France: Rapefugees in Love

We need to take the entire failed brown population of the world into White countries. This incredible act of national suicide should have no impact on the quality of life or the future of your ancient homeland. The negro ball will still be on the talmudvision, don't worry. The invasion columns of criminal aliens should begin respecting you and your culture once they're exposed to your appalling weakness and pathological generosity. Even in the unlikely event moe-ham-head doesn't become a good little kosher nihilist like you it's still fine, since this tremendous boon on the indigenous White population is also a well-earned punishment for things that happened two hundred years ago. All of this is very sensible. Now, how many enemygrants are you going to take into your house and give access to your pre-teen daughter? It better be a lot, you don't want to be called a "racist" by the jewish enemy orchestrating this planned demolition.

This week, a migrant was found guilty of raping a 12-year-old girl, whose family was graciously housing him for free, Nord Éclair reports.  

This is exactly what the "racists" said would happen, but they're bad people full of "hate." Being right about absolutely everything doesn't change that. You need to think with your most infantile emotions, at least when it comes to making yourself as defenseless as possible and handing your little girls over to scumbag rapists from a distant desert. Yes, let the rock worshiping sand monster into your house, you finally have proof of your heroic kosher virtue. If a child's life is destroyed in the process, well, it's not like she was chosen by g*d or anything, so just learn to live with it, goyim.

On Monday, the trial of the 29-year-old migrant from Roubaix opened. He was convicted of raping a 12-year-old French girl.

Wow. Charles Martel would be proud. I bet the sentence is unbelievably severe. This will never happen again, you can be sure of that.

The migrant obtained an asylum grant in 2013, which states he was fleeing “political persecution”.

The crushing "persecution" of living in a completely homogeneous mud world nation. Myself and vaguely humanoid monsters exactly like me turned our own country into a living hell of barbaric moose-limb jurisprudence, 80 I.Q. poverty and general all against all. Let me into Western Europe. Give me your daughter for rape. It's the right thing to do.

Jew says "screw your optics" and tells the truth for once.

As soon as he arrived in the family, he raped their young girl and was placed in jail as a consequence. He claims to be in love with the young girl and she feels the same towards him.

It was in love. Besides, she's about twice the acceptable age for marriage, according to the original ham head. Stories from Western Europe should come with a complementary barf bag.

The jury found him guilty of “sexual assault” and stated that the girl couldn’t consent to any sexual relations because of her young age as at the time of the crime, she was only 12.

Yeah. NO FUCKING SHIT. What the fuck is wrong with you!?!?

He was sentenced to an additional five year jail sentence with a suspended one year. 

This is the harsh punishment for child rape by an alien conqueror. R.I.P. France.

 It's okay, I'm in "love."


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