Hungary's Upward Path

If there's hope for our ancestral homelands and our future as a race, it lies in the fact that almost every golden age for our people was preceded by dire threats to our future existence. We see this in Eastern Europe, where the nations emerging from the long nightmare of jewish communism now represent the best hope for the future of the indigenous population. Perhaps it's happening right now in France, as ordinary outraged citizens seem to have had enough of "multicultural mode." There are many signs of hope elsewhere, if you're willing to seek them out. In any case, the future remains unwritten. There is no inevitable victory, no long arc bending toward something, only today's decisions and tomorrow's logical consequences. In Hungary, a healthy nation is preparing for a bright future.

Hungary was a loser in the 20th century but it is determined to be a winner in the 21st, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a Christmas interview published in daily Magyar Idok on Monday.

The disastrous jewish century has given The East strength to resist the kosher rot, while the big "winners" now lie prostrate, conquered by brown hordes from without and spiritual sickness from within. We should never fear hardship and suffering: it is the forge that creates steel.

“There will be elections in 2019 but we are looking to 2030. Thanks to eight years of joint efforts, we are at the start of a new era and I am convinced that not only have we set off on an upward path but we will reach our goal,” Orban said.

Muh democracy. Fortunately, nationalist sanity has proven its value and is wildly popular. Don't plan for 2030, shkotzim! All you should care about is feeding your stomach and genitals right now!
It is easy to assess the situation: the government stands for work, family and security and opposition policies stand for the opposite, Orban said. Calm force on one side stands against aggression, violence, support for migration and tax hikes on the other, he added. 

We can make it even easier by simply saying it's good against evil. Honest work, a large White family and a happy life or a dark disaster of alien invasion, sickening degeneracy and looming collapse. Choose carefully.

Commenting on the situation in Europe, he said large Western European countries were “experimenting” with developing a mixed civilisation and “they think Christian Europe should be turned into a Christian-Muslim Europe.”

The "experiment" where I inject myself with deadly poison to see what will happen. There is no such thing as a "mixed civilization." There are functional homogeneous nations and constantly burning nightmare states with little middle ground between them.

“We do not want our countries to be inhabited by a mixed population and therefore we are protecting our borders and oppose migration."

Basic common sense from a European leader? Yes, it is possible.

George Soros and his networks do not tolerate the omission of Central Europe from their great society-transformation experiment. The European Parliamentary elections will be a milestone in this fight because it will involve a power match between political forces that protect Christian Europe and those that support migration. A historical situation will develop in which Hungary is fighting not only for itself but also for Christian Europe,” Orban said.

The jew is not happy. You need to make this transformation in order to survive, goyim. The nation-wrecker is right at the center of these attacks.

Migration carries extreme risks and the cohabitation of civilisations involves difficulties that Europe may not be able to cope with, he added. Demographics is a vital issue and the Hungarian government is making every effort to strengthen families because “we believe that families hold the key to the continuation of Hungarian history and the future of the nation,” he said.

The future of our nation.

“We Hungarians can only rely on ourselves. This is why we have launched a national consultation on families. I consider this the most serious issue on the agenda of Hungarian politics,” he said.

When you're White your only true friends are other healthy Whites. Every vile dark inferior and globalist chosenite ghoul wants us destroyed.

Full Story.

We will not allow this to be destroyed by the jew.


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