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Chiraq: Coat Crimes

Most of the Middle West is currently in the grip of something called a "polar vortex," or, as we used to call it, "winter." This frigid blast of ordinary seasonal weather has many lessons to teach us. First and foremost, we need to immediately ban, or at least severely tax, the internal combustion engine and the flush toilet. In fact, we can directly blame France for refusing such a wise usurpation, one that would have prevented the current chilling display of global warming. Beyond that, Madame Frost's visit is providing plenty of quality evidence for the massive value of "diversity" and the equality of every semi-upright creature on two legs. Consider Chiraq, where we'll give you the coat off our backs (after being menaced by evolutionary dead-ends).

Chicago police are reporting gunpoint robberies targeting people wearing pricey Canada Goose jackets as temperatures plunge in the city.

The 90 I.Q. negro and la-teen-oh body disposal service is on …

Pure Disbelief and Disgust

Our President, the one vowing to fight for our interests (Hint: we didn't mean an embassy in Jerusalem), recently unconditionally surrendered to the rot. White America is not going to be saved through muh democracy. It's fine, we needed 100 billion shekels to pour into the destructive vacuum of the American negro. Now felons and illegal invaders can help elect the first president of Wakanda to replace the White man who was too successful for his own good and decided to commit suicide in the most pathetic and least spectacular fashion available. The endless and bleak Fimbulwinter descends on a dying land, the dark monsters emerge to prey upon the remaining vestiges of civilization.

Two Baltimore County men are out of the hospital Friday night after being robbed at gunpoint inside their Wilker Avenue home Thursday night. 

Elderly Whites are brutalized by creatures from an early September Anthropology 106: Human Origins lecture. No pictures are provided; it took a Sherlock Holmes …

Londonistan: "Axeman" Terrorizes

Police are searching for a half-masked “axeman” who rampaged through a Tesco in south London, chasing terrified customers as they fled the store.

We need common-sense axe control. The high capacity military-grade axes we have today were created to deal with felling redwoods, something that rarely needs to be done these days. There's no reason for a private citizen to own such a dangerous weapon; you can make firewood with a dull saw or something. If that hatchet had to be reloaded more often fewer would have died. Turn in your lumberjack equipment, it will make you safe.

Security footage of the incident, shared more than six thousand times on social media, shows around 10 people running away down a corridor before the suspect bursts through a pair of doors, swinging the “axe”.

Welcome to not-so-great Britain. The legacy population scatters like quail in the face of an African alien wielding an Iron Age tool that's still well beyond anything achieved by its primitive tribe. We w…

Sweden: No Signs of Getting Better

Europe is facing a critical shortage of vaguely humanoid bar codes to "pump" shekels into muh economy and we must solve this problem, at any cost. There is no method for creating new indigenous Whites, so we must look far afield. Consider Sweden, a country that could easily house the entire population of Africa, but is sadly starved for the rich diversity of brown inferiors, with only mere millions of moose-limb enemygrants flooding in. Clearly, a lot more needs to be done. This semitic Kalergi Plan for your genocide is clearly in your best interests, goyim. Besides, think of the exciting "multi-culti" provided by the simian hordes, including all the wonderful food, the dulcet tones of the call to prayer and lots of unsolved explosions.

The last day has seen an unprecedented number of bombings across the country of Sweden, with local businesses and family homes being targets. 

Frequent "bombings" are just a part of life in the city and something you'll…

The Smiling Face of Whiteness

We're not going to find any common cause with a jewish enemy who wants us all to die in pain and the dark inferiors they use as shock troops against us. This might seem obvious, but it's still a stunning revelation for a large segment of the White population who sincerely believes we can somehow conform to the endlessly transient semitic standards of correct behavior. Since our very existence has been deemed "racist" and not being dead is a crime against the worthless brown hordes, there's not a lot of room for successful compliance that doesn't involve suicide. Fortunately, the merchant had a fantastic outrage cooked up for the malfin kang "holiday" and its total collapse is giving slumbering Whites a direct glimpse at the totally insane kosher evil we're facing. Towards this end, the shit-colored pets of the chosenites have proven most accommodating in expressing their open hatred of our people and the countries we built.

