Chaos Breaking Out

Please watch the following amazing video.

A mini-golf complex got flooded with hundreds of kids after a mass parent drop-off, who then started wreaking havoc when they couldn't get their money back ... so say cops, anyway.

We all know the "racist" police regularly murder innocent "African-Americans," so we'd be wise to take their statements with a heavy dose of skepticism. You might also want to stop trusting your lying eyes. The creatures in the above video are fully human and just wanted a refund. The real problem is White "Karens" refusing to wear face diapers as part of a jewish plan to completely destroy society and reshape it in the image of moloch.

This went down Saturday night at the Putt-Putt Fun Center in Memphis, where police officers responded to call for service over reports of chaos breaking out after several different parents left upwards of 300 to 400 children at the facility, who began destroying the joint.

Fun Center put on tilt by creatures straight from a nightmare. Those crazy "children" and their wacky little pranks, like treating a mini-golf attraction like driver ants devouring a cow carcass. We hold these truths to be self-evident...

The staff told cops the sheer number of people put them in violation of local COVID-19 regulations, but that was the least of their worries based on this video.

When it comes to the current eruption of afromania, we've got to push the flu hoax to the side. None of our kosher elites are buying hazmat suits or moving to isolated locations, but the China Cough is absolutely deadly and it's necessary to have everything you know changed and destroyed to "save lives." Put that bitch-cloth on your face, slave. Bow down to evil.

One of the teens ripped up the plexiglass at the front desk and threw it at the workers, and then proceeded to hurl even more objects ... which helped kick off a stampede and more destruction. There was even a firework that was set off -- just pure mayhem, really.  

Really wild stuff, let me tell you. Oh well, it's not like there's any lessons we can draw from this, other than you need fewer rights to battle the Kung Flu, but you knew that already.

Cops say witnesses told them the girl on video chucking crap was fed up because she couldn't get a refund. People online who say they were there claim some of the Putt-Putt Center's gaming machines 
were faulty and taking people's money without playing time.

Diss mudda fuddin wakk ah mole bee races with no playin tyme an sheeet. Wah bee muh chedda?

It appears when this girl was given the cold shoulder, she just lost it. When cops arrived, they gave her a juvenile summons for disorderly conduct. The staff was left to clean up the mess left behind after everyone left.

The last sixty years of American history summarized in a single paragraph.

Just another day in the 'rona life, right?

Just another day around genetic alien inferiors, am I right? Haw haw haw.

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  1. At some point, and that time is very soon, being called nigger will be the least of their problems.

    1. Hoping that time is soon. Im beyond fed up with this fucking sub species. Just hoping more whites would snap out of their nigger guilt trip and start pushing back

    2. The other day, ATT had a promotion on Faceberg (yes, I know) for an MLB package. There were hundreds of comments, nearly every one was downright hostile to MLB and other professional sports for “takin’ da knee”. And on a good note, the putt putt golf center referenced in the article above is planning to press charges.

  2. Agreed.
    Lets get this shit going...

    No more filthy nigger appeasment

    Fuck the suicidal altruism

    Then...the filthy kike behind the curtain must be dealt with....

    On to Madagascar with all this sub-human detritus.

    1. Let's get this going indeed. Make sure to concealed carry no matter if you have a illegitimate government CCW or not. It can save your life. There is going to be one of these great American Chimp Out's where they try to attack some hapless White Male and that Hapless White Male unloads several clips into the crowd. I can't wait for that day.

  3. As of today...”most” White Americans are useless, cucked faggots....with ZERO racial survival instincts .
    And im not even some tough guy.

    The Whites in this country are bobbing for nigger cocks in buckets of boiling shit.

    As the sniveling Kike snickers and smirks.

  4. They want us dead people.

    Something has to be done.


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