The Chaotic Situation

What is the purpose of life, the reason we were granted this brief sojourn here in this best of all possible worlds? If you believe the international financiers, as most still do, our spirits were imprisoned in pink bodies (Ah?) so we could labor and sacrifice to fund our eventual replacement and destruction by worthless brown hordes. It is, after all, the "right thing to do," go ask anyone. Beyond that, you can seek pleasure stimulating your stomach and genitals sprawled out in front of a talmudvision playing an endless loop of negro ball. If this proves unsatisfactory, don't worry, there's other horrible kosher ideas. How about that dream vacation to a dangerous mud world hell? I'm sure you'll be fine and just think of all the amazing experiences you'll have. This is truly living, at least until you're turned into a human Pez dispenser by the same moon cult animals currently flooding your dying ancestral homeland.

A suspect has been arrested in Morocco after two young Scandinavian women were found murdered with their throats cut in the Atlas Mountains, the interior ministry said. 

It looks like the jew wasn't entirely honest about this whole equality thing. The religion of peace and the halal slaughter of the most oblivious and delusional White women you'll ever meet. There might be some kind of lesson here and I don't think it's "We need more of this in Luxembourg."

Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, a 24-year-old from Denmark, and an unidentified 28-year-old woman from Norway were found dead in a remote mountain area on Monday. 

My native country just isn't dying fast enough. Better go visit the moon cult in their own shit-hole nations to expedite the process of getting my mangled corpse into the uncaring ground. This proves I'm not "racist" or "xenophobic." I'm going to get the most amazing eulogy.

Both women were found “with evidence of violence to their necks,” the ministry said.  

Mudslime throat-slashing gets the newspeak treatment. Yes sir, some minor unpleasantness in the neck region. It's a real shame, we're all broken up here in the Ministry of Kuffir Killing.

The bodies were found around six miles from the village of Imlil, which is often the starting point for treks to Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa.

Visit Imlil, White women! "I wanted to see exotic Mount Toubkal...the crown jewel of North Africa. I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture...and get killed by them."

 Gave birth to zero children, committed suicide by islam.

Ms Jespersen wrote on Facebook in December that she was going to Morocco and asked for advice about Mount Toubkal. “Any of you guys whos around by then or any mountain friends who knows something about Mount Toubkal?” she asked. 

Any of you crazy cats know anything about how the brown mudslime alien generally reacts around delusional blonde women hundreds of miles from home?

Helle Jespersen, her mother, said she urged her daughter not to go on the trip because of “the chaotic situation” in Morocco. 

In hindsight, this was actually very solid advice.

"We advised her to go down because it's such a chaotic place, and you've heard of people who have been killed down there," she told BT, a Danish newspaper.

She then told us that everyone was equal and Whites are bad and muh jewish feminism will protect me from savage animals who worship a giant rock.

Her mother said that Danish police had come to her home on Monday and told her that her daughter’s “throat had been cut”.

When you join a Scandinavian police force, this will probably be your first assignment, assuming they don't have you placing tickets on the burned remains of cars lit up by moe-ham-head.

“I broke down,” the mother said. "She was always happy and positive. All people could with her and she brought out the best in everyone.”

Racial reality and the law of the jungle in some hopelessly backward sand monster all against all don't really care about your virtues.

She added that she was sceptical whether the killer or killers would be found. "I really want them to catch the guilty people, but I just think the chances are very small in such a country," she said.

Yeah. I think you might be right.

Come on in!


  1. Protecting the borders of your "country" is immoral wrongthink....unless its Isunreal....then its okay, and it gets stacked up with all the other murderous hypocrisies and double-standards....

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