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Thwarting an Intruder

An 11-year-old boy is credited with thwarting an intruder with a machete while he was home alone.

Good News Tuesday. In this gritty new remake of "Home Alone" our hero defeats an evolutionary dead-end with wacky traps like a giant blade normally used for harvesting sugar cane.

The suspect, 19-year-old Jataveon Dashawn Hall, was injured after being hit in the head with the machete and is now in custody in Orange County.

It must have been like trying to cut through solid granite. Next time aim for the neck. We can also safely state that something named "Jataveon" has never added even the smallest amount of value to our border-less globalist bazaar.

Homie got chopped.
Braydon Smith, the boy who fended off the suspected burglar, says he was on the phone with his mom when the suspect entered the home through a window.
If you still aren't convinced that you need to be armed, I'm not sure you can be saved. No one is coming to our rescue. The jew wants us to die in p…

Despite the Efforts

We need to go to war with Iran. A Japanese ship was attacked with "torpedoes" by the evil Persians and this bizarre outrage is more than enough evidence to justify sending more young Whites home in boxes for our great ally, The Merchant. Just think about it: the Achaemenids obviously are a serious threat to our "freedom" and must be stopped before they sink more Oriental junks. No, really. You're actually supposed to believe this. The jew has apparently given up on putting any effort into its subterfuges, probably correctly assuming that the new, dark sodomite America can be easily fooled. Honestly, if a homogeneous White nation believes the holohoax, it seems reasonable to expect our modern clogged toilet of a country to swallow tall tales about "barrel bombs" and reverse moon cult Pearl Harbor. Meanwhile, back in the middle of our national corpse, the tribal war rages on.

Shootings within city limits over the weekend left at least six people dead and…

Worth the Chance

Seven Afghan migrants and one Swedish citizen have been arrested in two separate operations in connection with a case of rape, with one suspect being involved with a migrant integration charity.

This might be the most Swedish sentence I've ever encountered. Foreign aliens reward their feckless benefactors by claiming free-range victims, while one of the moon cult rapists was deeply involved in the suicidal altruism of a dying nation.

The first round of arrests occurred in the middle of May, and were followed in June with several more suspects. All of the suspects are between 20 to 26 years old with most of the suspects residing in Östersund, Sweden, Nyheter Idag reports.

Gathering up the moe-ham-head garbage, while it's still somewhat acceptable to punish their predictable attacks on an indigenous population that lost the ability to defend itself from the most obvious threats. The mighty strength of "diversity" has destroyed your ancestral homeland. We've made th…

Descendants of Slaves

The following is a comprehensive history of the "African-American." For millennia they lived in The Mother, achieving nothing. Then, they were sold by their fellow living fossils to islamic and jewish slavers. Some were brought to what would become America in kosher chains to fulfill an "economic necessity."  Suffice it to say, unskilled, lazy and dangerous workers weren't anymore useful at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution than they are now. The evil semitic institution the friendly merchant sold us had to end, and it did, at the staggering blood price of over 620,000 dead young Whites. Today we're pulling down their memorials. They were bad.

Since than, the tar creature has existed in a parallel society, too moronic and full of vice to ever obtain any sort of assimilation into a civilized nation. In the face of this genetically preordained failure our national policy toward this failed branch of humanity became a mixture of appeasement, endless spendi…

Clown World: Ending his Argument by Chanting

Having your rectum destroyed by erect penises or household items is the highest virtue, worthy of endless celebration. This is our bright future: a completely debased brown slave who has to wear a diaper due to anal destruction mindlessly consuming within the kosher corporate rainbow. If you think otherwise, you must be a "not-see" with the wrong number of chromosomes, pure evil in sloppily dressed and beer-bellied form. These poor examples of a dying race are clearly the only ones who would ever oppose "love," defined as being penetrated by faceless strangers in a public bathroom. We must condemn these mental defectives and federal agents. Meanwhile, the city we live in crumbles into ruins.

Attendees of a weekend gay pride festival downtown condemned the police department Tuesday over its handling of an armed extremist group's efforts to incite fear, claiming police should have informed the public ahead of time.    

Eight entire "not-sees," only five …

Negro Ball "Hero" Rapes Homeless Woman

We're losing our freedom of speech, plans are in place for disarming the populace, foreign replacements for the children you didn't have are flooding across an open border and we should be getting mandatory sodomy ("rape," if you will) in a few years time. This is fine, because we still have our Liberia Ball, a degenerate primitive spectacle featuring creatures who resemble speculative illustrations of our ape-like ancestors from the early pages of an anthropology text. Yes, look at Homo erectus run. I sure hope the genetic aliens on "Red" can defeat the dark inferiors on "Blue," it's critical to my delusional satisfaction. Drink you booze with the little "U" on the bottle (What does that mean, I wonder?) pop your pills, sink into a battered couch and soil yourself while something straight from a nightmare screams "Eye gwine keel demm wite mudda fuddas" at you from your giant talmudvision. These, along with sodomites and in…

Chiraq: Alien Mayor Notices the Tribal Warfare

All human-shaped slave units are basically equal (Whites bad, jews chosen) so it stands to reason that the only thing keeping the "African-American" in a constant state of abject failure is the lack of spending, groveling and amazing negro "firsts." Consider the Midwest Mogadishu, where a combination of prison amnesty, 100 billion shekels burned on the pyre of "diversity," the magic southpaw and the even more magical extraterrestrial battery-operated penis replacement enthusiast should lead to measurable improvements in the "Chiraq hittas" any day now. When you notice everything is actually getting worse, this is just more proof that "more needs to be done" and not an obvious warning. The miracle is coming, just you wait and see.

Less than a month into the first term of Chicago's newly elected Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the city is experiencing a second straight weekend of gun violence.

Honestly, who could have predicted this? Despite th…

Remembering Operation 666

President Macron, Mrs. Macron, and the people of France; to the First Lady of the United States and members of the United States Congress; to distinguished guests, veterans, and my fellow Americans:

We are gathered here on Freedom’s Altar. On these shores, on these bluffs, on this day 75 years ago, 10,000 men shed their blood, and thousands sacrificed their lives, for their brothers, for their countries, and for the survival of liberty.

Today, we remember those who fell, and we honor all who fought right here in Normandy. They won back this ground for civilization.

To more than 170 veterans of the Second World War who join us today: You are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live. You’re the pride of our nation. You are the glory of our republic. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

When you were young, these men enlisted their lives in a Great Crusade — one of the greatest of all times. Their mission is the story of an epic battle and the ferocious, eternal strugg…