An Ivy League professo…

Persistently High Rates

We're not even a month into Current Year and we've already had our first fraud news two minute hate subject: White Christian teens who passively absorbed bad behavior from Bering Strait pedestrians and vile negro scumbags. As far as "White Man Bad" proofs go, it leaves a lot to be desired, but that hasn't stop the jew from presenting a young man who turned the other cheek in the face of "minority" malfunction as the villain of our times. There is no honesty, no desire for truth, only blind hatred for healthy Whites emanating from almost every quarter of our dying nation. The moderate is the one destroyed: it's hard to keep claiming to be "colorblind" and just wanting equality of opportunity in the face of hate-filled and jew-trained Injun Joe "wah-wah-wahing" at the future of our race. We have a choice between saving our people and climbing into a grave. There is no "I just want to be left alone," not anymore. Which way…

An Oasis of Freedom and Justice

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Third District have announced two arrests have been made in reference to an Armed Carjacking offense that occurred on Thursday, January 17, 2019, in the 1400 block of Euclid Street, Northwest.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

At approximately 1:12 pm, two suspects approached the victim, while she was at her vehicle, at the listed location. The first suspect assaulted the victim while the second suspect entered the victim’s vehicle.

Civilization and violence are antithetical concepts.

After the assault, the first suspect also entered the victim’s vehicle. The suspects were unsuccessful in taking the victim’s vehicle. Both suspects took the victim’s property from the vehicle then fled the scene on foot. 

We must shift the arms race into a "peace race."

On Saturday, January 19, 2019, 16-year-old Kaveyon Andrews, of Northeast, DC, and pursuant to a DC Superior Court arrest warrant, 17-yea…

Signs of Torture

Mud is magical. Once the entire population of may-hee-co is moved into America we should see immediate improvements in the dangerous, moronic and filthy opportunists. Don't forget Honduras and Guatemala! We're ready to take on la-teen-oh sewage that even a meskin greaser would look at and say "No thanks." Borders and nations shouldn't even exist; my jewish professor explained they were "racist" and for what it cost me in pound of flesh student loans to hear that, you know it's the truth. Let's let in all the scum. What could possibly go wrong?

Cartel violence in the Mexican border state of Sonora continues in 2019 with the police discovery of four male bodies dumped in a canal this week.

How can we get this cartel violence into the land of the fee and the home of slave? Think of the exciting vibrancy of torso heaps and dead burrito-biters floating down a canal. The New Venice this isn't. If you don't want this disaster for your ancestral …

Cucktianity: 116 Stab Wounds

As a wise man once said, charity begins thousands of miles away from your home in a primitive all against all where evolutionary dead-ends prey on each other and dream of the day they can invade White nations and massacre their deluded benefactors. For one Nigerian genetic alien this dream came true, through the wonders of JUDEO-christianity's deranged universalist message. This semitic injunction to destroy yourself for the benefit of worthless and violent outsiders found root in Middle America and we're still trying to clean up the mess and document the exact triple-digit number of stab wounds.

A Nigerian national stabbed a 62-year-old wheelchair-bound woman more than 100 times, leaving her partially disemboweled, court documents obtained by WISN 12 NEWS show.  

We're all equal. Intelligence differences aren't supported by science. Jay-sus wants African animals in your house. This is merely a White with darker skin color caused by climate. Once we demonstrate our weak…

Right and True and Just

What are the duties of the highly stable geniuses representing our noble Republic, the wisest of the wise who are chosen by an informed and vigilant general population to steer the course of state? First and foremost, we have to make sure the shekels harvested from the shrinking number of productive Americans are poured into causes which are clearly in our best interests, like Israel and the yawning abyss that is the "African-American community." Then there's protecting sodomite pedophiles from criticism and making sure they have more rights than you do. Don't forget the need for open borders and lots of "cheap labor," framed as a triumph of our highest virtues, for the internationalist jew plutocrat. Clearly, there's much more to be done, but that doesn't mean we won't find time for the most important job of all: condemning Whites and the civilization we built as evil.

