a plus sign were sprayed on the columns, said city Parks Director Donald Pinard. 

As best as we can tell, this was an attempt at evil not-see six million dead algebraic equations.

"Symbols of hate have no place in our community," Mayor Craig said in a statement. "Manchester is a city of compassion, a place that embraces our history and diversity ... Together, we stand against hatred and violence."

I would like to keep my careerism, so here's a statement written by a machine and read by an NPC expressing all the approved reactions one is expected to have when faced with this sort of hoax.

The other swastika was painted on a car parked on Oak Street, less than a block from the park, police said. That was painted sometime between 8 p.m. Friday and 11 a.m. Saturday.

We really need to crack down on that internet.

The homeowner, who asked not to be named, said the vandals had opened an unlocked car door and sprayed a swastika on the inside driver-side window. However, it had a circle around it with a line through it.

Huh. How about that. So it was actually an "anti-racist" symbol placed by scumbag communists. Good thing we already had all the goodthink commentary from outraged rabbis and scumball politicians before we mentioned this.

"I think it was Halloween and kids," she said.

Well, that could be right, but we also know there's an invisible army of nawrtzees preying on innocent globalists, so let's not jump to any conclusions.

Look at the "hate." Let's get rid of the Bill of Rights.


  1. Clearly then this is the result of
    Uncensored forums and chatrooms on the internet....we are one or two more manufactured "hate" events from shutting the whole shithouse down......thanks for nothin Bowens.

  2. Expect a lot more of this BS as election day rolls around.


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