Germany: Integration Courses

It's not entirely clear to me how the jew expects to survive after it completes its planned demolition of White countries. As best as I can tell, the learned elders plan to either flee to Israel or somehow attempt to rule over the earthly hells their anti-White policies are rapidly creating. It's hard to believe, but apparently the merchant honestly thinks it can somehow control the roiling dark mass and this situation will be somehow better for them than living among endlessly accommodating JUDEO-christian cattle. The chosenites would rather have complete dominance over smoldering ruins than mostly direct a healthy and prosperous White nation. In their blind hatred for Europeans, even basic self-preservation goes out the window. After all, we can always teach the army of the stone cube idols and *various clicking noises* from the African Heart of Darkness about the holohoax and these savage animals should be nice and compliant afterward.

The country's federation of Jews has suggested tailoring extra integration classes for migrants, who may still be influenced by their home countries' anti-Jewish sentiments.

Your rapidly dying ancestral land has a "federation of jews" in it. Work hard in a terrible job, try to avoid becoming part of a street violence "isolated incident," struggle to protect your loved ones from the darkness encroaching from all sides, seek solace in denial and delusion. Meanwhile, your enemy works tirelessly to make sure everything is destroyed, organizing special groups and leveraging every last bit of power toward the coming collapse. You might have hopes and dreams, but the semitic rodent only lives to devour and destroy.

Official figures released this summer show that the number of hate crimes committed against Jews in Germany increased by more than 10 percent. While the majority of the crimes were committed by Neo-Nazi groups, in some cases the attackers were Muslim migrants.

We all know there's lots of neon not-see attacks in a country so beaten down by endless kosher attacks that the indigenous population will vote for and cheer on their own annihilation. Shockingly, mudslimes are also proving not to be huge fans of the poisonous mushrooms. It's almost like the jew is universally despised because of its behavior and not "prejudice."

Though the migrant flow is not pouring into Europe with the force of previous years, Vice President of Germany's Central Council of Jews Abraham Lehrer believes that the “problem of immigrant Arab-Islamic anti-Semitism” still lies ahead.

A lot less blood is spurting out of your beheaded body then a few moments ago, so things must be getting better. On the other hand, the foreign alien brought in as a kosher cudgel against a dying native population are proving less than circumspect with their violent pathology and yids are being hit by friendly fire.

Abraham Lehrer, a being of pure goodness and light.

According to Lehrer, many asylum seekers who arrive in his country are mainly influenced “by regimes” where anti-Semitism is “a part of [their] rationale” and where “the Jewish state is denied the right to existence.”

The zionist state has an unquestionable right to exist. Meanwhile, your ancient homelands must be drowned beneath a brown tidal wave unleashed by the same innocent and honorable jew. It's okay, you weren't chosen by g*d and need to die, shkotzim.

As soon as the quest for job and housing is over for these people, they may re-experience this influence from their home countries and “will express their opinions openly,” he says. 

The last thing we want is anyone expressing a forbidden opinion, even an enemygrant fresh from their barbaric sandbox. You live in a free and open society that is definitely not dying.

“In order to prevent this scenario, we need to tailor integration courses more closely to these people, preferably by country of origin.”

We'll make moe-ham-head listen to wailing hebrew devils until it magically becomes a good little slice of unclean meat. We'll tailor this lesson toward the burning mud pit you crawled out of, eager to loot and kill.

Lehrer suggested organizing additional hours in integration classes in which “fundamental values” such as democracy and treatment of women in European society “are intensively taught.

Here in Germanistan we count snouts to make decisions and don't rape 11-year-olds during sexual emergencies. Hey, wait! Why are you pressing that scimitar into my neck?

In one of the most resonating cases a 19-year-old Syrian migrant used a belt to beat an Israeli wearing a kippa. The attacker, who was convicted of assault and grievous bodily harm, insisted that he just wanted to scare his victim. 

Cool belt, Ahmed! Want to bring it to the jew nation-wrecking organization? Besides, this has "random incident" written all over it. The moon cultist just wanted you scared. "Diversity" is a mighty strength.

Earlier this year a shocked father revealed to German media that his daughter was told she deserved to be beaten and killed when she admitted to a Muslim student that she did not believe in Allah. 

We can easily fix this moronic religious fanaticism and genetic inferiority with a few holohoax classes, don't worry.

Concerns about anti-Semitism from Muslim immigrants in Germany were earlier raised by Charlotte Knobloch, the President of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria. “Anti-Semitism has grown on the right and the left, in the Muslim community and also in the heart of German society,” Knobloch contended back in 2017.

The jew works endlessly to create situations where people will hate them and then is shocked when this is exactly what happens.

Disgusting semitic demon has your best interests at heart.


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