The U.S. House nearly unanimously passed a resolution condemning Iowa Rep. St…

Chiraq: Sitting in a Parked Vehicle

Three people are dead and at least nine others have been wounded in shootings across the city of Chicago this weekend.

The new year begins in the Chicongo all against all, picking up right where the old year ended. Creatures from the early chapters of an anthropology text engage in tribal warfare amid the pathetic ruins forged by the content of their character.

A 19-year-old man was walking in an alley when he was approached by another man, who opened fire. A bullet struck the victim in the face, and he was taken to Northwestern Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The exciting "vibrancy" provided by the "diversity" of a sea of completely identical and dangerous dark morons. "Good day, fine sir. What brings you to this fair vennel here in the small hours? On no, my countenance has been marred by high velocity lead."

Just 30 minutes later, another fatal shooting occurred just before 8:30 p.m. in the 100 block of South Kildare, police said.

Wow, real…

Unsupported by Science

Whatever happened to the stale and pale White men (Booo!!!!) who discovered DNA, arguably the most important scientific breakthrough in the last hundred years? They became universally respected heroes, right? The breaking of the genetic code gave us a paradigm-shifting new understanding of biology and has incredible practical considerations in everything from curing diseases to greatly improving the length and quality of our lives. There's no way the ruling cathedral synagogue went all Galileo on one of the geniuses responsible, right? Obviously, you're very new to our free and open society. It turns out Mr. Science Man is a horrible "racist."

Nobel Prize-winning DNA scientist James Watson has been stripped of several honorary titles by the laboratory he once headed over his views about intelligence and race. 

Erase the names of the Thought Criminals, rewrite every story and poem, change the past to suit the needs of powerful and organized evil in the present. We must…

Dead Negro Storage

It seems like just yesterday when the story of the negro crematory broke, one of the most definitive "we're not equal" tales ever to receive reluctant attention from the dinosaur media so many years ago. Cremation is hard work, after all, taking up to two hours for an adult body (please don't try to multiply that number by six million, shkotzim) so it was easier to simply pitch the nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) into the backyard, creating a ghoulish mess that stood as a silent testimony to the content of their character and the consequences of a 70 I.Q. and no future time orientation. Today we get a similar story, albeit less dramatically awful but equally informative about racial reality.

One of the owners of a Middle Georgia funeral home was arrested Thursday by the GBI after three sets of human remains were found in a shed behind his business.

What is it with Georgia groids and this particular example of appalling negligence? Is this some sort of cultural element among Pe…

The Coming Demographic Disaster

Be sure not have children shiksas, I mean brave and empowered White women! It could interfere with your pursuit of materialism and hedonism, the spiritual sickness endlessly promoted by the talmudvision, the communist indoctrination centers and our criminal government. There probably won't be any consequences to the planned demolition of your ancient bloodlines. Sure, we have a "people race" to win and we don't want to raise the wages at our various kosher plantations, but that's why g*d created the African all against all and the Latin American open sewer. Endless foreign invasion will solve the problem we intentionally created. Imagine a big nonexistent wall with this giant open door in it. They have to go back and then they can return right away. Civilization crumples to the uncaring ground without even making a sound and then dies.

Fertility rates for white women were down in every US state in 2017 - below the rate needed for the population to replace itself, …

The Problem is Still There

Everyone is equal. The negro is merely a White person who fell asleep in the tanning bed, with extra "cool" and without the original sin. Whatever evidence your lying eyes have gathered must be ignored in pursuit of believing obvious kosher lies. These truths, they're self-evident. When genetically preordained reality steps in and obviously contradicts the mythology of our modern age, it's time to force our heads even deeper into the sand. The negro is clearly revealed as the violent and dangerous alien idiot that is, what should we do? We better just stop punishing the evolutionary dead-end and learn to look the other way as everything burns. This is the final desperate madness of the "diversity" cult.

Several proposed bills in the New Hampshire legislature would create state-wide guidelines for school discipline and make it harder for schools to suspend students.

The negro animal and la-teen-oh goblinoid are destroying our schools. There must be an answer.…