Repairing Some of the Damage

You know your democracy is vital and healthy when the new congress kicks off with a senile and doddering alcoholic botching a speech (not like anyone noticed or cared), a crazy-eyed brown alien calling for communism and deranged moose-limb property yelling garbled profanity at a mob of hate-filled scumbags. I have never felt more adequately represented by the rule of the wise. Truly, my country 'tis of me. On the other hand, what about the "African-American?" With all this fresh pathology from other rapidly expanding groups of racial inferiors will the tar creature be lost in the shuffle? Hopefully not, and by the way you need to start paying more repp-ah-mah-ray-shuns White tax-payers, as if 100 billion poured down the negro sewer in one year isn't a sufficient punishment for the shrinking number of productive and sane wage slaves.

If there’s any doubt Democrats are back in control of the House of Representatives, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, is quick to jog your memory with HR 40, a bill that would study the issue of reparations for slave decedents.

Wow, really? I can't wait to start getting my money from the Ottoman Empire. My mistake, it's just another attack on normal White America. The economic necessity of kosher slavery. They do the jobs you won't do and are natural Whig Party voters, after all. This is not going to be a permanent burden for you, explains the jewish slaver as its ship vomits out evolutionary dead-ends. Your cotton-based society is sustainable forever, much in the same way the "cheap burritos and fancy phones" model we have today is sure to stand the test of time.

Though she’s quick to remind you that the bill is not calling for cash payments. Yet.

Again, one would think that putting 100,000,000,000 shekels into the bottomless pit that is the content of their character would at least earn a temporary respite from the "gibs me dat," but it appears it doesn't.

“I think the more I educate about what the bill is, it’s a commission to study the issue of what was the economic impact of the work of slaves and how does it translate in the 21st century,” Lee said in a recent interview. “And what we want to do is to build a narrative, a story of the facts and, out of that, to be able to assess how we repair some of the damage.”

The last sixty years of endless negro appeasement counts for nothing. All the money and blood lost in a delusional attempt to battle genetic destiny and here we are, having an 80 I.Q. mule of the world lecture us on 19th Century history. Give them money, give them special privileges and advantages, make them immune to criticism, grovel and die. It was all meaningless, it's like it never even happened. We must repair the damage. The only fair solution for all involved is a one-way ticket back to Africa.

Democracy: a system where you're ruled over by brown morons.

Reparations are the end goal of critical race theory, with counter-storytelling being a central tenet of the premise that informs the left on race relations — a theory that says racism is ingrained in the fabric of American society and that all white people are inherently racist.

If you can extract any meaning from the above word salad, congratulations and good luck paying your six figure pound of flesh student loan debt to the friendly merchant.

“When you look at urban blight, when you took a look at schools in inner cities and rural communities that are not at the level of excellence that they should be, when you look at support for [historically black colleges and universities], all of that will be part of understanding that whole journey and that whole economic journey,” Lee went on to say of the bill.

More money will change genetic realities. Once Barkevious gets dat tax chump chedda, I mean even more of it, this malformed creature is sure to start turning its life around and beginning the "economic journey," like this coal monster is Odysseus sailing toward an appeasement Ithaca or something.

Keep in mind, many of the inner city schools she speaks of are in areas that have been controlled by Democrats for decades.

Those dog-gone democrats! If we'd only elect more based conservatives like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio we'd definitely see the end of this nonsense.

“And it is interesting that these magnificent buildings were built by slaves, obviously with no compensation,” Lee added.

See that skyscraper? Made entirely out of cotton by negro slaves. Yes, that's really the case.

The Democrat said the reparations bill is “a beginning process and an educational process for the nation in a non-controversial manner, and not in a manner of pitting one group of people against another.”

This is the most accurate summation possible. The latest call for muh riot insurance is sure to unite our dying nation. 

When prompted, Lee cited left-wing actor Danny Glover as “a strong supporter of H.R. 40.”

I'm getting too old for this shit.

The cost of slavery reparations have been estimated as high as $14 trillion, and while it remains to be seen how far soon-to-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi allows the legislation to advance, there’s little chance it goes anywhere in the Republican-controlled Senate.

How about 14 trillion in living fossil tribute? If you think the current dead-on-arrival "fix the negro" programs are crazy, wait until you get a load of this. We can only hope good Republicans will step up and stop this, keeping our focus where it belongs: sodomy, international finance, slavish devotion to Israel, open borders, soft communism and predatory capitalism, foreign wars for the jew, etc.


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