Road to Morocco

Please watch the following amazing video.

I suppose it might be possible to pack a more refined anti-civilization message into just one minute, but this is the gold standard for now. Here we see the weapons-grade kosher indoctrination before the disaster. "What is strength?" muses the empowered young woman who will act as our identification figure. It certainly isn't having White children or working for the future of your own people, as we quickly discover. Instead we cut away to a convulsing brown alien playing the bongo drums. So vibrant and enriching, we need a few million more of those in our rapidly dying homelands. Just think of the jungle drumming you're missing out on! Better enter their shithole countries, shiksa. Make sure you're alone and defenseless. It's a wonderful opportunity to interface directly with the exciting pathology of the most clear and present danger to our people's future.

We get still photos of White bodybuilders, presumably to mock positive masculinity and a desire to defend your ancient nations as a goofy, effete and ultimately worthless pursuit. I hope you got a good look; these are the only White males in the entire video. Now it's time to meet a negro. Wow, talk about an exotic encounter with a rare and valuable human unit. This is followed by more shots of the ugly and dysfunctional society these creatures inhabit. But don't worry, I'm sure unaccompanied White women can use the nurturing instinct that should have been directed toward their children to solve centuries-old genetically-coded failure before being raped and murdered in a show of mud world gratitude. Take up the White Woman's Burden!

Strength is "Being fearless in the face of every challenge." I guess this means no screaming for your mother while moe-ham-head is sawing your head off. On no, she's caught in the rain! Yes, that's likely to be the worst thing that will happen to you during your suicide by racial inferiors.

Two negroes kick at each other in an urban all against all. This part, at least, is believable. Get datt nikka, hurt its azz! How many should we put you down for, Luxembourg? More bongo drumming accompanies some sort of tar monster protest. Down with Western Civilization! Kill the Whites! Jew communism, ugliness, mass graves and total collapse. Talk about "going against the flow." It's like you've abandoned all logic and even basic self-preservation in pursuit of a semitic illusion.

Down with Whitey!

Now it's time to go to the slums created by a 70 I.Q. average. It really is amazing here, enjoying festering rot that's at least a few years away in my own necrosis-ridden country. The blonde outsider looks up with referential awe at the crumbling remnants inhabited by dangerous aliens. No, really. This actually happens. Apparently, this is very convincing, because our women keep on dying at the hands of the evolutionary dead-ends inhabiting these derelict hovels.

My Detroit fetish.

Look at the wacky mystery meat monsters on stilts! Here, let me boost you up, blondie! As the merchant's commercials sometimes say "Results not typical." Are you ready for some negro amputee soccer? Yeah, me neither. "It's about blood, sweat and tears." You might be on to something, here. It's about a gaping throat wound and your eventual complete decapitation. We conclude with the revelation that this entire ugly mess is an advertisement for an Australian communist indoctrination center. By the way, if you get murdered in Morocco your next of kin still has to pay the pound of flesh student loan debt to the friendly merchant. 

As usual, the best part is the comments:

Sending my wife to Morocco alone next week. She's going to be so empowered.

You want strength? Raise 5 children. That takes strength.

Thank you for this amazing video, my daughter and her friend went to Morocco a few weeks ago, I haven't heard from them, but I was on vacation as well, so now that I'm back and connected to the world, I'm expecting a phone call any day now. Nothing nicer than two beautiful blondes travelling the exotic world, yay my daughter and her friend :)  

My girlfriend wanted me to go backpacking in Morocco with her.. I told her my head isn't in it

So this is (((their))) new agenda, making naive white women go to dangerous countries alone and unprepared?


Strength is apparently being a white middleclass lady travelling to poor countries to look at poor people for entertainment.

Test the strength of your neck against a ragheads knife!

I heard that the Central African Republic is even nicer than North Africa

"Ahhh! Mama! Mama! Ahhh! Ahhh" -Strong independent female beheaded in Morocco.

Maybe i should send my 2 sisters to morocco, the Atlas mountains. they will be stronger than ever and full with confidence.

Record scratch Freeze frame "Yeah, that's me screaming for my mom with a machete halfway through my neck, you're probably wondering how I got here." 
Why not try a once in a lifetime hiking adventure to the mountains of "MOROCCO"..

Oy Vey!

"woLLoNgOng StrOnk" it's like some retarded newspeak slogan in 1984

Followed instructions, got raped and beheaded by islamists, what did I do wrong?

 Can't wait to clown around on stilts with these nice guys! 


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