Liberia Ball Last Man

Please watch the following amazing video.

Are you ready to discuss your Liberia Ball fetish, goyim? What will be the topic today? Maybe the 3-3-5 defense or how always going for it on fourth down is actually a sound strategy? Just kidding, it's time for more afromania from a sobbing gentile coward. We're talking about the need for "change," as if we haven't been offering up endless negro appeasement for six decades. It's time to awkwardly quote Benjamin Franklin, a somewhat odd choice considering the amazing super orcs this cuckold worships aren't exactly big fans of America's founders or their monuments. While this is happening we see the entire panel, consisting of two "yellas," a well-behaved negro, a beady-eyed jew and another spiritually ill White. I can definitely see why this is so popular.

After quoting the Dead White Male things really start coming off the rails as Mr. Touchdown begins bleating about "empathy" for a failed race of dangerous inferiors. Man, I wish the news wasn't so partisan. This is the sports channel, pal. "How do you not feel pain?" Well, watching you completely degrade yourself for crumbs off the jewish plate is certainly unpleasant, I'll give you that. Now the actual sobbing begins. Don't expect this human-shaped jellyfish to shed any tears over the endless White victims of negro pathology. Instead, our gelded example of what not to do as a White man is upset about criminal tar monsters in hoodies or something. That's real retarded, sir. We're losing the plot here, but I'm sure your "White tears" are buying lots of goodwill with the violent inferiors who want us dead.

Also "African-Americans" are apparently experiencing "racism" for "wearing Nike gear." This is the most bizarre commercial for Bangladesh sweatshop burglar boots I've ever seen. "This is not okay!" Here's your role model, shkotzim. Emulate this blubbering castrato. While this ritualized humiliation continues we cut back to the panel, where sullen brown faces express contempt for the incredible dereliction of the obligation to survive just demonstrated.

Believe it or not, there's more. Can we just talk about "tugs" and "southern speed" for awhile? We get less than hetero talk about embracing living fossils in locker rooms. Fortunately, we finally get a break from the sissy sodomite by talking about Jesse Owens (!) and other heroic running boys. "There is hope." Time to turn off the talmudvision and arm yourself. What you just witnessed is going to earn you a flaming tire around your neck. Move away from the negro areas. Prepare for the coming collapse. We have very little time left.

 The absolute state of modern America.


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  2. I know sir.

    This is beyond cosmic cuckery.

    I hope this disgusting fuckpile went home tonite, and his mortally embarassed son handed him a rope to hang himself with.

    Faggot scumbag.

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  4. I prefer to believe that this guy is a psychopath effing with people's heads.

    1. Your probably not wrong..
      The Jew can get the Shabbos Goy to dance on command..
      White traiterous filth are worse than the Kike itself.

  5. Best instruction yet, ARM YOURSELF. I would recommend a long range rifle, a CQB firearm such as a Large Frame Pistol or SBR, and at least 2 pistols; FOR EACH FAMILY MEMBER. Consider calibers that are mass produced such as 9mm, 5.56 or .223, or 7.62 NATO. And acquire weapon lights, RDS’s, and LPVO scopes as necessary. And most importantly, STOCK UP ON AMMO.


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