Jewish Citizens have been Excluded

"Hello there, fellow Whites!" says the jew alien as a preface to yet another outrageous semitic fraud, lie, shakedown or outright attack on the indigenous population. Shlomo is one of us when it suits its millennia-old con game, but as soon as it doesn't, it's time to cry for special rights, maybe even make a reference to the six million and declare themselves better than the cattle in every way. This is the eternal outsider, the traveling merchant, the enemy within, the human-shaped rat, the walking misfortune that is the jew. They scream about persecution as they strike you, wail about discrimination as they plan your destruction and rend their garments when a Liberia Ball team at a communist indoctrination center wasn't interested.

Jewish people are protected by a law against racial discrimination in employment decisions, a federal magistrate judge has concluded in siding with a football coach suing a private Baptist college in Louisiana.  

To make it more straightforward, here's a list of people who aren't protected by talmudic racial laws: normal healthy White males.

The nation’s highest court hasn’t defined what “race” means under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, U.S. Magistrate Mark Hornsby said in a court filing Friday. But he concluded that Jewish citizens have been treated as a racial or ethnic group entitled to the law’s protection against employment discrimination.

Be sure to bring this up the next time you encounter a "But jews are White!" delusional.

“Modern sociologists and anthropologists, especially with advancements in DNA studies, debate whether Judaism is a people, a religion, or both."

Is it a parasitic strain of demonic scum, the world's oldest and most successful crime family or some combination? Definitely something for massive brain and fully functioning inner monologue sociologists (race isn't even real!) to debate in a Stalinist echo chamber.

"There is no doubt, however, that many people have and continue to view being Jewish as a racial identity,” Hornsby wrote.

Yeah. Like the yids themselves, for example.

The magistrate issued his findings in a civil case football coach Joshua Bonadona filed against Louisiana College in February. Bonadona claims the college’s president, Rick Brewer, refused to approve his hiring because of what he allegedly called the applicant’s “Jewish blood.”

Racial hygiene is very important for my Botswana Ball team. You have one jewish grandparent, you are not fit to tell Barkevious how to crash into other nightmare animals.

The magistrate recommends allowing Bonandona to continue pursuing his claim that the Pineville college racially discriminated against him because of his Jewish heritage. 

I'm sure a jew will need a lot of encouragement to file a dishonest and frivolous lawsuit, something the tribe is normally loathe to do.

“America is no stranger to anti-Semitism, which is often rooted in prejudice against a person based on his heritage/ethnicity without regard to the person’s particular religious beliefs,” the magistrate wrote. “Jewish citizens have been excluded from certain clubs or neighborhoods, and they have been denied jobs and other opportunities based on the fact that they were Jewish, with no particular concern as to a given individual’s religious leanings.”

David Barkey, senior counsel for the Anti-Defamation League, said the lawsuit raises a “sensitive issue” for the Jewish community, given that Nazis and other far-right extremists have perpetuated the anti-Semitic concept that Jews belong to a biologically inferior “distinct race.”

Yes. All of this nonsense about "chosen people" and a future ruling over faceless and mindless tan slaves was clearly made up by "not-sees" and is not found anywhere in their unholy books.

“I think we have to remember this is a legal decision, not a scientific or sociological decision,” Barkey said. “The only concern that I would have is if it was being taken out of context to legitimize extremist views.”

We'll keep getting special favors, but the howling about how unfair the world is and the gentile make-believe act is going to continue, too.

Bonadona was born into a Jewish family but converted to Christianity during his time as a Louisiana College student and kicker on the school’s football team. He often led the football team’s “Christian devotional,” but it was a “widely known fact” on campus that his mother was Jewish, the lawsuit says.

JUDEO-christianity in a nutshell. This jew "convert" is going to lead your little prayers. Dear Jaysus, please destroy my race and country...

Brewer has said he has been unfairly vilified and has denied that he refused to sign off on hiring Bonadona because of the man’s Jewish heritage.

Sorry shkotzim, you were not chosen, unlike the poisonous mushroom who will now destroy your life.

“I feel wounded by such reactions because I love and worship Jesus Christ, whose shed blood is the reason I have a personal relationship with the eternal God,” Brewer said in a statement released by the college earlier this year.

LOL. This is a real quote, I didn't make it up. No, really.

Full Story.

I'm a cucktian just like you, you unclean meat.


  1. From the same book as that cartoon :" Wer gegen den Juden kampft, ringt mit dem Teufel." Let's all wish each other luck.


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