The List of Forbidden Words

At Colorado State University (CSU), administrators have designated the common greeting "long time, no see" as non-inclusive language.

There is only one crime, thought crime. We must police our speech, remove as many words (and the unpleasant ideas they represent) as possible. We're learning a lot in exchange for our pound of flesh student loan debt to the friendly merchant, our greatest ally. By the time this grotesque system is done with me I'll be the ideal slave.

That's according to a student, Katrina Leibee, who writes for the campus paper, The Rocky Mountain Collegian. Leibee met with Zahra Al-Saloom, director of diversity and inclusion at CSU, who showed her a list of terms and phrases considered contrary to the university's mission of fostering inclusion.

It might be faster to make a list of phrases that don't represent a crime against our mighty strength of "diversity," a strength that creates fear, weakness, apathy and ultimately an all-consuming rot wherever it's found. Time to meet with something called "Al-Saloom," a sinecure jester in the court of the communist indoctrination center's clown king. This sand monster will let you know what you're allowed to think and feel, it's full of desert wisdom. We have a mission here, after all. Your first assignment is not to have children in your prime fertility years and then become an unemployable human derelict.

My expensive four year semitic lobotomy.

"One of these phrases was 'long time, no see,' which is viewed as derogatory towards those of Asian descent," wrote Leibee.

I'm not exactly sure why this would be the case and all the Oriental students are too busy studying and succeeding in hard sciences to comment, but trust me, you need to knock that off, you devil.

Leibee also noted that administrators discouraged use of "you guys" in favor of "y'all," which is gender neutral (and ungrammatical, but this is apparently less of a concern). 

I thought the go-to term of art was "folks." As in "We've got a hodgepodge of folks here on g*d's green earth and look, everything is burning."

Al-Saloom did not respond to a request for a comment.

Cool silence, Saloom! Wanna take it back to your barbaric sand box on the other side of the world?

It's no wonder that policing microagressions might actually backfire. As some research has shown, many people who are supposedly impugned by a given slight fail to register it as offensive. What is to be gained by insisting that they should find it offensive, and that people who persist in using the term are aggressing against them in some small way?

On the other hand, you need to bow down to the mud idol, you damn gentiles. Then you need to die.

Fewer Whites in everything!


  1. For real...the shorter list would be the few things that DO NOT offend the fragile, pathetic offal that make up this cesspool of a country.

  2. I worked the polls in my little Eastern American city on Tuesday. We are not going to vote our way out of this. The parade of obese, tattooed, slovenly dressed, exhibitionist faggots and lesbians witnessed by me was proof positive that 'murika is doomed.

    There were still Heritage Americans who voted, sure. But the dismal tide, at least here, was in evidence, in great numbers and disgusting to watch.

    And we were instructed to say to each and every one of them "Thank you for voting".

    Yes indeed! Thank you for destroying my nation, my culture and my race by your vote for communist-America hating-Western Civilization wreaking degenerates. Ain't democracy grand?

    Thanks again! I pray I see you after the SHTF.


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