"Teens" Put Mall on Tilt

A massive mall brawl in Connecticut on Wednesday -- involving hundreds of people, according to reports -- resulted in the arrests of three adults and one teen, police said.

The negro will start getting better tomorrow. We're maybe another hundred billion shekels away from repairing the genetically preordained malfunction of these obvious inferiors. Please ignore the fact that the sort of bongo party described above is now a common occurrence in a rapidly dying country.

Police responded to a call around 6 p.m. that a brawl that had broken out at the Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester, Conn., Hartford's FOX 61 reported. 

One day soon we'll call the "po-po" to report the negro malfunction and get a dial tone.

There were reportedly several disturbances at once in the mall, totaling as many as 300 people. Police said most of those involved in the fighting were teens.

Those wacky "teens" and the minor disturbances caused by their youthful exuberance. It was probably just innocent clowning around, certainly nothing involving tribal warfare, guns and "busting." These things are your equal, just ask the jew. The violent and moronic animal devouring the ruins of civilization, the self-evident truths, we didn't want to be called names...

Three adults, ages 18, 18, and 19, and a juvenile, age 17, were arrested inside the mall and charged with breach of peace, interfering with officers, and inciting a riot. The adults were 19-year-old Dynastee McCoy from Wethersfield, 18-year-old Inaija Williams from Hartford, and 18-year-old Naejza Bares from New Britain, according to police.

We can safely say that something called "Dynastee" has never made even the smallest positive contribution to a functioning nation. In between squeezing out bastards to replace the children you're not having, it was time for this mule of the world to "draw down on dem hoes." I'm fittin to grab "Inaija" by the weave and get dem monkeyshines on.

It's just deeply tanned White women!

Police said the 17-year-old refused to leave after the riot had broken up, and was given an additional charge of criminal trespassing. The teen was also carrying a .22-caliber handgun without a permit for which he was charged, police said.

Huh. How about that. By the way, it's very important for you to give up your gun rights and make yourself as defenseless as possible.

Extra police officers were called in to help break up the fights while groups formed in the surrounding parking areas.

Maybe we can throw a giant net over the content of their character.

The mall was closed for the remainder of the day before reopening Thursday. Mall management said no one was hurt and "the safety of our guests, retailers, and community is our highest priority."

Stores keep closing and the online Bezos monopoly keeps growing. No one can figure out why. Must be the "convenience" and all those incredible kosher bargains. It has nothing to do with the planned jewish destruction of your communities via the shit-colored biological weapon, that's for sure.

Coincidentally, another brawl broke out at the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford, about 50 miles away. Police do not believe the two incidents were related.

Wow, what a wacky coincidence. I mean, what are the odds? Amazing!

Property managers are now weighing whether to ban unsupervised juveniles from the mall after Wednesday's melee. Manchester police Lt. Ryan Shea said additional police officers will be stationed at the mall for the foreseeable future. Authorities are reportedly working to determine what initiated the fight.

Now that the National Guard is stationed at the local Payless Shoes, it should be safe to go get a new pair of burglar boots.

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 It should be safe to go get yo dinner timin' on.


  1. Unfortunately, I live in the CT Soviet Socialist Worker's Paradise and let me tell you what's happening here, as it is everywhere in the FUSA. The CT .gov is importing tens of thousands of sub Saharan Africans by having them flown in on commercial airliners. There's no housing for them and since the .gov doesn't want to budget money for new Section 8 housing as it might look bad to the taxpayers who are getting cornholed on super high rents, the .gov has a better plan.

    The .gov is moving the home grown negroes out of their Section 8 housing and putting the new negroes in it. The HG negroes are being moved to the remaining all White communities around the state. In the small city where I live the urban ghetto nigs started arriving about three years ago , a trickle at first and is now a flood.

    They are everywhere, but still outnumbered by Whites. Of course, that's going to change very quickly. Already the schools have the same problems with these critters as the big cities do. Violence, drug dealing, petty crime and of course the inevitable, given the brainwashing by the (((media)))....the sight of young, pretty White girls wrapped around some dusky Homo Erectus.

    Good times.

    1. Feel for you, buddy. Connecticut is also to the best of my knowledge, very anti Second Amendment, so you folks can't even defend yourselves against the animals.

  2. The skies grow darker by the quarter hour....
    The string pullers, isolated like a quarantined virus....whose antidote they also own.....

  3. The skies grow darker by the quarter hour....
    The string pullers, isolated like a quarantined virus....whose antidote they also own.....


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