Negro Smash and Grab

Police have charged a Detroit man with stealing multiple Rolex watches worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from a New York jewelry store.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Buffalo says 23-year-old Davonta Hill is charged with Hobbs Act robbery and conspiracy to commit Hobbs Act robbery.

The Hobbs Act prohibits robberies affecting interstate or foreign commerce.

Prosecutors say Hill and three other men entered the Reeds-Jenss Jewelry Store in Amherst in February and smashed a display case. Authorities say the men then removed multiple Rolex watches valued at $400,000. 

Prosecutors say surveillance footage captured one suspect wearing bright orange sneakers.  

Police in Ohio later searched a vehicle that Hill was driving after a chase and found a gym bag with orange sneakers.

It couldn’t immediately be learned from prosecutors if Hill has a lawyer.

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  1. That last image you posted depicts exactly what 'murika will look like after the SHTF.

    In response to your article, the "Smash and Grab" of America started in 1913 and accelerated since. The so called civil rights act of '65 and the immigration reform act sealed our fate.

    This will end up being a war of all against all.


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