Unable to Cry and Shriek

The United States has problems that are so serious we might not even be able to solve them by busing in loads of negro and la-teen-oh dullards to participate in muh democracy this November. Indeed, while there is a lot of wisdom in entrusting moronic and dangerous primitive humanoids to release the blue stream of piss on our dying nation, none of it matters if these worthless aliens don't display proper servitude before their talmudic masters. To that end, we need a lot more holohoax education for shit-colored NPCs with no personal agency or actual humanity. Yes, tell the hollow turds about the precious six million lost, this must take top priority if the glorious kosher experiment in mob rule and demographic replacement is going to be a success, as defined as a handful of criminal jew scumbags ruling over constantly burning ruins.

A San Francisco foundation has promised The National World War II Museum $2 million to expand its Holocaust education.

We'll use these Federal Reserve shekels to increase the holohoax section in the museum remembering Europe's Second Jewish Century Suicide Attempt from 80% of the floor space to about 90% or so. It's very important the undifferentiated tan slaves promised by the talmud learn, to the extent these creatures can, all about Soviet war propaganda.

The Taube Foundation’s pledge will pay for lectures, movie screenings, partnerships, research and personal accounts of the Holocaust, the museum said.

The shkotzim are going to get it with both barrels. Fictional movies produced by pedophiles and rapists, semitic "research" attempting to figure out how a crematory or submarine engine actually works and endless cynical sob stories from kosher grifters.

The new Taube Family Holocaust Education Program “will ensure public remembrance of the atrocities that led to the genocide of more than six million Jews,” a news release said.

We were lying about the fire pits, electric belts, gas ovens, skull-crushing machines, blood fountains, lampshades, smoke color-coded by nationality, dogs with poison teeth, bear/eagle death tag teams, jew soap and all the rest, but this current story about "homicidal gas chambers" is completely true. Trust me, I'm one of g*d's chosen, unlike you, you dirty goyim.

The new program’s formal launch will be Thursday, with a screening of Roberta Grossman’s new film, “Who Will Write Our History?” It’s based on historian Samuel Kassow’s book, published in 2009 with the same title.

Right now the answer to this amazing question seems to be "communist jew monsters and useful White idiots."

The face of the enemy.

Kassow will be among the speakers at a daylong symposium on the question “What do we do when the witnesses are gone?”

How can we keep the greatest con game in human history going? Who will step up to lead this kosher snow job forward into humanity's windblown future?

The book and documentary tell how Polish Jewish historian Emanuel Ringelblum kept a secret archive of life in the Warsaw Ghetto to ensure those people and their lives would be remembered.

This is highly believable, that's for sure. How much do you poor little victims want? Let me go get my wallet.

Ringelblum and his team buried their documents in milk canisters and metal containers, hoping they would be found after the war.

No, really. This actually happened. Come on, use your imagination!

One of the documents Kassow describes is by David Graber, one of the people who buried the archive. He wrote, “What we were unable to cry and shriek out to the world we buried in the ground.”

The quiet dignity that is typical of the traveling merchant. It's hard to imagine the nation-wrecker screaming and wailing about events which, strictly speaking, never happened. 

Taube Philanthropies’ founder and chairman, Tad Taube, fled Poland as a child in 1939 and has dedicated himself to supporting Polish Jewish and educational causes.

While you work your miserable job, worry about bills, try to spend time with your family and face dozens of problems, inconveniences and humiliations the termites quietly gnaw away at the foundation, never taking a day off. 

You can trust this jew criminal.


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