A Very Chiraq Christmas

A porch collapse in Riverdale sent six people to the hospital Saturday evening.

Stereotypes: they're based on observed reality, not irrational "hate."

Riverdale police responded to a call about a gunshot victim around 6:30 p.m.

What began as mere Chiraq "drilling" turned out to be much, much more in this amazing story of a healthy and sustainable program of groveling appeasement and damage control directed toward obvious racial inferiors.

When they arrived, police found no evidence of shots fired but did locate several people with minor injuries from a porch collapse.

Join the "five-oh" in the Midwest Mogadishu. Chase phantom "busters," pull scraped-up tar monsters out from under rotten wood, avoid "racism" accusations at all costs.

According to police, there was a physical altercation between two people. While one person was attempting to flee, their vehicle struck several elevated supports to a second story porch, causing it to partially collapse.

The rich tapestry of the "African-American" experience. Two creatures from the far left side of an "Ascent of Man" poster got in a shoving match over their competing flat tax proposals and look out, here comes a vehicle! Aw sheeeet, durr goh duh ell-vated ports! This is the living fossil answer to nine eleven, never forget the poor shit-colored slime trapped in muh planned demolition.

Six people were taken to area hospitals for their injuries. None were treated for gunshot-related injuries.

Don't worry, you'll get the bill for these monkeyshines, White tax-paying chump.

Full Story.

A woman’s car was stolen from a North Park Starbucks with her 7-month-old baby inside, police said.

It's time for some exciting "intersectionality" when negro parenting techniques meet their typical criminal behavior. You're expected to quietly pay for this and die for this while never saying a single negative word about the predictable failure of the dark nightmare animals. The jew wasn't entirely honest about that whole "equality" thing.

The woman left her car running with her sleeping baby inside to go into the Starbucks on the 3200 block of West Foster Avenue.

A proud black woman who don't need no man makes a calorie run into the designated space to destroy zone for living fossils.

Both the child and the car were eventually located about 30 minutes later two blocks away in the 5500 block of North Kedzie Avenue.

It's hard to imagine lower energy in a negro crime spree. Maybe knocking over a dilapidated porch after an argument, but that's about all I can come up with.

No one is in custody. It is not clear if the mother will face any charges.

Yeah. Punish the mule of the world? Who even knows, right?

Full Story.

A 23-year-old man was stabbed in the neck and ear by a 26-year-old male offender on a CTA Red Line train at the Roosevelt station, according to police.

For some reason Whites are reluctant to ride mass transit, despite the obvious environmental benefits and the convenience this service offers. Could it be "Rosa Parks moments" like genetic aliens behaving like the new population of Londonistan?

Police responded to this incident at 1167 S. State St. shortly after 7:20 a.m. Sunday.

Sunday morning, time to crave up your fellow coal creature in a senseless tribal all against all.

The victim was taken to Northwestern Hospital in critical condition and the 26-year-old offender was taken into custody.

Hopefully the "prison reform" I loudly advocated for during the 2016 election ("Free the felons, Trump! Make America great!) will immediately turn this dark scumbag and "non-violent drug offender" loose again in the Chiraq zoo.

Area Central detectives are still investigating.

One dark continent alien attacked another. Dis bee summ Sherlock Holmes sheeet, yo.

Full Story.


  1. How do you know the mother who left the kid in the car was black too? That’s generally not a black area, it’s actuallt a pretty nice area by local standards.


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