Dead Negro Storage

It seems like just yesterday when the story of the negro crematory broke, one of the most definitive "we're not equal" tales ever to receive reluctant attention from the dinosaur media so many years ago. Cremation is hard work, after all, taking up to two hours for an adult body (please don't try to multiply that number by six million, shkotzim) so it was easier to simply pitch the nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) into the backyard, creating a ghoulish mess that stood as a silent testimony to the content of their character and the consequences of a 70 I.Q. and no future time orientation. Today we get a similar story, albeit less dramatically awful but equally informative about racial reality.

One of the owners of a Middle Georgia funeral home was arrested Thursday by the GBI after three sets of human remains were found in a shed behind his business.

What is it with Georgia groids and this particular example of appalling negligence? Is this some sort of cultural element among Peach State inferiors? What are the odds against this reoccurring, when it was just a simple matter of "Burn, baby! Burn!" The "African-American" is never shy about applying fire to the dead cities they infest, making this even more bizarre.

Percy Hodges, 70, faces three charges of throwing away or abandonment of dead bodies, which is a felony, in connection with the incident, the GBI said in a news release. He was transferred into the custody of the Candler County Sheriff’s Office, where he bonded out for $20,000, Capt. Justin Wells told

Hodges allegedly told the GBI he put the bodies in the shed in the late 1980s or early 1990s. The GBI believes they were being stored until they had been claimed or until arrangements had been made by family members, the release said.

I mean, no hurry, right? There is only the present in the primitive and shrunken frontal lobes of the genetic alien, never a past or future. That family should be making arrangements any day now. It's only been thirty years.

The GBI and Candler County deputies executed a search warrant at Hodges Funeral Home on Thursday and found information that indicates the remains were more than 25 years old, the release said.

I know it looks bad, but let me remind you the jew enslaved them and it takes a long, long time to get over something like that so we should just meekly accept the endless pathology of a failed race.

Other information given to the GBI identified the three as Theresa McClarin, Leroy Dixon and Mamie Fredricks. Anyone with information about them is asked to contact the GBI’s Statesboro office at 912-871-1121.

If yew bee nawwin summin bout dem nikka bodies (Ah!) call diss numma, mudda fudda.

Full Story.

The death of a negro has a dignity all its own.


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