Roller Rink Put on Tilt

With a hundred billion shekels about to be dumped into the yawning abyss that is the American negro community, it's just a matter of time before we start seeing measurable improvements in this permanent societal burden. After all, the "African-American" is merely an overcooked and malformed version of a White person, without the original sins and with added "cool" (very desirable, shiksas, hint, hint). It's not like you could make these living fossils immediately descend into a senseless all against all just by playing a song or something.

Two hundred teens erupted into a sprawling fistfight early Sunday at a Virginia roller skating rink, and police in Roanoke say they’re still trying to figure out what started it, reports WSLS.

It really is an impenetrable mystery. What could have caused this massive bongo party? These alien creatures have the same intelligence you do, they're full of human agency and can easily connect current actions with future outcomes. It's absolutely baffling.

Some media outlets are reporting it was gunfire that kicked off the fighting, while others say a song started it.

Was it Barkevious "busting" or can we pin the blame on playing a piece of classical music that caused the Mozart Appreciation Society to run wild against Beethoven-loving groids. We finally have a case worthy of the World's greatest detectives.

Roanoke Police say they were called about 12:30 a.m. Sunday to northern Roanoke’s Star City Skate Center, “and found close to 200 individuals, both juveniles and adults, involved in the fight,” reported WDBJ.

"It looks like South Sudan in here, please send help."

 We hold these truths to be self-evident...

Investigators said some of the teens reported hearing gunfire just before the brawling started, according to station WSET.

Those wacky "teens" and their innocent little pranks, like trying to blast inferiors on wheels and kicking off a massive eruption of idiotic tribal warfare.

However, two witnesses told TV station WFXR “a song came on that stirred local gang tension” in a crowd that included youths as young as 13. The song wasn’t identified, but “gang signs soon led to 95 percent of the room” hitting each other, the station said.

We're probably just one more doomed program away from fixing an animal that becomes hostile after hearing "banga musik." After we get "prison reform" this sort of behavior is going to practically vanish, so cluck disapprovingly over it now, while you still can.

“It was crazy...They had it out. They were running with it,” Nicholas Gilliam Jr. was quoted telling WFXR.

Dem nikkas bee cray-zee an sheeeeet. We be pat-ib-all wit yo cibb-lie-zayshun.

Investigators told the Roanoke Times they had yet to find proof of any gunfire inside the rink, and no one was arrested.
No arrests were made.

All juveniles up in the fighting “were turned over to their parents or caretakers” by police, reported the Roanoke Times.

More like "were turned over to their zookeepers."


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