The Lighter Side of Societal Collapse: Massive Bounce

I didn't watch the Presidential debate. As far as I can tell from second-hand reports it was two elderly buffoons who still think it's 1981 and a jew moderator arguing about "White supremacy" and the need to put the negro at the center of every public policy that doesn't involve wearing a face diaper. In other words, Clown World. Loud Bad Orange Man, doped-up Biden and the jewish ringmaster from the allegedly "conservative" news channel. The absolute state of muh democracy. But enough about that embarrassing spectacle, we're going to focus on what's really important. You won't believe how high this tar monster can jump. Prepare to be amazed and have all your prejudices challenged and defeated: a genetic alien went over a bar.

This is the incredible moment a track and field star made a 61-inch jump look like child's play. 

Bounding over things for no good reason pretty much is what a child at play does, but on the other hand look at that boy fly! We can finally dispel the long-held stereotype that the negroid is bad at jumping over things. 61 inches. That's a lot, nearly 62. You'd be a fool not to want this moronic groid-a-leaping in your dying country.

Emmanuel 'Ray Ray' Wells Jr, who attends Washington State University (WSU), was filmed completing a jumping exercise that ended with the massive bounce.

If it wasn't already obvious, "Ray Ray" here is fully human and an unbelievably valuable part of our national clogged toilet. Not only is this good boy turning its life around and going to college, but it also can perform feats that call to mind the long dark neolithic nightmare where humans battled for space and resources against dangerous wildlife that could pounce from an alarming distance.

In a video shared on his social media on September 29, Wells Jr is seen casually jumping over three low hurdles before bouncing over a fourth one which is slightly higher.

When debased Whites watching "Ow, My Balls" seems like an almost optimistic view of the future. Let's marvel at this amazing "acklete" with my pants around my ankles. White genocide is not going to happen, everything is fine.

Since the video was posted it has been viewed more than 1.8million times and has been liked almost 139,000 times. 

I don't want to hear any more "racist" nonsense about the "African-American" contributing absolutely nothing to our kosher globalist bodega. 139,000 "likes" on some jewish information gathering site, what an incredible moment for our vibrant and healthy culture that celebrates only the best and brightest hominids. It's worth it to have these evolutionary dead-ends committing the majority of violent crime if it leads to a magnum opus like this jumping monster video.

The Jesse Owens we deserve.  

Responding to the video, one person on social media compared the impressive jumps to video game character Super Mario.

Wow, it's like something from my electronic pacification device! Imagine this nightmare animal defying gravity to clear a fence or access a window during the next afromania riot. They can't stop Super Looter. Game over.

Another suggested that Wells Jr had used sorcery to complete the jump. 

Idiotic magical thinking, always the sign of a spiritually healthy society with a bright future. Dat nikka muss be a fuggin root weez-zard or sum sheeet. 

Wells Jr, originally from Seattle, holds the 60-meter dash record for WSU at 6.53 seconds and and has run the 12th fastest 60-meter dash in collegiate history.

Wow. What a hero.

Full Story.

You're right about that, at least.


  1. Hi, I like your posts, please back them up in case blogspot censors you.

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  3. Follow the Liberia ball shkotzim and shove some building materials into your rectum, goyim!

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  4. Heretic you are head and shoulders above Paul Kersey and Amren. While both of those report black crime they lack the sarcastic nihilism that this subject so richly deserves. Amren thinks everything will be fine and come to pass as long as Whites vote and depend on the politicians who hate them. Kersey has driven most of his fans myself included once he started taking marching orders from UNZ or whatever their name is.

    So wow a "young man" who jumped some hurdles with a lil shuck n jive styling that whites cannot get enough of. No matter how much "ray ray" Dynomite jumps inanimate objects he still looks identical to the negros that broke into and destroyed my 1978 Cadillac Coupe De Ville who were upset because they could not figure out how to steal my cheap radio back in the day. Ray Ray looks exactly like the 2 negros I held at gunpoint while they were filling a stolen car full of the contents of my garage. I am oh so thankful that those two groids were only given probation cause heaven forbid I cause 2 evolutionary drains to go into the prison pipeline.

    It is funny but maddening how somehow while I am perfectly healthy I still need to wear the face diaper or I would kill all sorts of karens and oldies. Yet the jumping shuck n jiving negroid and all of his fellow rape apes are without mask and nary a word is said.

    Heretic I hope you would consider dissecting the Maury show one day. It is a perfect example of the dying usa.
    Maury the dishonest jew who got rich exploiting ghetto dwellers.
    A dishonest whore lying through her gapped tooth trying to pin "her baby" on one of the random bucks she mated with. She is always crushed when she understands that she cannot use the weight of the state to extract what little money the "deadbeat bum" has

    never a mention of family values (matter of fact the audience ALWAYS boos any sembleance of family or morality) The greedy elderly jew always so quick to defend the actions of any whore on his stage and ready to attack the guy who was assaulted by the fat wildebeast for months beforehand.

    Just so they can bring on different ghetto man after man and the whole cycle repeats. Meanwhile the jew just continues to rake in that ad revenue.

    The Maury show is all I needed to show my wife typical black behavior to have her decide we should live in her country and have me leave the usa 8 years ago. The 2020 face diaper riots just reaffirmed her desire to never visit or let our kids visit their Father's homeland to which I totally agree.

    1. After a while, the negro on white murders chronicled at SBPDL gets numbing and depressing. I am a long time commenter there but my comments are much less frequent now. Good gateway site, I suppose. I sometimes wonder if (((Unz))) is simply running a data collection site for prosecution of pre-crime.

  5. We know the plot is thick and thorny when the comments are longer than the actual post.

    At least folks are paying attention...cheers.

  6. We know the plot is thick and thorny when the comments are longer than the actual post.

    At least folks are paying attention...cheers.


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