Chiraq: Nothing Good Happened

One of my earliest memories of the American negro involved the token bused-in simian outsider at my grade school mumbling and (c)rapping about Halloween and "jackin kids foe dem baggs" or a similar sentiment. This is the idiotic mind and anti-soul of the "African-American." There's little need to have scary make-believe in the Chiraq all against all when the real-life monsters come out every night to pick at the ruins. Yesterday, there was another night of the living fossils as "teens" ran amok in a completely predictable fashion. We're all equal, by the way.

A large group of teenage vandals shattered at least 18 car windshields in Hyde Park on Halloween, and witnesses police didn’t do enough to stop the mayhem.

The latest rampage by creatures from a nightmare, crudely described in broken English by the fraud news. If current trends aren't reversed, in twenty years the exact same story will open with this line: Datt lagg bunn aw niggas bee crakin whips an sheeet up in duh chiraq an snitches five-oh not doin no nuffin bout diss.

Witnesses said, around 9:30 p.m., as many as 200 young people walked down the block at 54th and Ridgewood, yelling as they smashed windshields, broke mirrors, lit off fireworks, and jumped on cars.

Those wacky "young people" and their little innocent pranks born from a wholesome exuberance for the unfolding gift of life. You were young once, right? Smashing up rizz-ides is just normal "teen" behavior, get off your high horse.

Some in the crowd took selfies as they went down the street. 

Taking lots of pictures of our crime spree is an excellent idea. A full standard deviation in I.Q. Even that is optimistic, boosted by "yellas" and mystery meats.

The group was so large, residents felt like they couldn’t do anything, and just had to stand by and watch as their property was damaged.

You need to be armed. You need to be organized.

It was a loud and destructive scene, some of which was caught on cell phone video by people living nearby, who complained that police were not doing enough to stop the vandals.

Maybe, but on the other hand there wasn't a single accusation of "racism," which is now the main goal of the "po-po."

“They came down our street, walked on cars, smashed windows, smashed roofs, hoods. They actually broke a window in a car, threw an explosive device in there.”

Be sure to vote for the "Blue Wave."

“I saw them jump on my car, and jump on just a whole bunch of other people’s cars as well. So it was like I wanted to do something, but it was like there is like 200 of them, so I’m going to just kind of chill,” witness Nicholas Behzadi said.

Gott damm, wut I gwine do gainst duh ebtire zoo? I juss be chillin wile cib-ill-i-zay-shun barns.

“Nothing good happened,” he said.

Yeah. No shit.

No one was in custody Thursday morning.

I know, pretty surprising.

According to published reports, the vandalism was just part of a night of chaos in Hyde Park.

Come on, this particular outrage was just one small part of a total descent into savage African chaos.

Full Story.

The Jesse Owens act in the Midwest Mogadishu.


  1. "Some in the crowd took selfies as they went down the street."

    The mere fact that so many blacks and other non-Whites do indeed take selfies and even film their own crimes, uploading the shit to "social media", and yet STILL get away with much of it ought to clue even the stupidest Whites in to what we have these days in the way of (((news reporters))) and "authorities".

  2. The old KKK must be gone I'll guess. I mean, the KKK wanted to kill niggers and keep them down, more or less, right?

    Well Hell! The Chosen People have taken over THAT job for them. The nigs are killing each other at fantastic rates, about all negroes are as dumb as a bag full of rocks and their so-called "culture" is a creation of God's Chosen to sell them over priced sneakers and junk food.

    The former KKK members must have joined bowling leagues or taken up golf because there's really nothing much for them to do anymore.

    1. Ja! Where are the Knights of the Ku-Klux Klan when you want them? Maybe they are all working as insurance adjusters now. Heh heh.

  3. American Subsaharan Cyclopian Mongoloids....
    Theres only one other tribe more repulsive than these Dark Mistakes.......guess who?


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