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White privilege is a very real advantage stemming from your unfair skin. Just ask any jew, they'll tell you. We carry around "invisible backpacks" stuffed to the brim with every possible societal benefit you could imagine, which is why Whites receive special preferences in hiring, Ivy League admissions, are paid appeasement money not to riot, get comically lenient sentences for our constant violent crimes, are never, ever, depicted in a negative light on the talmudvision and are generally held to a different, much lower, standard than the rest of society. We're definitely not the official holocaust goat for the countless failings of the "multi-culti" sewer, that's for sure. In light of all of this, it's probably not surprising that selfless and completely sane Whites are trying to cast off this shameful inheritance by pretending to be creatures of brown. 

A leading activist for racial equality in Indianapolis, Indiana apologized for misleading people about her race for years in order to grow in prominence.

Meet the latest Rachel Dolezal. Pretending to be Aunt Jemima allowed you to "grow in prominence." Interesting. It's almost like being White actually isn't very useful for advancing within the globalist bodega. Maybe the merchant wasn't entirely honest.

Satchuel Cole has been highly a visible racial justice activist in Indianapolis, has worked with the local Black Lives Matter chapter and was even the spokesperson for the family of Aaron Bailey who was killed by police during a June 2017 traffic stop, according to The Indy Star.

Wow, what a hero. Put on weight, curl your hair and buy season tickets to the tanning bed and you can become the next amazing phony mule of the world. Earn big marxist shekels and even rub elbows with amazing celebrities like the dead nigga body (Ah!) of a criminal scumbag who got zapped after pulling the Bubba Smollett act in its "whip." We're living in a world where it's open season on innocent groids who crash the "rizz-idde" while fleeing lawful arrest. Much more needs to be done. Let's get this sloppy looking pale soul sista to tell you suckas all about it.

Her apology, which she posted Wednesday on Facebook, came after Black Indy LIVE published an article detailing Cole’s family history.

My Faceberg apology for pretending to be a tar creature. Our dead clown country has a dignity all its own.

How to get mad Soros chedda with one weird trick.   

“I have taken up space as a Black person while knowing I am white,” Cole said in her social media post. “I have used Blackness when it was not mine to use.”

You're definitely taking up space, chubby. I pretended to have the holy bowel movement skin that our psychotic and dying nation worships. I plotted to kill Comrade Stalin.

She continued: “I have caused harm to the city, friends and the work that I held so dear. I will do the work to take responsibility for my actions and try to reduce the harm that I have already caused.”

For you penance say one thousand "Hail Breonas" and then take your own life.

Cole’s original name was Jennifer Benton before she legally changed it in 2010, according to legal documents obtained by Black Indy LIVE.

Jennifer Benton is my slave name. You may now refer to me as Butterball X.

After her name change she began identifying as bi-racial telling fellow activists that she had a black father who she never met.

Say what you want, this is the most believable "bi-racial" origin story you could possibly come up with.

Further, documents obtained by Black Indy LIVE indicated Cole’s parents were both white.

I'm not sure how, since you can't even determine who is White and as such don't deserve your own nations and you're going to lose anyway so you might as well give up, goyim.

Cole’s most prominent public role was on the Bailey case. U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler announced in April 2019 that the officers involved wouldn’t be charged due to insufficient evidence, according to The Star.

Physical evidence, the most "racist" evil out there other than I.Q. testing.

“Those officers are never, ever, ever going to pay for what they did. And that’s just really difficult to stomach,” Cole said on behalf of Bailey’s family after Minkler’s announcement, The Star reported. “And we know that this was the last hope at getting that justice and it’s not going to happen.”

Even as a pretend negro the years of jewish demoralization still shine through. Not gonna happen, mudda fudda. 

In addition to her work on the Bailey case and with Black Lives Matter, she worked with Indy Showing Up For Racial Justice, Indy Pride and was vice president of the social justice organization DONT SLEEP, The Star reported. She also founded No Questions Asked Food Pantry, which partnered with Black Lives Matter among other organizations.

Don't worry, I've already presented my unimpeachable credentials to become the new vice president of "DONT SLEEP." I have a black father that ran off and I never met. I love the wrapping music and I carry around hot sauce everywhere. Can't wait to start making that decline and fall geld

Cole’s apology comes after Jessica Krug, a George Washington University professor who pretended to be black, resigned from her position with the school.

Jewess pulls off the ultimate kosher con game and becomes a schwoogie to further the kosher goal of destroying their host nations. Read all about it in "Black Like Me, Part 2: The Decline of Western Civilization."

“I should absolutely be cancelled,” Krug said in a Medium post on Sept. 3.

Personally, I'd like to see another season of Yentl pretending to be Mammy, but it looks like it's not going to be picked up.

Full Story. 

Debased lives matter.


  1. Didn’t the negroes she worked with realize something was off?

    1. Ok

      Name me three things that Negroes have ever

      Couldnt help it A.


  2. Christ!
    What a repulsive pigfucker.

    Im not sure what this rancid pile of evolutionary pizzle is, or what “It” thinks it is, but it will never be part of my Race. Ever.

  3. “Cancelled”???

    How bout exterminated like an insect?


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