The Problem is Still There

Everyone is equal. The negro is merely a White person who fell asleep in the tanning bed, with extra "cool" and without the original sin. Whatever evidence your lying eyes have gathered must be ignored in pursuit of believing obvious kosher lies. These truths, they're self-evident. When genetically preordained reality steps in and obviously contradicts the mythology of our modern age, it's time to force our heads even deeper into the sand. The negro is clearly revealed as the violent and dangerous alien idiot that is, what should we do? We better just stop punishing the evolutionary dead-end and learn to look the other way as everything burns. This is the final desperate madness of the "diversity" cult.

Several proposed bills in the New Hampshire legislature would create state-wide guidelines for school discipline and make it harder for schools to suspend students.

The negro animal and la-teen-oh goblinoid are destroying our schools. There must be an answer. That's right, we'll just pretend everything is fine and stop making feeble attempts to control the pathology of the racial inferiors.

Currently, New Hampshire has no specific limit on the length of long-term suspensions, which means suspensions for any infraction could last for weeks, months and sometimes, the rest of the academic year.

We need "truth in sentencing" and "prison reform," I mean state-wide guidelines for school discipline. This is sure to fix the practice prison.

Gladly wolde he lerne.

Federal data shows that the students most likely to get these suspensions are students of color and students with disabilities. 

I'm sick of hearing your wheelchair creaking in class. I'm suspending your crippled ass for the rest of the academic year. This is what you're honestly supposed to believe is happening. It's very similar to when the jew-controlled media was claiming we were executing mental retards, when in reality it was just negro monsters well within the expected range of that race's predictably low I.Q. scores. Your disability was being born a living fossil, I'm so sorry. 

Under a bill sponsored by Hanover Senator Martha Hennessy (D) and another sponsored by Merrimack Representative Mel Myler (D), schools would only be allowed to give long term suspensions to students found guilty of theft, violence, or destruction.

Let's meet the handsome gentile behind this well-conceived reform.

Poisonous mushroom "democrat."

And even then, there would be a clear time limit on that suspension.

Our country is healthy and has a bright future.

Michelle Wangerin, Youth Law Project Director with New Hampshire Legal Assistance, says kicking students out is rarely the answer.

Inside every worthless dark nightmare creature is a good little consumerist bar-code for our ugly globalist bazaar, we just have to find a way to turn it loose through endless appeasement and cowardice.

"Excluding a child from school doesn't help fix the problem," she says. "Once they come back, the problem is still there."

Punishments don't change your DNA, film at eleven.

Wangerin helped craft the bills with other advocacy organizations. In addition to limiting long term suspension, the bills would require schools to consider mitigating factors before expulsion and to implement positive behavior intervention plans for students suspended for more than 10 days in a school year. 

This wasteful insanity is sure to be the magic bullet that finally fixes the negro. The millions of previous failures from identical wet-brain interventions was merely the result of bad luck or whatever. Yes, the "African-American" will start improving tomorrow.

Consider the mitigating factors.


  1. These Ape Farms are the article stated, mere future prison preparation.......i went to a catholic high school for a year way 1000 students...there was maybe a hundred bused in pavement ape spawn....the disruption they caused was incalculable...
    The cucked Jesuits coddled them out of fear of their filthy communist overlords...this country is a shithole.

  2. Heretic, thanks for the Chaucer. Brings me back - not to the 14th century ,just college (maybe it was that long ago). The preceding line applies to YOU: Sownynge in moral vertu was his speche. Keep up the good work brother. I - all of us - need it. From my heart: thank you.


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