Totally Random Act

As Orwell predicted, our language is contracting. Words and the clarity of thought they bring are being eliminated or having any meaning stripped away in service of the ultimate jewish goal of ruling over moronic brown slaves. For example, "diversity" now means, to the extent it even has a meaning, fewer Whites in everything. "Equality" means special additional rights for dark aliens and organized attacks on a vanishing heritage population. "Nation" means basically nothing, perhaps some sort of geographically defined bodega, unless you're talking about Israel, of course. "Justice" may have been ruined the worst of all. When White genocide enters the next stage you can be sure "justice" will be the rallying cry of the dark hordes and their semitic puppeteers. At a Louisville soma dispensary we got a preview of the "new normal" being created by dark idiots on the ends of kosher wires.

Joe Bishop was still in disbelief the day after three customers were killed in a shooting at his restaurant, Bungalow Joe’s Bar and Grill.

Oh wow, I can hardly believe it. Racially motivated violence against Whites in my globalist bazaar? It's more likely than you might think.

"I didn't think I'd be scrubbing blood off my patio on a Saturday morning," Bishop told WDRB News. "I thought I was getting ready for everybody to watch the ballgame." 

We were supposed to be sipping estrogen-laden cattle swill and watching the Liberia Ball where the super orcs are openly calling for this sort of horror, not cleaning up the content of their character. 

According to Bishop, it was a normal Friday night at Bungalow Joe’s when a man walked up to the restaurant and shot three customers, all men, who were sitting in the patio area at point-blank range.

A minor detail this article is going to ignore is the simian killer was wearing a "Justice for Breonna" shirt and was out of its primitive mind with jew-instructed hatred for its White benefactors. Not sure why this wasn't mentioned, we probably ran out of space or something. Nothing to see here, goyim. Let's put in the ball gag, put the bitch-cloth on top of that, throw on some goggles and watch the amazing brown "ackletes" on the telavivision.

"Nobody had ever seen this guy before," Bishop said, referring to the shooter. "It was a totally random act."  

How much of a cuck and coward do you have to be to make a statement like this after a Black Lives Matter thug executed people right in front of you? Totally random, wrong place and time, unlikely to ever happen again, nothing to see here. This definitely wasn't motivated by Soros-funded terrorism, no sir.

The face of the racial enemy.   

"Social media is full of people saying this happened and that happened and wanted to get political with it; there was nothing political about what happened," he added. 

I'm sure this pathetic cowardice and delusional refuse to accept obvious reality will serve you well in the coming all against all. 

Police said Rhynes' clothing matched the clothing of the suspect caught on video and that he had a handgun loaded with several rounds that were manufactured by the same company that made the shell casings found at the scene. 

Incredibly, the "racist" police failed to execute this obviously innocent "black" body. Speaking of that clothing, was there anything written on it? Slogans, maybe? Marxist anti-White drivel, perhaps?

"Why? Why?" Bishop asked. "I mean, I could understand if there was an altercation, but why?" 

It really is an impenetrable mystery. I've studied the last one hundred plus days of jew-funded afromania and came away no wiser than when I'd started. What could the motive have possibly been? We need Sherlock Holmes on this one, it's about as clear as mud.

Outside Bungalow Joe’s on Saturday, members of the community created a memorial for the men, who Bishop said worked together. One of the men was his manager's fiancé. Smallwood was his dear friend.

To honor their memory I'll pretend two and two equals five.

In all his years in business, Bishop said he's had to call the police to Bungalow Joe’s just one time. He said the sign above the door best describes his restaurant — a family grill and pub.

Could America be changing for the worse? I know, it sounds crazy, but hear me out. 

Full Story.

Look at all the remorse. This creature is fully human.


  1. I live in this dank shithole city

    Nothing but dirty Niggers, White-trashed junkie filth, and bisexual, kneck-bearded hipster faggotry..

    This place is disgusting...the mayor is some little Jewish ferret twerp, who even the existential ass-licking local media despises..

    Just a real confused pile of Marxist sanctuary and cowardice...

    Just today the sniveling local beuracracy declared the city a state of anticipation that the cops who shot such and such a Simian better be charged with murder, or these dumb smelly animals are gonna burn the city down!

    Wait for it.....

    The smeltering cowardice.

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  6. jews and niggers are the piss stains and shit skidmarks in Uncle Sam's skivvies.
    Bleach and detergent aren't enough; what's called for is Fire.


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