2018 Year in Review

As the year ends, it's impossible not to focus on the future and to what extent there actually is one. With our freedoms rapidly eroding and "shut it down" now the official policy of the globalist jewish plutocracy that rules over us, you have to wonder how much longer waging a war of words against the rot will even be possible. Our enemy is well aware of the power of ideas and has not enjoyed having this weapon turned against their synagogue of satan in recent years. They can't win an honest debate; their only argument can be distilled to "you need to die for us." We're not interested and until you go to every site like this one and get an error message there's still time to change minds, to awaken our people. The following twelve stories are some of the best posts from the ending year and are well worth another look.

The Anti-Semitism Cyber Monitoring System

I know you're reading this, shlomo, so I'll keep it nice and simple for you. Come and take it. 

Lectures on Free Speech

But hold up, Darnell. We've got a major plot twist. The horrible bigot who thought the word "nigger" was a useful instructional aid is a jew and the entire corrupt system is now defending the poisonous mushroom. I know, it's like an O. Henry story or something.

Leaving Telford

The death of a nation has a dignity all its own.

Muh Brilliant Oratory

Look at this wealthy cracka, he need to stay in duh shade/No wonder he come out, he already in duh gay parade/Gonna tell you who the best be, by the hour/He like Rosie O'Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower.

Method Actress

Unemployed. An inveterate liar. A welfare momma who don't need no man. Commits low effort crimes defrauding social services. Are we absolutely sure this is a White woman? Really?

Peak JUDEO-Christianity

Laws make Baby Jesus cry.

The Mere Presence of a Weapon

It's almost impossible to attach solemn and outraged gravitas to something as ridiculous and vile as the American evolutionary dead-end. On Saturday, Barkevious "Garfield" Theodosius, a 37-year-old career criminal, was made good during the Jesse Owens act.

The Complexities of Fellow Humans

Your purpose is not to enjoy the fucking breeze, White Man. You have a duty to your ancestors and your homeland and it has nothing to do with effeminate appreciation of the day-night cycle. Shit-can the soy. Start doing resistance and endurance training. Father children. Learn about and embrace your culture and traditions. Seek out healthy spirituality. Or go get snuffed by moe-ham-head in Tajikistan. Whatever.

Unique Value

I never knew "less than minimum wage and no benefits" was part of muh values, but that's why you need master theologians and moral geniuses like CEO Tim Boyle to explain these things to the dumb shkotzim. Our crass opportunism and deranged looting represents the highest calling of your dying state. It's the right thing to do. I really never expected unchecked and disgusting corporate greed to wrap itself in robes of white and loudly declare its sanctification, but here we are.

The Greatest Demonstration of Strength

We need a lot more buggery enthusiasts ruling over us. Look at you and your intact rectum, how can you possibly make wise decisions?

The List of Forbidden Words

It might be faster to make a list of phrases that don't represent a crime against our mighty strength of "diversity," a strength that creates fear, weakness, apathy and ultimately an all-consuming rot wherever it's found.

Our Moral Responsibility

The problem with "doing the right thing," defined as the current whims of the jewish nation-wrecker, is this moral imperative is in a constant state of flux and always for the worst when it comes to the best interests of the Whites expected to shoulder the kosher burden du jour.


  1. Another garbage year in Weimerica....

    I cant believe we let this happen....again.


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